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Truth or Reconciliation

Mr. Briney’s boat was sailing gracefully over the aqua surf. Waves rocked it back and forth while three humans were standing on the deck with two almost at each other’s throats.

“You STOLE Treecko from the POKEMON CENTER?!” Jeff grilled.

“He wouldn’t come with me and then he hit me in the face! What was I supposed to do?” Kevin replied as if he had done nothing wrong.

“How about ASK Nurse Joy for Treecko?” answered the brown haired teen, folding his arms.

“I did that and she said ‘he wasn’t to be moved’…” Kevin replied as Rachel watched on, amused.

“And why would she say that?” Jeff asked, calming down slightly.

Kevin bit his lip and his voice softened almost inaudibly. “Eh… something about him still recovering and not being able to move…” to which he finished with a forced cough.

Jeff scowled and his fists clenched as he began to walk towards Kevin. The blond haired teen grinned, backed up and raised his hands in front of him non-threateningly.

“Easy there! What are you so mad about? You can’t go back there anyways!”

“Hey Kevin… you look a little thirsty… why don’t you have a drink?” Jeff suggested, continuing to walk towards his friend.

“Uhh… I’m good. I… ehh…” Before Jeff got too close, Kevin took out a pokeball and threw it on the deck between Jeff and him.

A green bug pokemon appeared from the bright light and stood on the deck looking confused. Jeff stopped dead in his tracks and froze. His eyes looked up at the Scyther and he immediately started walking quickly backwards.

“Woah woah woah WOAH! Ke-Kevin?! What are you doing?!” Jeff stammered, now jumping backwards.

“What? Blitz is my starter! He deserves the air,” Kevin answered with a sly grin.

Blitz looked around and noticed the terrified human who he remembered. The Scyther suddenly became very uncomfortable and he awkwardly looked around the ship. He then turned around to his friend.

“” he asked.

“No, I-”

“” questioned the Scyther, shifting in his place a little.

“I thought you would have wanted some air,” replied Kevin.

” He looked back at Jeff and then looked at Kevin. “” he said, pointing a scythe to the stern of the ship.

As soon as Blitz was at the front of the boat’s deck Jeff cautiously walked towards Kevin.

“What are you doing?! Why did you send him out?!” Jeff asked angrily.

“Why wouldn’t I send him out? He’s my friend!” Kevin answered somewhat defensively.

“Well you sure know how to pick ‘em. That bloodthirsty monster better be an awesome cook!”

Despite being a ways away from the two, Blitz’s good hearing picked up on the conversation. He sighed and awkwardly rubbed the back of his neck.

Kevin looked back at Blitz, noticing his detection of their conversation. “Ease up, Jeff! You’re hurting his feelings!”

“Ooooo!” Jeff said in mock regret. “I’m hurting his feelings? Well he tried-to-kill-me!!!”

“When did YOU get to be such a jerk?”

Rachel stepped in. “Okay okay. Both of you! How about, Kevin, you and Blitz stay on the back end of the ship and Jeff stays on the front end of the ship?”

They both nodded and Kevin went over to Blitz while Jeff walked to the bow of the ship.

“Sorry about Jeff, he’s just a bit… uhhh…” Kevin tried to reassure.

“” answered the ashamed Scyther.

“No he doesn’t. Well, not anymore at least! You’re a changed Scyther,” said Kevin, giving him a hard slap on the back.

Blitz grinned. “”

“Don’t mention it!” Kevin answered, putting Blitz in a headlock and playfully grinding his knuckles along the Scyther’s head. The two began to play fight- Blitz had his scythes pointed inwards as to not make Kevin into the human equivalent of chopped vegetables. Meanwhile, Jeff sent out Treecko and Corphish.

“” merrily shouted Corphish, who jumped up onto the guardrail and looked at the water. “”

Jeff chuckled. “No, it wasn’t anything like ‘Oz’, Corp. Oh, and we’re going to… Slateport, I think.”

Treecko looked at the playful fight going on between Kevin and Blitz on the other side of the deck before looking back up at Jeff and putting his twig habitually in his mouth.

“Hey, Treecko.”

Treecko nodded. “”

“I need to have a word with you for a minute,” Jeff said, gesturing with his head to a place away from Corphish.

The wood gecko followed Jeff to the portside of the boat. He leaned against the rails of the boat, as did Jeff.

“How are your wounds?”

