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DarkPersian479: Yeah, Jacob wouldn't expect that. XD

Maybe, maybe not. :X However, I think you'll like some of the guesses the three will go for. XD

Well now it looks like Jacob might be joining Jenny and Bunny on this diabolical scavenger hunt. This'll be quite a crew, with a woman wrongly accused of murder, the mentor who actually killed the victim, and the police officer trying to find the guilty party and clear the innocent. And ow all three are in one nice, neat traveling party. Convenient, huh?
Hehe, yeah. Usually there would be party of two teenagers, boy-boy-girl. Nothing against them, but half the time there's romance, which I'm actually not the biggest fan of. :X I think this party will be quite interesting though...

LOL! Admittedly, Doc isn't as insulting as "Buneary Girl," but it's still funny how the little things get Bunny so worked up
Bunny can't even accept Jacob likes being called Doc! Ya know what would be even more funny, Jenny having a carrot and giving it to Doc. XD

Okay, sorry to suddenly post this chapter fast. but here's a couple of reasons. One, my beta reader DarkPersian479 is going to have eye surgery and pretty much we're trying to get a couple chapters done. Two, I need to study for finals, so at least I'll get this chapter out of the way. Man, I'm actually a bit worried about them. Cumulative! O.o

Anyways, hope you guys enjoy this last chapter of part one!

Chapter Twelve
All in Perspectives

Jenny got up before everyone else and looked around the house. She first went inside a room and then gasped and laughed. Papers and books were scattered everywhere, most on the desk and on the bookshelves. There was a homey air to it, and it smelled a lot like smoke from a fireplace. On the walls there were two carvings. Jenny went inside and looked first at the rock carving of a huge bird Pokémon spreading its wings. On the bottom, there was writing on it:

Ho-oh’s Rainbows: All colors melted into one
Thought to be the creator Pokémon of the Johto region
Called the Rainbow Phoenix

She quickly went and checked on another carving. This one was with a small cat like Pokémon with a long tail. Like the Ho-Oh one, there was carved writing on it:

Mew’s Calmed Mind: Intelligent energy stored
Thought to be the creator Pokemon of the Kanto region.
Called Mother

“Huh, two different perspectives. So it’s true,” Jenny muttered to herself. She had heard of those two Pokémon before, but did not really believe that everyone thought different things on those Pokémon. Why, she was not sure. She continued to look at both paintings until she heard a male’s voice.

“Both are pretty Pokémon, huh?”

Jenny jumped and screamed, her heart beating faster. She turned around and saw Jacob chuckling.

“Did I scare you?” asked Jacob.

“Don’t ever do that again, Doc,” Jenny panted while still touching her chest.

“Sorry. Again, like the carvings?”

Jenny nodded and answered, “Oh yes, very beautiful. I got a question, though. How come the regions have different ideas as to which Pokémon is, for example, the one that causes death?”

Jacob laughed softly and replied, “Let’s just say as time goes on, perspectives and ideas change.” After he winked, he laughed again. “History is a very complex and fun subject to explore. All regions, Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh, have a unique past to them. History of those regions are the greatest epic stories around!”

Jenny giggled and said, “Yeah, I admit history can be interesting, only if I don’t sit through a three hour lecture university course of that subject.”

Jacob laughed harder then last time. Jenny just smiled, glad that the former professor was not offended by that remark.

“Well, maybe later I can tell you some stories and histories behind those paintings and carvings. Bunny knew most of that stuff back at the university. Right now it’s time for breakfast.”


“Anything?” Timmy asked while checking one of Bunny’s suitcases, which just had history books and a notebook.

At ten in the late morning, the sun had already become bright. Timmy and Lucas rummaged through Bunny’s former hotel room. So far, they had uncovered little of interest.

“No,” Lucas answered after he searched through the drawers. Only clothes were in there. “Found anything?”

Timmy shook his head and Lucas responded with a groan.

“Now, it’s obvious that we won’t get much here. Looks like we’ve to go back to the police station to sort this out.”

