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    Originally Posted by Espeorb View Post
    Uhh... yeah, see, IDK if somebody has asked this before. How do you get cloth in Prism? I caught a LOT of Caterpie and a LOT of Spinarak, but no dice (ehrm, cloth)
    They don't have cloth, they have wool, and you need to take those to a house in Heath Village and a woman there will weave them for you.

    Originally Posted by KyuuketsukiX View Post
    this game is great!! but right now in prism, i have 2 badges and am not sure what to do next. can you help? please and thank you^^
    In the city with the shoes, thats the end.

    Originally Posted by sanny the hedgehog View Post
    dude this game is awesome! but i was just wondering are working on another game? because your last one was sweet!
    Yes I am.