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Cutting to the Chase

Jeff, Kevin, Rachel, and Blitz walked and flew respectively off of the pier and into the sand. The sea wind blew the grainy particles at them as they scanned the beach looking at the occupants. Jeff and Kevin couldn’t help but gawk at a couple of sunbathing girls of their age, but the two quickly turned before Rachel could stop them, though.

“” Blitz asked intrigued.

“Gih!!” he stammered, a bit of blood rushing to his head. Kevin then lunged at Blitz and clamped his green snout shut with his hands, despite the fact that Rachel couldn’t understand Blitz. Jeff couldn’t help but chuckle.

“Shut up! You thought she was hot, too!” Kevin remarked, referring to the girl he was looking at.

“Yeah, so?” answered Jeff.

Kevin shook his head dismissively and let go of Blitz’s mouth. “Now Jeff, no getting into fights with local gym leaders, okay?” he said in a purposefully condescending tone.

Jeff suddenly remembered something very important. He began to dig through the pockets of his red shorts.

“Lucky for you, there’s no gym leaders in this town, huh?” said Kevin with a grin. “… What’s up?”

Jeff pulled a pokeball from his pocket and quickly aimed it to a deserted part of the beach. A red laser shot out to that area and Atlas appeared in the sand, still unconscious.

“Atlas…” Jeff said, running over to the giant, beaten up rock serpent. “I completely forgot about him.”

He put a hand on his rocky head and began to look in his bag for strong potions. Just then, Atlas’ eye winced. He was lying in such a way that the gash on his face was in the slightly wet sand. His gray eyes shot open and he immediately reared with a massive roar, knocking Jeff backwards. Many people and pokemon on the beach looked up, some backing off and some getting ready to fight, just in case. Atlas snarled and grunted heavily, but he managed to keep himself from thrashing around.

“Atlas! What’s wrong?!” Jeff asked as a small wave crashed into him.

The rock snake ignored him and his teeth were clenched. “”

“Wh-who?!” asked Jeff, becoming a little frightened.

“” Atlas roared.

Jeff had never seen Atlas like this. What was wrong with him and what happened to the docile, gentle Atlas that he had remembered from before he was sent to jail? The teen, becoming actually scared for his life, backed further into the water.

“I- I don’t know what you’re talking about… Atlas… what’s wrong with y-you?”


Rachel whispered to Kevin. “What are they talking about?”

Kevin answered, “I don’t really know…”

“I mean what are they saying? You can understand pokemon, right?”

“Later,” retorted Kevin, stoically watching.

The Onix breathed heavily, so much that Jeff could feel the warm, humid air blowing back his hair. A couple trainers and their pokemon closed towards the Onix, warily. Kevin put his arm in front of Blitz, making sure he didn’t attack him. With his other arm, Kevin took something out of his pocket.

“You, Atlas!” Kevin yelled out. Atlas turned his wincing head from Jeff and looked down at him. “I’ll tell you where your friend is!”

He gestured at many of the trainers to move. Kevin threw out a pokeball and a second unconscious Onix materialized in the sand. Jeff was shocked.

“Kevin caught an Onix?” Jeff asked himself, still wide-eyed.

Kevin then promptly returned the KO’d Onix. Atlas grunted and nodded. Jeff stood up in the surf and walked towards the pokemon. “J-just calm down Atlas… O-okay?”

Atlas then began to lose consciousness and fall towards Kevin, who stepped back. The rock serpent fell quickly under his own massive weight.

“Timber?” Kevin squeaked, fearfully.

He prepared to attempt to dive out of the way, although he was pretty sure he wouldn’t clear it in time. The teen then felt himself being winded, as he landed on his back in the sand as he heard a massive crash and a wave of sand fall on top of him. Kevin opened his eyes to find Blitz lying on top of him, looking down on him with a smug look. He looked at his feet to see that they were just inches from being crushed by the now unconscious pokemon. The Scyther stood up and extended his scythe.

