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All righty guys, here's the next chapter! Again, thanks DarkPersian479 for betaing! ^^

Chapter Eleven
Intentions and Truths

“Surprised to see me, huh?” Jacob Alexison asked with a grin.

Bunny just blinked twice. Her eyes scanned the brown walls of the living room. Blue flowing curtains gently moved to the rhythm of the breeze. She soon saw both Jenny’s Tropius and her Ninetales sleeping peacefully with a Xatu on the furry mat. The woman got disturbed when she heard a yawn behind her.

“Huh…where am I? Also, how I’m still alive and who are you?” asked Jenny while rubbing her eyes.

At first Jacob froze and his eyes twitched; he had not noticed Jenny as a policewoman the first time due to his mind being more focused on saving Bunny. However, he shook his head and smiled.

She did help Bunny. I saw it myself. Plus, she did not know it was me that killed Ernest.

“Hello, Officer Jenny. Call me Jacob Alexision,” he said with a formal bow. “Also, this is my home in the most beautiful city in Sinnoh, Hearthome City.”

Hearing his name made Jenny raise an eyebrow. Bunny laughed. She knew what Jenny was thinking.

“Don’t tell me this is Professor Alexison, the professor you told me about earlier?”

Bunny beamed and nodded. “Yes, he is. The nicest and best professor I ever had.”

“Why Bunny, I can’t believe you told her about me already! Perhaps she would like an autograph!”

The professor and Bunny laughed aloud together. Jenny grunted though, despite thinking that seeing the two together again was nice.

“Sorry to ruin your guys’ twenty year college reunion, but how did Bunny and I get here in the first place?”

The two stopped laughing when they heard Jenny’s serious tone. Jacob coughed and then smiled.

“Oh, sorry. Well, long story short, I decided to save you guys after I saw the situation first hand and found out Bunny was wanted.”

That answer made Jenny burst out laughing. Both Jacob and Bunny raised their eyebrows. It took a while for the female officer to calm herself down.

“It’s really amusing to me that you would help a criminal.”

She said it too soon, as Jenny saw Bunny staring at her. She crossed both of her arms on her chest like a very angry mother.

“Well, you are innocent.” Jenny laughed nervously.

“And that’s why I decided to save Bunny. I knew she wouldn’t do such a thing,” said Jacob with a tiny smile. Inside his mind though, he gulped.

“Oh…well, thanks, professor. I am quite flattered, even though it is true,” replied Bunny while her cheeks blushed light red.

Jenny would have snickered at the sight of Bunny, but did not. Instead, she raised her eyebrow and scratched her chin.

He seems to already believe Bunny’s innocent, even saving her.

True, Bunny could be Jacob’s favorite student, but it was unusual to her for Jacob to come to that conclusion that soon. Not only that, him saving her only made things skeptical. However, Jenny sighed after thinking about it for some time.

Maybe I’ll talk to Bunny alone about this.

“Well, since you two look thirsty, why don’t I fix you guys up some drinks? Is lemonade all right?”

“Oh, lemonade would be nice!” said Jenny with a nod.

Bunny smiled and answered, “Yes, please.”

“Okay, then. Well, they’ll be ready soon. I always like mine in a packet.”

After chuckling, Jacob went inside the kitchen.

“Nice guy, am I right?” Bunny asked with a smile on her face.

Jenny twitched her mouth and her eyes blinked a few times. “He seems okay, I guess. However, don’t you think it’s weird he already assumed you didn’t kill Ernest Norrison? What if you did?”

Bunny’s mouth instantly went from a smile to a frown and she glared at her.

“You believe Professor Alexison has something to do with your uncle’s death?”

Jenny sighed and made an unsure noise. “Maybe,” she finally answered with a shrug. “Look, I’m not saying he’s the murderer. However, he can give us some vital information, since you told Timmy earlier the two were friends. He could even probably know the murderer, since that seems the reason why he saved you in the first place. ”

Bunny nodded and gave a smile, both of gladness and agreement. She then frowned when she saw Jenny’s eyes went wide.

“Jenny, anything wrong?”

Jenny took out a folded piece of paper out of her shirt pocket. Bunny gasped and grinned when she saw it, luckily not wet. Knowing what Bunny was thinking, Jenny nodded and then unfolded it.
Carved in silence
Icy feel underneath
Tower the highest


“Now, where did I put those Sunyshore City Lemonade packets?”