Both Lucas and Timmy were about to leave until something caught Lucas’ eye. The chief slowly went to the desk and picked up a postcard of a large building with the sign PokéTech.

Hey, Bunny:

Guess what? I got the job at PokéTech in the marketing department! You won’t believe what our next promotional gig will be. We’ll have three clowns coming and quizzing some people and if they get three answers right, they’ll have a free Pokétech. I really am excited about it. And oh, I almost forgot. There’s a Renaissance Fair coming and that’s when we’re sending in the clowns. Well, hope to hear you soon!

Take care,
Violet Carson

Lucas grinned while Timmy looked at him in a funny way.

“I know who we can talk to.”


Inside the dining hall, everyone was eating sausage and eggs on their plates. After Jacob finished drinking his orange juice, he spoke.

“Now, to put it in summary, the plates are stone tablets and some of them have Unown texts carved.” Jacob paused and stared at Bunny. “Bunny, I think you remember visiting him a few times before and he talked to you about those plates, right?”

After Bunny finished eating her eggs, she answered, “You know, now that I think about it, yes. He told me just a little bit of it, though.”

While everyone was silent for a moment, Bunny thought about Ernest. She wondered why he did not say anything about it. She tried to be understandable, however.

Usually archeologists like to report on their new discoveries, though in a quiet manner. I guess he wanted to take the time to make sure everything is fine?

Jenny slowly drank her orange juice with a raised eyebrow. Each sip was colder than the one before.

So the plates are just tablets with Unown texts? There must be more to it than that…

“Anyways, back to the plates. One book gives a bit of history of them. I think it’s called Carved in Silence by Bean Fenton.”

“Oh, I have that book in my bag!” Bunny announced with a grin on her face.

Jacob held his stomach while laughing out loud. Jenny too chuckled. Bunny’s cheeks blushed pink. She did not say anything, so she just continued drinking her juice.

“Well, I bet the both of you will like that book.”

Jenny moved her left hand as if shooing a fly and laughed.

“Probably not, Doc. I would rather let you tell me more about it.”

Jacob instantly smiled. Now he had them where he wanted.

“Maybe there is,” Jacob replied with a sly tone.

Both Bunny and Jenny raised one of their eyebrows. The way he said that made them feel uneasy inside.

“What do you mean by that?” asked Bunny.

“Well, last night I got to thinking. Jenny, remember when I said Ernest’s note could be of a scavenger hunt of sorts?”

“Scavenger hunt?” That word left a sour aftertaste on her tongue. Her eyes then went wide. “Don’t tell me we’re going to hunt down those things!” she protested, her eyes burning.

A scavenger hunt, and a good time to do it. Bunny sighed. True, she would be very excited about it, another artifact to find. Too bad that search might have to be delayed for an undetermined amount of time.

“Professor, it sounds fun, but you forget that Jenny and I are wanted.”

“I know and I had not forgotten that. Just hear me on this. This is a perfect opportunity for you guys to run away for a while until you can figure out this situation. That, and also those plates could be used as proof for Bunny’s innocence.”

Bunny and Jenny did not smile or happily gasp. Instead, their mouths let out sounds of uncertainty. Jacob frowned when he heard them.

“I’m not so sure,” Jenny said while her mouth moved slightly. “Can’t we just stay here? Also, do you know where the plates are?”

Jacob shook his head and sighed.

“No. I’m hoping though we can talk and plan about this first. Plus, I think it’s best to move about, just for a little while. Maybe the police will find you guys here.”

Jenny had her right elbow on the table and hand on her cheek. She agreed that it was better for someone under the wanted radar to move very so often. Still, would they come here?

Bunny twitched her mouth. Running away again was a good idea and at least they would do something else. From her four years in the field of Pokémon archeology though, finding artifacts could be dangerous too.

“Same here.”

Jacob sighed and wiped his forehead, getting off the sweat. He had put too much hope on this. The professor sighed and then smiled.

“I understand, a bit too soon. Tell you guys what, I’ll let you two think about it for a few days. Agreed?”