“Thanks pal. I owe you one but did you have to cut my shirt?” he said, grinning and taking his scythe to get to his feet.


Kevin bit his lip and nodded.

“Are you okay, Kevin?” asked Rachel. Kevin silently repeated the gesture. “What did Blitz say?” she asked with some frustration.

Off in his own world, Kevin ignored her. Meanwhile, Jeff recalled Atlas to his pokeball and walked over to Kevin and Rachel, who was still very apprehensive.

All three stood there rather uncomfortably. “Maybe we should go to the pokemon centre,” suggested Kevin.

Kevin, out of nowhere, pulled out Blitz’s pokeball and recalled him before beginning to lead the way to the pokemon centre. He stared ponderously at the sand and he began to be more drawn into his thoughts, as did his hearing.


“Damn it,” cursed Kevin


Kevin had been living in Littleroot Town for six years with his mother and he still managed to get lost in the forest of Route 101 between Littleroot Town and Oldale Town.

“I SWEAR I’ve seen this tree before!” he said to himself while kicking a mossy tree in the middle of the dense forest. Kevin put his hands in his tan shorts pocket before making his way over some old logs and fallen branches.

After four minutes of walking, Kevin stopped and scratched his head. “Okay, Kevin. Just keep walking straight and you’ll come across something eventually.”

While walking, Kevin noticed that the forest became deeper and more isolated. He stopped and leaned against a tree.

“Okay, Kev, you’re not lost. You’re in Route 101… I think… just keep-” Just then, Kevin heard sounds coming from further on in the forest ahead of him. It sounded like the muffled shouting. He then thought he heard a higher cry and the clicking of metal.

“What the hell is-”


A gunshot rung out threw the forest and Kevin immediately hit the dirt and put his hands on his head.

“Oh ****. Oh ****. Oh ****. A gunshot! Someone’s shooting at me. ****!” he babbled to himself in fear.

He waited a minute, not moving an inch. He heard more shouting and came to the conclusion that he wasn’t the target. Dirt and sweat now staining his blue shirt, Kevin crawled forward in the underbrush very carefully and stopped when he reached a clearing about fifty meters ahead. The teen peered through a large strawberry bush.

In the left of the clearing he saw a one story white house with a large crop field outside of it. Outside of the house Kevin saw a gruff-looking farmer in the traditional pale overalls and straw hat sporting a hunting rifle. Kevin concluded that the farmer looked ‘considerably pissed’.

The teen looked to see what he was shooting at. A medium range away was a green mantis pokemon. It was down on one its right knee and it was clutching its left shin, where Kevin made out bright green blood seeping from a bullet hole the size of a large almond.

The farmer cocked the bolt of the rifle, inserting a new bullet into the chamber. He took aim on the Scyther.

“Oh ****. He’s gonna shoot him dead!” sputtered Kevin to himself.

“Say yer’ prayers, you dirty thief,” said the farmer to the Scyther. The Scyther just winced and stared at the man, ready to face his end.

Kevin fearfully stood up and immediately regretted what he was about to do. He ran out into the field.

“Stop it! Stop! What the hell are you doing?!” he yelled, running towards the two.

Both of the two turned in surprise. The farmer turned the gun and aimed it at Kevin.

“What th’ hell y’all doin’?!” he asked threateningly.

Upon seeing the gun pointed at him, he skidded to a halt, froze in his place and raised his hands up. “Easy! Easy there! Just don’t shoot us!” He began to slowly edge sideways towards near the Scyther without moving any closer to the man or the gun.

“Please!” Kevin begged, traversing next to the Scyther. He whispered to the wounded pokemon. “If you want to live, f-follow along.”

“Explain y’self!” he ordered.

“Okay okay! Just please don’t kill him! He’s my friend! We got lost in the forest and he left while I was resting to go and find help!”

“I caught’im red handed stealin’ me crops!” the farmer sharply exclaimed.