Jacob checked the top cabinets on the left side of the kitchen, but he only saw plates and bowls. He then went and opened the top cabinets on the right side. There he found glass cups and yellow lemonade packets.

“There they are!” he cheered as he picked the glasses and the packets up. Jacob was about to put them aside on the counter when he heard Bunny‘s voice.

“What does that mean? Is it Ernest’s murderer’s hiding place?”

“You know what…maybe not his hiding place. Something better. His house!”

Jacob gulped. Hearing Ernest’s name, even though he knew he was not a suspect for now, gave him the chills.

“His house?”

“Yes. How can I be stupid! Carved in silence, icy feel underneath, tower the highest. My uncle must have written about my uncle’s murderer’s house!”

Many revelations crammed into his mind at once. Now he knew that Ernest had a niece in the police force. That did not bother him too much, though. As long as he kept things quiet, then he should be fine. On the other hand, what Jenny said the first time startled him and made his hands shake.

Carved in silence, icy feel underneath, tower the highest. I know what that is!

His mind was too focused on that thought, not noticing that he dropped the two glasses. When Jacob heard them crashing down, he looked and saw that together they broke into a hundred pieces, which he just stared at.

This is history breaking apart.

“Professor Alexison? Something wrong?” asked Bunny.

Jacob shook his head, getting back to reality.

“No, I’m fine. I just accidentally dropped the glasses. Sorry, but you guys have to wait longer.”

“It’s fine!” screamed Jenny.

The professor grabbed a dustpan and broom and started cleaning the floor.


“Well…I guess you are right. Most criminals actually have their hiding places at their homes, right?”

“Yep. Should be because it’s a high chance my uncle knows his murderer.”

“There are a couple of problems, though. One, no name. And two, no address, unless one of these words is a street name. Is it?”

Jenny sighed in defeat. It was true that there was no sign of an address nor a name. Even though she knew her uncle could lose his common sense at times, she believed he would at least give a couple more clues.

If he cared about his life so much, he could’ve said the name of the person chasing him!

Jenny, without noticing, almost crumbled the paper until Jacob came. He was holding a tray, containing three glasses of pink lemonade, and then set it down on the coffee table.

“Jenny, I overheard that your uncle is the late Ernest Norrison, correct?”

“Um…yes,” Jenny said shakily, mind slightly numb. “Why do you ask that?”

“Well, when I heard about you guys from a few people, I wondered how you two ended up in that situation. Sorry to ask, but how did that happen?”

True, he knew he was the one that accidentally killed Ernest. However, he was curious how the girls were blamed instead.

Thinking that question was innocent, Jenny replied, “I guess it’s okay. You don’t mind do you, Bunny?”

Bunny smiled and answered, “No, everything is fine. I will tell him.”


Again Lucas and Timmy were inside the police car. Throughout the ride back to the police station, there was utter silence. When they were a few stops away from their destination though, Timmy spoke.

“I can’t believe Jenny would do such a thing. Now it looks like Bunny used her Psychic Pokémon’s Teleport once again.”

Lucas gritted his teeth and felt his pulse racing with each second. He could not bottle up his feelings any longer.

“That could explain why the divers hadn’t found them yet!”

Lucas slammed on the steering wheel, but Timmy did not hear it. His mind was still on Jenny. Part of him wished it was a dream. Part of him also said maybe she was right, maybe Bunny was not responsible for Ernest’s death. He shook his head.

Illogical! I don’t know what’s going on Jenny’s head.


The officer turned around and faced his boss. While seeing Lucas’ concerned face, he smiled with his cheeks a blush of pink.

“Oh, sorry. Many things on my mind,” the officer laughed nervously while rubbing his head.

“Well, I was about to say the first thing we’re going to do in the morning is get a search warrant to go to Bunny’s hotel room. Maybe she left some documents and such over there.”

Timmy nodded and sighed. He slowly took out from his pocket a small photo of a floor with writings on it.
Check out the Lapras.
First though, get Bunny Spruce.

The male officer bit his lips and sensed his heartbeat drumming slower.

The clues were in front of us! Again, why Jenny?