Bunny nodded with a smile. A few days time should be more then enough to think about whether she wanted to go find the plates.

“Yes, that would be great.” Bunny then faced Jenny and asked her, “Are you fine with it, Ella?”

Jenny was not that interested in getting the plates, especially with her being mad at her uncle. Rage began to build up inside. On the other hand, Jacob seemed to know a lot about Ernest. Maybe he would tell her more of her uncle’s secrets. Plus, this could be a chance to save Bunny. Jenny nodded while she had her right elbow still on the table and right hand on her cheeks. No smile on her face, however.

“Yeah, it’s fine.”

Jacob and Bunny stared at each other, thinking the same thing. The tone in Jenny’s voice sounded like she really did not want to do it. There was silence for a while until Jacob spoke.

“Maybe we should take our minds off from plates and chases for a while. I know, why don’t we go and tend to my garden?”

Bunny grinned and nodded. “That would be great!”

“Sounds fun.”


Things did not go so well for Lucas and Timmy. Inside the small kitchen, they questioned Violet if she knew anything about Ernest’s murder and of Bunny’s disappearance. Nothing from her. Throughout the interview, she held her anger inside. A few times though, the chief and officer noticed how mad she was after hearing her teeth clutching and fingers tapping on the round dinning table.

“Now Violet, are you sure you haven’t heard anything of it? Not even on the news?” asked Lucas.

“Again, no!” Violet answered as her finger drumming got louder. “The last time I saw her was at the Renaissance Faire. Besides, I was quite busy after that. I had to work double shifts at the PokéTech Company. I assumed Bunny hadn’t called because of her book she’s writing right now.”

“Well, according to our records, Ernest Norrison died at nine-thirty, two days ago. There could be a chance that Bunny killed Mr. Norrison when you left the city.”

Her finger drumming halted. Violet tried to hold her breath, but it was not working. She held it so hard, her face almost became red. Violet then burst out laughing and slammed on the table in the process. Both Timmy and Lucas stared at her as if she was the only person screaming in a crowded theater.

“Lady, are you all right?” asked Lucas.

Violet soon fanned herself with her right hand and took deep breaths.

“Sorry, but Bunny Spruce would never do that. She’s the most nicest person I know, unless you call her Bun-Bun! She doesn’t like being called ‘cute’ things because she wants to be taken seriously.”

Lucas sighed while Timmy shook his head. Dead end.

“Come on, Timmy boy. This isn’t getting us anywhere.”

Both Lucas and Timmy got up and left the kitchen.

Violet continued drumming the table with her fingers, this time stronger and faster, to the beat and rhythm of a war song.

Police are corrupted now these days. Bunny would never do such a thing, or would she?

Maybe the police were not lying after all. Maybe Bunny did murder someone at nine thirty at night and she was now a runaway suspect. That was probably why she did not answer yet.

Violet instantly got up and picked up the phone attached to the wall. She dialed the numbers and hoped that Bunny would call.


Bunny was in the backyard reading Carved In Silence while Jacob watered the roses. There was one passage that she was hooked on reading:

During the Region Fights against Sinnoh, the Hoenn knights found the plates. At that time no one knew the Unown language except for the very educated. They found them while getting the items from the destroyed cities. All of the items the knights found are put in their wagons, so that in time the plates are just considered one of the stolen possessions.

After the end of the war, the plates are put in the island beach where Regice is assumed to reside. However, a decade later, the Hoenn War erupted. The king of Hoenn, King Mirra, ran away with the plates and then got killed by bandits at Twinleaf Town.

Ring ring, ring ring.

Bunny rolled her eyes and grunted. She set the book aside, took her cell phone out of her bag, and answered it.


“Bunny, this is Violet! Tell me where you are!”

Bunny’s eyes got wide and she raised one of her eyebrows.

“Violet? What is going on?”

“I’ll tell you what’s going on! Two policemen came and questioned me about your disappearance. They told me you murdered a man named Ernest Norrison. They even showed me a photo of what Ernest wrote and it said something, something, get Bunny.”