“I’m really sorry. It’s just we haven’t eaten in three days and he was worried about me so he wanted to get me some food. Right…’pal’?” Kevin asked the Scyther, his heart beating a million times a second.

The mantis pokemon was sceptical and frankly shocked at the human helping him, but he nodded.

The farmer slowly lowered his rifle. “Fine… y’can each have ONE carrot, but then get the hell offa my land before I change me mind aboot the two af ya!”

Kevin sighed the deepest sigh of relief and he looked at the wounded Scyther and nodded. Without the Scyther’s say so, but without its resistance either, Kevin put the mantis’ arm around his shoulder and helped him limp off the property. They walked in the opposite direction of the way Kevin came.

The bug pokemon winced and eyed the blond haired human in surprise while they struggled to leave the clearing and Kevin helped him sit down. The teen swung around his backpack and took out an aid kit while he was leered at by the Scyther, who was still confused as to why this strange human helped him.

“Okay, I’m going to bandage that wound so don’t friggin’ slice me in half,” Kevin said, frankly still terrified and in a state of shock.

“” asked the Scyther.

“Why did I help you? Well I-” Kevin began to say, before the realization sunk in and his eyes widened. “HOLY ****! YOU CAN FRIGGIN’ SPEAK ENGLISH?!!” he yelled, bolting his head up to face the Scyther.

“” he asked, wincing as Kevin dropped the bandage on his wound in shock.

The teenager stared at the bug pokemon for a long moment, while he patiently waited his answer.

“” he asked, interrupting Kevin’s awe.

“I- I- uhh… What was the question?” he asked, shaking himself back into reality.

“” he questioned uncomfortably.

Kevin began to apply the bandage again on the hole leaking light green blood. “It was the stupidest thing I’ve ever done, I’m not really sure. I just- I don’t usually do anything THAT foolhardy…” Kevin looked up at the pokemon. That wasn’t the answer the mantis had been looking for. He stopped bandaging the wound and thought. Kevin remembered the gun. “I… The gu… It was the right thing to do,” he finished and began to tie the bandage.

” he said to him.

Kevin shook his head. “It’s nothing.”

“” he said. “”

Kevin stalled. “Not right now…” He then remembered Jeff and his other friends taking off on pokemon journeys. “…But I might be soon.”

The Scyther stood up with a cringe. “”

Now Kevin was the one confused. “Why would you want to travel with me?”

The Scyther looked down at his wounded leg. “”

Kevin stalled but then grinned and nodded, standing up. “What’s your name?”


“‘Kevin’s the name. Nice to meet you, Blitz.” He held out his hand. Blitz examined his hand, confused. The Scyther then caught on and shook it with his scythe.

Kevin let out a high, quivery sound of pain. He withdrew his hand, which had a large, opening cut on it from the scythe. He held his bloody palm to his shirt and grinned sheepishly.

” he said, insisting Kevin to take the bandage on his leg.

“Don’t worry about it, pal. We’ll just have to work on your handshake a little,” he said, smirking. Kevin then put Blitz’s arm around his shoulder and helped him walk through the forest. “We have to get you to a pokemon centre… Do you know where the nearest town is?”


“We’ll see what the doctors have to say about that.” Kevin walked west with his new mantis friend.

About an hour later, the sun had set and the stars were out. Kevin and Blitz had made it to the town of Oldale. The humble town had a few streetlights lit, guiding the way to the centre. Kevin and Blitz stumbled in the automatic doors, where Blitz was promptly helped onto a stretcher by pink Chanseys. The Scyther nodded at Kevin before disappearing through the back room.



Kevin shook his head and snapped out of his thoughts to see Jeff looking at him.

“I said I owe you one, Kevin… Atlas went… I dunno… nuts,” Jeff said.

“Oh, uh, yeah. Don’t worry about it,” answered Kevin, solemnly.

Jeff looked at him curiously. “…Anything up?”

Kevin looked at him. “Yeah. The sun and sky, dumbass.”