Treecko shook his head dismissively. “”

The teen took in a deep breath and then looked at the grass type. “Treecko… I’m… I’m really sorry for hitting you… and for everything. Ever since what happened in Petalburg I’ve been acting like a sulky selfish ass and I don’t hold it against you for leaving when you did. I just didn’t know how to handle things and I made a big deal out of the stupidest things and yeah. Tell the others I’m sorry as well… Oh yeah, and I’m sorry about the pokeball thing; I’m worried about your ribs.”

Treecko was more than a little shocked. He then nodded understandingly. “” he reassured.

Jeff was much more shocked than Treecko was. “Thank you… So we’re still friends?”

Treecko stalled, but then nodded. “” He paused and then began again. “<… I may have gotten as touchy as a Chikorita at some times… and I did some things that I now know were stupid… yeah…>”

Jeff smiled. He knew that that was the most of an apology he would get out of Treecko.

“Don’t worry about it.”

Treecko then looked over to the still fighting Kevin and Blitz. “”

“Yeah… He’s the one who attacked me when we first crossed paths,” explained Jeff.

Treecko took a fighting stance just as Corphish scuttled over. “”

Jeff nodded. “Treecko? I personally wouldn’t mind it if you kicked that Scyther’s ass, but he’s Kevin’s pokemon and you’re still pretty… wounded.”

Treecko crossed his arms and gave Jeff a look, but reluctantly stood down.

Corphish recalled that his other friend wasn’t present. “”

“Uhhhhhh…” Jeff stalled awkwardly. “I don’t think so.”

“” he asked, while lightly tugging on Jeff’s shorts with his claw.

“I think the answer is pretty obvious. He’s furious at me!”

“” Corphish replied.

Jeff looked over at Treecko for his opinion, who shrugged and disinterestedly walked to the edge of the boat.

Jeff sighed. “Fine, but give us some privacy, will ya?” He threw Dae’s pokeball and out came the Taillow. The dark blue bird looked up at Jeff with a glare.

“Daedalus? We need to talk.”

“” he coldly answered.

Daedalus flew onto a guardrail bar and Jeff walked up beside him.

Jeff sighed. “Dae, I-”

Daedalus flew up and gave a painful beak peck on his cheek. Jeff winced as a cut opened up and a trickle of blood dripped down to his chin.

“…I deserved th-” He was cut off by another quick strike to his other cheek, which also drew blood. Jeff calmly put a hand to the newer cut. “…Feel better?”

Daedalus shook his head. “”

“Yes, I did,” responded the teen.


“No… I respect you too much to lie to you. I really did believe those things that I said,” answered Jeff.

“” Daedalus retorted.

“Okay… the whole reason I was on this journey was to get to the Hoenn League. If I could fight in the place of you guys, I would, but unfortunately that’s not how it works. Both Treecko and Corphish want to fight, so it’s not like I’m forcing you guys to. I’m not like that Blane guy!”

Daedalus frowned. “”

Jeff bit his lip. “I’m sorry about that, but I was under a lot of pressure and I was desperate. I promise that I’ll never make any of you fight if you don’t want to. I’m sorry I did all that… forgive me?”

Dae opened his beak to say something but then quickly shut it and indignantly turned his head away in a huff.

Jeff frowned. “…You can’t say I didn’t try.”


The Taillow flew over to Corphish who began asking him questions and Jeff breathed a sigh of relief, despite Dae still being mad.

“Talk about holding a grudge…” muttered Jeff to no one inparticular.

Kevin and Blitz, who were laughing and wrestling on the ground suddenly stopped.

Blitz looked up from under Kevin’s armpit. “”

“Yeah…” answered Kevin. “Sounds like a motor.”

Just then giant waves began to rock the boat back and forth. Everybody fell to the deck except for Blitz, who flew a foot off the deck. Giant waves rapped the starboard of the boat, causing surf to splash onto the deck.

“What is it?!” Rachel yelled.

“It’s not a storm! It’s still sunny out!” answered Jeff.

With a giant wave, something appeared out of the water. A titanic blue serpent rose from the sea. It’s menacing, gaping mouth let out a ferocious roar. The serpent had white fins, blue whiskers, and was close to the size of Atlas. Water dripped down its beige underbelly and blue scales onto the deck as it peered down at the vessel.

The three humans all stepped back as far as they could, which was the other side of the boat.

“I knew we should have waited for the ferry!” complained Rachel in terror.

Jeff uneasily looked at Kevin, who looked just as uneasily back. Both probably hoped that the other had a plan.

