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Originally Posted by McDukey View Post
i found it a bit hard from latim city to frost-watever so I stopped playing cause they wer all so strong

but i also love the snow tileset
Yeah I guess they are pretty difficult to defeat especially since you only have two badges. I think what I'll do is go through the game and change the levels so they are only slightly higher than what would be expected in a normal game by slightly I mean 1 or two levels. I'll probably add some trainers in Route 1 too so they first gym won't be so difficult. To still keep the difficulty factor I will make it so the starters evolutions occur later on, the first at 24 and the second at 42. They will also have their stats updated so people will want to have them in their team. Their total stats (in their final evolutions) will be equal to Snorlax's [s]which I think is 580[s] is 540. What do you guys think of that idea? I really don't want to make the game too easy so I think that this is the best way. It's also hard to create trainers now, I'm up to the 3rd gym and trainers have Pokemon at levels above 40 which is ridiculous.

Anyway here are some updates:

Events from the Frostpen Bar

Edit: I've been working on some stats and moves for the starters. The total stats for all three are 555 which is the total stat of Arcanine who has the highest stat that isn't an Uber or psuedo-Uber.

HP: 125
Attack: 80
Defense: 95
Special Attack: 90
Special Defense: 100
Speed: 65

Lv 01 - Tackle
Lv 01 - Defense Curl
Lv 07 - Growl
Lv 09 - Water Gun
Lv 13 - Powder Snow
Lv 16 - Encore
Lv 21 - Body Slam
Lv 27 - Aurora Beam
Lv 35 - Hail
Lv 40 - Rest
Lv 40 - Snore
Lv 50 - Blizzard
Lv 60 - Sheer Cold

I wanted Walrein to be a tank and a physical and special wall so I boosted both its defense stats and bumped its HP up 15 points because IMO a large Pokemon like Walrein should have fairly high HP.

HP: 90
Attack: 95
Defense: 85
Special Attack: 115
Special Defense: 90
Speed: 80

Lv 01 - Pound
Lv 01 - Growl
Lv 11 - Thundershock
Lv 18 - Thunder Wave
Lv 24 - Cotton Spore
Lv 28 - Shockwave
Lv 36 - Thunderpunch
Lv 42 - Light Screen
Lv 54 - Thunder
Lv 63 - Volt Tackle

Ampharos is a the intermediate and has balanced stats. I increased its attack stat so it can use attacks like Brick Break more effectively and I increased its defense stat slightly so it can take on Ground types better. I also increased its speed by 25 points because to me Ampharos looks like it would be pretty fast and 55 for a speed stat is way too low for an electric type.

HP: 80
Attack: 105
Defense: 80
Special Attack: 110
Special Defense: 80
Speed: 100

Lv 01 - Tackle
Lv 01 - Sand Attack
Lv 11 - Bite
Lv 18 - Sand Tomb
Lv 25 - Mud Slap
Lv 32 - Dragon Breath
Lv 40 - Crunch
Lv 44 - Screech
Lv 51 - Sandstorm
Lv 59 - Dragon Claw
Lv 67 - Hyper Beam

Flygon is the sweeper of the trio. It's only stats that I altered were Attack and Special Attack. With both Attack stats being over 100, a speed stat of 100, and its excellent typing Flygon should be able to take down enemies quite easily. I've also added some decent attacks into its movepool which before wasn't all that great.

I would love to hear peoples comments and suggestions as I am not very good at this kind of things.
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