The brown-haired teen wasn’t completely satisfied with his smartass quip, but he shrugged his behaviour off. Rachel rolled her eyes at Kevin as they walked from the beach onto the streets.

“Should I rent us a hotel room?” she asked them.

Kevin shook his head. “Don’t bother. We’re not going to stay here very long, right Jeff?”

Jeff shrugged and looked at the city around him.

“Fine. Well I’m going to go check out the market while you two go to the pokemon centre, okay?” she told them.

Kevin nodded, but spun around after a moment. “DON’T YOU SPEND ANY OF MY MONEY! YOU STILL OWE ME!” he yelled after her.

Rachel walked off and the duo went into the red and white building in the center of the large tourist town. The centre was quite large on the inside. Kevin and Jeff walked over the red and white tiles, past several humans and pokemon, and up to the counter. They both held out a pokeball as they looked around the primarily red-coloured building interior.

“Can you heal this Onix?” Kevin asked Nurse Joy. She smiled and took the pokeball.

“What about you, sir?” she asked Jeff.

“Uhh… I think there’s something wrong with my Onix… and I’m not sure if just a machine will fix it…” he explained.

She nodded. “Well we’ll go a little bit outside of town once I’m done with your friend and then we’ll see what’s wrong.”

Jeff nodded and shuffled in his place while waiting. After a few minutes, Nurse Joy handed Prometheus’ pokeball to Kevin and she led them outside. They followed her north up a road until they were on the path leading out of town.

“Okay, this should be enough room,” she decreed.

Jeff nodded and released the unconscious Onix in the side of the path.

“He’s usually really gentle and nice, but when I sent him out on the beach this morning he went nuts. It was like he was a whole other Onix.”

She inspected the pokemon’s rocky head. “Luckily that’s not the case…”

“Do you know what’s wrong?” Jeff asked in concern.

She remained silent and looked at the deep gash in his face. “It’s this…”

“That scar? He’s had that the entire time I’ve known him and he hasn’t acted strangely…” commented Jeff.

“It’s deep…” she mumbled to herself. “I’ll be right back.” She then stood up and walked back to the pokemon centre.

The two stood and waited until they could see her coming back with a device in her hand. It had a handle and had two lights on the bulk of the device.

“What’s that?” Jeff asked as she walked by him and over Atlas’s face.

She held the machine and went over the gash like she was scanning it. The machine started beeping rapidly and a red light on the device flashed. Nurse Joy put down the device and sighed.

“It’s like I thought. This gash is coated with traces of iron. It’s preventing the scar from healing.”

“Iron?” Jeff asked. “Does that mean he’ll evolve?”

Nurse Joy shook her head. “There’s not enough of it. Tell me, did he sustain this in a battle?”

Jeff shrugged. “He had it when I met him. I think he got it from a fight when he was in his Onix clan…”

Kevin interjected, “I heard a police dude say something about there being a pretty nasty Steelix in that clan.”

“I see… It looks like the iron is so deep that it hit a nerve in his head. Is he very physically sensitive when it comes to his scar?”

Jeff thought back. He remembered earlier that Atlas’ gash was in the wet sand when he went berserk earlier. “…I think so.”

“The iron seems to be reacting with a reagent in his body and it is causing some bad side effects… especially around his nerves. It may prevent him from evolving as well,” she explained, displeased.

“And that’s… bad…” Jeff said, already knowing the answer. She nodded. “Is there anything I can do? … And is it… fatal?”

“I don’t think that this will be fatal… just very very painful for him.”

Jeff’s shoulders slumped. “But is there anything I can do?”

She shook her head. “I don’t think so… I’m sorry. I can prescribe paralyze heal. Give it to him whenever he feels intense pain and it should loosen up his nerves a little and help to ease the pain.”

Jeff became rather downcast. “Thanks… let’s go get that, then.”