“” exclaimed Blitz.

“Just wait, Blitz! Let it make the first move!”

Jeff’s pokemon all stood in front of him, ready to fight. He scowled. “If only we were on land…”

Two blue jet skis pulled up on both sides of the Gyarados. Both had men with two blue bandanas on their heads and blue and white t-shirts along with darker blue bathing suits.

“This is a raid! Hand over all of your pokemon… and the boat… and then you can have my jet ski! If you don’t then we will be forced to sink the boat… and you will be down one very nice jet ski,” warned the man on the left in a very calm, military personnel-like voice.

“Come and make us!” retorted Kevin.

The other guy stared blankly at him before driving his watercraft over next to him. “We’ve sunk so low as to stealing pokemon? Seriously?! And you’re offering your jet ski?! Why don’t we just take the boat and let them swim to a nearby isla-” The man stopped speaking as he carefully scanned the boat.

“Oh shi…” he murmured in terror.

“What is it, Chanandaler?” asked the other man, placing a toothpick in his mouth. The Gyarados also looked down.

"Stop calling me that and just look, Joey, you idiot!" the guy whispered harshly.

The man named Joey looked carefully at the boat. His mouth gaped and his toothpick fell out of his mouth.

The other man looked at him. “… You don’t know what I’m looking at, do you?”

“Not a clue,” he said, putting another toothpick in his mouth.

“LOOK… ON… THE… BOAT…” he said, becoming more and more nervous.

Joey looked on the boat carefully this time and his jaw hung open with his second toothpick dropping out of his mouth.

“Oh, sweet merciful crap,” exclaimed Joey. “Okay, nothing to see here! Move along!” he said to the boat occupants. “This was all just a joke! This never happened! You saw nothing! We are just figments of your collective imaginations!”

The Gyarados rubbed his face with his tail fin in embarrassment. The two men quickly turned around on their jet skis and sped off, followed by their massive pokemon.

The man who was poorly nicknamed ‘Chanadaler’ hit Joey on the back of the head. “You idiot! If he finds out about this we are in such deep ****! This was your dumb idea!”

“Relax, they think we’re figments of their collective imaginations!”

Back on the boat, everyone was looking at each other confused.

“Well, that was weird,” said a bewildered Jeff.

“Who were those guys?” asked Rachel.

Kevin rubbed his chin. “I dunno… I kind of recognize the uniforms from a picture I saw in the paper once… Team Aqua, I think it is? They’re in some kind of gang war with Team Lava or Magma or something.”

Blitz landed on the deck. “” exclaimed Blitz, confidently.

“With one hand and scythe tied behind our backs, we could!” Kevin agreed, heartily.

Mr. Briney yelled up from below deck. “I think the waves from that flash storm we just had have died down, I’m going to raise the anchor back up and we should be in Slateport in no time,” said Mr. Briney. “I could have sworn I heard some older men talking… it was probably just the waves,” he murmured to the Wingull, Peeko, who rolled her eyes.

The boat slowly started to begin moving again. By now, Rachel had sent out her two pokemon. Strix flew over to Jeff’s pokemon, enjoying the comedy routine of Corphish, while Avis remained with Rachel as she started talking to Kevin and Jeff.

“” Corphish, Dae, and Strix all laughed, though it was more funny to Jeff’s pokemon. Even Treecko managed a barely noticeable grin.


This joke also attracted laughter until Jeff picked up Corphish by the horns.

“There’s one behind you who’s capable of tickling a particular species of water pokemon to death,” threatened the brown haired teen with a sly grin.

“<… I have a few NON-human related jokes,>” ensured Corphish, fearfully.

“We’re here!” Mr. Briney called up from below the deck.

Jeff recalled his pokemon, including Treecko, which he felt weird about doing despite the necessity to do so, and looked up from the boat at the land; he saw a massive beach with about a couple dozen people occupying it. Rachel also recalled her pokemon, but much to Jeff’s dismay, Kevin still had Blitz out.

The boat road into the beachside dock and Mr. Briney let down the anchor.

“Thanks for the ride, I promise I’ll pay you back someday,” called down Jeff.

“Oh, don’t worry about it!” the sea captain answered.

“I insist!”

Jeff then followed the others off of the boat and onto the deck, keeping a good ways away from his Scyther acquaintance.

As they walked from the pier to the sandy beach, Jeff muttered, “Note to self: throw out all red clothes.”
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