Bunny thought her heart stopped. Now the police had questioned one of her friends. The search continued, and now Violet was very furious.

“Bunny, tell me it isn’t true. You didn’t kill him, did you?”

“No,” said Bunny simply.

Bunny heard Violet sigh and laugh from the phone. The archeologist could feel her heart beating normally again.

“Good. Seriously, it would take a nervous breakdown or something for you to do something that stupid. I say someone framed you.”

Bunny sighed to herself. She knew it was no frame up.

“Yeah, could be,” Bunny lied.

“It’s too bad you have to run away from the police. From what the told me, they really want to get you.”

“Yeah, they are. The real murderer is probably hiding somewhere.”

“Ditto. Look, the police might come back again with more questions. It’s probably best that you don’t call me. Maybe they’ll eavesdrop or something. Well, I better go. Take care and be safe.”

“Will do.”

Bunny closed her cell phone and her mouth twitched at first. Those two were hot on their trail and it would be sooner or later that they would come. Thoughts of jail again made her body shiver.

All of a sudden, she smiled. It was like all those great battles she had been studying. Bunny knew that if she did not want to lose, then a strategy must be put into use. For her situation, she must get away from Lucas and Timmy (and maybe all of the Jubilife Police Force) as long as possible until she got the plates. Maybe then it would be proof of her innocence.

Thank you, Violet for the information.

Her head turned and she saw Jacob watering the last few roses.

“Professor Alexison!”

When Jacob finished watering his plants, he turned around and waved at her.

“Hey, Bunny! What is it?”

“Count me in on the plates expedition!”

After she said that, Bunny smiled widely and chuckled. Her decision was to do this project but at the same time have some fun with those policemen. She would worry about going to jail later. The determination of getting two things accomplished at the same time blazed inside her heart.

Jacob grinned. One down, one more to go.


While Jacob and Bunny were outside, Jenny was inside the study room. Instead of studying the carvings, she glared at her necklace for quite some time.

Should I, or shouldn’t I?

Her mind still had not decided whether she should go with that expedition or not. Jenny’s anger towards Ernest was still strong. She could not believe all that was for some stupid treasure hunt. She kicked the desk, the pain not bothering her much.

We could’ve done a treasure hunt while he was still alive! I don’t care if anyone else found it. It’s theirs to keep!

That gave Jenny another idea. She giggled.

She for sure knew Bunny would accept that offer. With the plates being one of the most secretive artifacts out there, how could that history obsessed woman not resist? Also, if Bunny were to either be with her former professor or by herself, it would look more suspicious when the police found Jenny alone. Those plates too could be evidence for Bunny’s innocence. Lastly, this could be a chance to ask a few questions to Ernest about her uncle. Jenny chuckled Yes, everything so far went her way.

“You’re really interested in those legendary Pokémon, huh?”

Jenny jumped with a yelp. She turned around and saw Jacob. Her hand touched her moving stomach.

“You scared me again, Doc!”

Jacob chuckled and patted her head.

“Sorry about that, miss. I came to say that Bunny told me she agreed to this expedition. I assumed that you’re still thinking about it, right?”

Jenny grinned and answered, “Actually, I made my decision already. I decided to go to that expedition with you.”

His heart drummed harder and faster. Now his mission was complete. On the outside though, he smiled and nodded.

“Excellent. Well then, later tonight we should start planning.”

Jenny nodded and replied, “Sounds grand.”

Jacob nodded again and waved goodbye. He hummed happily while walking. Finally, he would find out what the deal was with those plates.


Only a hint of sunlight peeked out from the closed curtains. It was hot inside, and the fan on the small sized bookshelf moved around slowly. Lucas was inside his office, his eyes blinking. Besides dealing with Bunny Spruce, he had what felt like a million cases to deal with. Who said being chief was an easy job? Right now his mind focused on Bunny the most, though.

So far, nothing. Seems Bunny is ahead of the game.

He grunted and then his head was lowered down.

To top it off, Jenny’s helping her.

