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I can't particularly say that I love this game. Aside from the story, which is well done, everything looks like it's undergone a 5 minute thought process. First off, the screenshots really put me off. I mean, 2D D/P graphics are useless. Also, your maps are bare with no sense of detail whatsoever. They seem to be annoying to navigate as well, seeing as how you've put so much grass all over the terrain.

I don't see any link to the second demo that everybody is talking about. And trust me, I'm good at looking. If somebody can point it out, I'll be grateful. Coming back to the point... I played the first demo. And it was horrible. Get a proofreader to check up your grammar too. Even a good game totally loses it's feel with bad grammar.

Coming to your tilesets, they're too bright. Like I said before, 2D D/P graphics DON'T look good. You'll really need to edit the crap outta them if you want to make them look decent. Also, are you going to bother yourself with correcting the grammatical errors in the first post? If you can't do it, get somebody else to proofread.

This is never the way I comment in game threads. You can see my other posts. But this game needs some major improvements, seriously. I'm only offering constructive crticism.
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