Like when Bunny told what happened to Ms. Davis, it was hard for her to tell Jacob everything. Unlike Ms. Davis, who kept gasping when the two were in danger, Jacob behaved more as if it was an epic story. He too would gasp in some parts, but in other places he would exclaim happily or burst with criticism.

“Wow, I can’t believe all of that happened in just a few hours! No wonder you two looked exhausted!”

“Yeah,” Bunny said while chuckling. “I might be dead soon if this keeps up!”

Jacob laughed out loud and then slapped his leg a few times.

“Well, if you want, you guys can stay here for a while until the both of you come up with a plan to get the murderer.”

Even though he smiled, Jacob felt coldness run through his spine.

Maybe I should have turned myself in.

That decision was stuck on his mind for quite some time. True, he could do that and then Bunny would be free. However, he thought more about himself. He knew his reputation as an accomplished archeologist and historian would be ruined. His obsession over that made him forget about Bunny’s own situation.

Jenny did not say anything while Bunny talked. While her right hand rested on her cheek, her mind was busy thinking about that note she found. So many possibilities, but she was not sure where to start. One look at Mr. Alexison made her smile, though.

Bunny did say the two were friends. Perhaps he can solve this little note.

“Mr. Alexison, Bunny told me that my uncle and you were friends, right?”

Jacob nodded and answered, “Yes.”

“Well, here’s the note that Bunny talked about.”

Bunny smiled, happy that the officer somewhat trusted her former professor. Jenny handed him the note to Jacob. He read it and then he chuckled.

“I actually overheard you two talking about that note while making the lemonade, and I think I might know what he means.”

Both Bunny and Jenny beamed. It was just pure luck. They did not search for this man but he had the answers.

“Before I answer this question, though…Your uncle likes scavenger hunts, right, Jenny?”

Jenny’s smile disappeared and then she glared at him with squinted eyes. Why would he ask that when her uncle’s murderer was on the loose?

But he did save us…

With that in mind, she sighed inside her mind and decided to answer his question very causally.

“Oh yes, very much. He loved to play them when I was a little kid and would always make them up for his niece and nephews.”

Jacob grinned. “The reason I said this is because I assumed what he meant is the location of the plates.”

“Plates?” both Bunny and Jenny said in unison. A million guesses on what Ernest’s note meant and they would have never thought of that.

“Wait, how did you know this paper might be it?” Jenny asked.

Ernest wanted the girls’ trust. He wanted them to know what was up with those two, although he did not want to tell them the whole truth.

“Yeah…you see, Ernest found the plates about a little over four years ago and he told me a little about it.”

Bunny clapped her hands once. “Wait, four years ago? That was when I graduated!”

Jacob smiled and continued to speak. “Yeah, he discovered it a little before your graduation. Ernest suddenly took the plates with him. That’s why I assume that paper is of the location of those plates, probably hidden somewhere.”

No one noticed Jenny’s eyes twitching like crazy. She remembered how four years ago her uncle acted all weird those last few weeks, and it irritated her very much so.

Now I know why he didn’t tell me that. One thing is wrong, though…

“Why did my uncle take it with him?” Jenny asked.

“Yeah, why?” Bunny asked also.

“That is what I’ve been trying to ask him. He had not answered that question back. The only clue he told me is a note of the location of them and it’s not for me.” Jacob sighed and then shook his head. “Maybe it’s because of me and a few of my friends being nosy. Still, he shouldn’t have kept it a secret.”

Being the person that had been through a thousand cases, Jenny thought of something. Maybe whatever quality those plates had were the cause for her uncle taking them. Plus, she wanted to know more about those plates. Jenny smiled. She could kill two birds with one stone.

“Hey Doc, can you tell me a bit of the plates and why they’re important?”

Pardon? First Buneary Girl to me, and now Doc to Professor Alexison. Does she have any respect?

Bunny’s face flushed light red. She knew that if she were a professor, she would not like to be called that. One look at her former professor made her laugh nervously.

“I apologize that my friend said that. It will not happen again.”

To Bunny’s surprise, he chuckled and then smiled.

“That’s fine. It’s nice to be called something besides Mister or Professor!”

While Jacob was laughing again, Bunny glared at Jenny, who smiled and shrugged. Bunny just rolled her eyes, not wanting the officer to say anything else to make her mad.

“Anyways,” Jacob was about to speak but then looked at the clock. “On second thought, tomorrow. It’s getting late.