After Lucas ran his hands on his head, he decided to look over his notes once again. He took out the tiny notepad from his desk and scanned through it. There, one note caught his attention:

Professor Alexison- old friend of Ernest Norrison, former Professor of Bunny Spruce.

“Maybe he can shed some light off this case,” Lucas muttered to himself and smiled.


That night, the three were busy planning for the expedition filled with friendly arguments and a lot of joking around, especially with Jenny. Luckily though there was no bashing and such.

First they decided what they should bring. There were some arguments on that, like if they should carry a lot or not. All agreed though that they would bring their Pokemon, money, food, clothes, and extra blankets. They knew that this region was mostly a forested area and that there was not enough money to stay in many hotels (Ernest would be the one signing in and out). Lastly, they decided to go by foot instead of Teleport because it would take up a lot of Xatu’s energy and there could be a chance someone might see them use Teleport, so that technique would only be used in case of emergencies.

Another topic discussed was disguises. This was the fun one. It ranged from wearing wigs and Jacob’s clothing to even if both Bunny and Jenny should dye their hair. It was then settled that Bunny wearing a wig and Jenny changing her hair style and clothes should do the trick.

The last topic debated and the most heated one was where to go first. The argument ranged from which cities to which region the plates could be in.

“Maybe it might be in Mount Moon!” suggested Jenny. “It did say tower the highest.”

“It could be any mountain,” Bunny retorted. “All mountains are really tall and have snow falling, assuming that was what ‘Icy feel underneath’ meant.”

“Not all mountains have snow falling on them! Mt. Moon doesn’t, and I visited there a couple of times before! Besides, I think what my uncle meant by ‘Icy feel underneath’ is that mountain!”

“I think we’re getting ahead of ourselves, my friends. Mt. Moon is very far away,” Jacob said to end the argument.

“At least it could actually be a good hiding place for a wanted person like Bunny,” Jenny said with a chuckle.


Balin giggled softly to himself. Jenny chuckled again, not looking at Bunny staring at her as if she was her worst enemy.

“What, I was just kidding.”

Jacob sighed and shook his head.

“Now, I think we should stop thinking about the locations of other regions for a while. Maybe it’s better that we focus on the locations in Sinnoh first.”

Both Bunny and Jenny nodded, instantly agreeing to that comment.

“Doc is right,” Jenny said. “The best place to start off is this very own region. However, where should we go first? There are like a million possible locations.”

Bunny tapped her chin a few times. It was true that Sinnoh had a thousand location possibilities. Maybe instead of thinking of a thousand of them, a specific type of location would be better.

“I know!” Bunny exclaimed after a long moment of silence from all three. “Since the plates have a historic background, it must be in some type of historic place, like old temples.”

Jacob laughed aloud and slapped his legs a few times.

Jenny nodded and said, “Yeah, that could be possible.”

“Good thinking, Bunny! That’s quite logical. You know what, I know one possible location we can go to, and it’s not too far from here, The Lost Tower."

“That Pokémon cemetery? Bunny asked.

Jacob nodded. “So we’re all on the same page here?”

“Yep,” said Jenny. “I’ve always wanted to go there.”

“Count me in,” Bunny said.

Jacob chuckled and said, “Good. We should get some supplies first, though.”

Both Bunny and Jenny nodded, each smiling as well.

“Now my friends, I think this calls for a toast. We’re embarking on something truly great here. Be prepared for what’s coming.”

The old man got out of his seat and then lifted up his wine glass.

“To history!”

Both Bunny and Jenny lifted up their wine glasses and then both shouted in unison, “To history!”

All three had their glasses gently touch together and then a cling sound was produced. Indeed, it was settled then.

End of Part One


Weeeeeeeee, got all of part one of this story posted! Don't know how since I believed my sophomore year at uni is harder than my freshman year. Maybe it's the procrastination! XD

Oh, if you guys are wondering, Part Two is still going to be posted in this thread. ^_^ Also, I think you guys are going to LOVE the next chapter, which is actually the chapter I had most fun writing, hehe. :D

Hope you guys enjoyed this. We're halfway through the story. :D
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