Both Jenny and Bunny looked at the clock on the wall and gasped. Two-fifteen in the morning.

“Yeah, very late,” Jenny answered with a nervous laugh. “Guess we should go to sleep now, huh?”

Bunny responded with a yawn too, which made both Jacob and Jenny chuckle.

“Indeed, yes. Come on, I’ll show you guys to the guest room.”

Both Bunny and Jenny nodded and the three of them went upstairs.

Outside the clouds began to pick up but the moon’s light was able to poke though. Many Kricketune began chirping their love song and all the stars twinkled brightly.

Jacob stayed in the living room and stared at the fireplace while the two ladies slept. He tried to sleep but could not. There was too much on his mind.

So far I told them the truth, though not all of it yet. Technically, I did not lie.

His little situation was common. He did not want to tell everything or else the trust will be lost. On the other hand, if it was kept secret too long, then an argument would erupt and that would cause more harm. A medium of both would be nice, right?

The former professor sighed and blinked for a second. Once he opened his eyes, an idea hit him, something that he said to Jenny: a scavenger hunt. He never thought Ernest would do that, although it seemed plausible. The man did hide them somewhere.

Jacob smiled. Finally, he was able to get something after four long years. He then frowned when he thought about the two girls. They were the ones that found the note, so it would be rude if he went on the trip without them. Would they accept the hunt, though? He had to make them come, somehow. If that were the case, then he had to tell them more of the past between him and Ernest. He had figured it out already, though.

As long as I’m careful, everything will be fine. Now, how to convince them.


Yeah, sorry that this chapter doesn't have much action, but I hope some of those revelations are still enjoyable in the least. ^^;

Okay, like I promise, I also have a rewritten version of Chapter 10, or at least one of the scenes. If you don't really want to go back and reread Chapter 10 just to find that one scene change, then I have it under a spoiler.

This scene is actually right after Noctowl used Brave Bird the first time:
What happens next all four should have known. The real Noctowl, who look like he was actually burning, instantly got out of the leafy storm, the burned leafs falling gently into the sea. Because the Tropius did not expect this to happen, he was not able to protect himself when the owl Pokémon slammed him right on his neck. The Tropius felt burnt marks on that spot.

“Tropiussss!” the Pokémon roared out in pain. He felt dizzy now, his head swaying left and right.

Because of the power of the attack, Bunny lost her grip on her Ninetales and then she fell down on the grass type.


Balin’s jaws dropped and then he yelped. Already fires burned inside his eyes. He then craned his head and then huge flames were let out. Before the attack got to Eisen, he flapped his wings and then the flames went back to Tropius. The grass-flying type though turned away from the flames and then shot a glare at Balin. The Ninetales ignored the Pokemon, instead gritted his teeth and stared at Eisen.

The Noctowl, on the other hand, took very deep breaths, thanks to both his Brave Bird and Gust attack being used back to back.

“That’s the way to fight!” Timmy praised to his Pokémon.

Despite being quite hurt, Eisen gave a small smile.

At first Jenny was not paying attention to anything, her head too shaken up from Eisen’s attack. However, her eyes went wide when she heard a scream and saw Bunny falling.

“Bunny! Tropius, dived down and save Bunny!”

The Tropius roared and then dived down to catch up with Bunny.

Time seemed to slow down for Bunny. She just stared at the stars and the moon. Her heart began beating faster and faster.

Why me?

Bunny never thought she would be in this kind of trouble. She hated how one little misconception could led her to her death. If she instantly ceased to exist, she would not be able to find out more of history’s mysteries.

I am not ready to embrace death yet.

After she took one deep breathe, all seem invertible. That is, until she felt a huge thump Bunny’s eye’s shot wide open and she saw she was back on the Tropius and also Jenny grinning at her.

“This isn’t over yet.”

The archeologist was at first speechless and her eyes wide with confusion. However, she then chuckled and began thinking of how the battle went so far.
Urgh, I know this isn't much, but I suddenly had this idea of putting at least one scene where Bunny begins to trust Jenny. At least it's something to spice up Chapter 10, right? ^^;

Again, hope you guys enjoyed the short rewrite of Chapter 10 and this chapter! Last chapter of part one of this story I hope to have it posted before the end of my school year! ^^
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