Nurse Joy gave some revival medicine to Atlas and then motioned to Jeff to recall him, which he did. They then walked from the path back to the pokemon center. The three passed some buildings and then walked into the pokemon center. Nurse Joy disappeared through the ‘employees only’ and came back moments later with four paralyze heals.

“This should be good until you reach the next town. Be sure to keep him out of battles, okay?”

Jeff nodded and placed the medicine in his bag. “Thank you and I will.”

“Oh, and if you’re going to Mauville, you’ll want to rent some bicycles from the bike shop.”

He then turned around and Kevin gave him a reassuring punch on the arm.

“He’ll be fine… He’s a big guy…”

“Yeah… I guess so,” said Jeff, opening the door of the pokemon center.

The two walked under the sunlight towards the open-air market in an attempt to find Rachel, pushing through a crowd of people as they went. They spotted Rachel a few shops down, holding about three gift bags and a hand full of cash, about to make a transaction.

“…Do you have any money?” Kevin asked Jeff.

Jeff shook his head. “I’m about out.”

Both looked at each other before simultaneously shoving through the crowd.

“RACHEL, NO! WE NEED THAT FOR BIKES!!!” Kevin screamed while accidentally kneeing a kid in the gut as they made their way through. Kevin grabbed her arm before the transaction could be made.

“What are you doing?” she asked, confused.

He plucked the money from her hand and put it in his pocket. “I’m making sure we don’t have to take the long, overgrown grass route to Mauville! We need this money to rent bikes.”

“Well you could have just said so,” she explained. “Oh yeah! I got you both hats!”

“Really?” Jeff and Kevin asked enthusiastically and with irritation, respectively.

She took out two green baseball caps with darker green visors, which had purple rimming and a large, stylized purple ‘A’ on the front. The ‘A’ had an arrow-like tail coming from the right leg.

“Awesome! I love the Petalburg Aerodactyls!” he enthusiastically said putting on the hat. “Thanks, Rachel!”

“Eh, speak for yourself,” grumbled Kevin with a shrug. “And I believe you mean, ‘Thanks, Kevin! I couldn’t spot a good baseball team if my life depended on it!’”

“You’re just mad because they made it to the semi finals and the Sootopolis Sharpedos didn’t make it to past the quarters,” retorted Jeff.

“Whatever. I’m gonna go return his hat for money so I can use it for something USEFUL like a potion or tassles for our bikes…” He then walked to stand and began to return it.

Jeff grinned sheepishly and shrugged at Rachel. “…He –uhhh- really likes the Sharpedos…” Jeff said, feeling the need to apologize.

He began to fiddle with the visor of his new hat as Kevin came back. Kevin shoved his way in front of them.


“Come on, let’s go.”


” Blitz said as Kevin helped him walk and make their way down the beaten path from Oldale Town to Littleroot Town.

“Complaining about it won’t make it stop hurting,” Kevin told him, looking down at Blitz’s bandaged wound which was professionally attended to at the Oldale pokemon centre.

” Blitz retorted defensively. “

“Riiiight. Why don’t you fly? You’ve got wings,” Kevin pointed out.

Blitz shook his head, his snout almost hitting Kevin in the face. “

“Okay okay. I believe you, jeez.” Kevin adjusted Blitz’s scythe on his shoulder and they continued to walk down the dirt path. “Just up ahead is town. First stop is Prof. Birch’s lab!”

“” asked Blitz curiously.

“You’ll see, pal,” Kevin told him as they walked onto the asphalt of Littleroot Town. Kevin and Blitz turned left to the nearest massive building, which was next to acres of land reserved for trainer’s stored pokemon to roam about. There was a small mountain at the far end of the land, as well as some lakes for water pokemon to inhabit.

“” remarked Blitz.

“I guess.” Kevin shrugged and the two went through the glass doors of the laboratory.

The brown haired and bearded Professor Birch was talking to one of his assistants, before looking up at the duo.

“Kevin?” he asked, slightly confused.

“Hey, Prof!” Kevin greeted.

Professor Birch sceptically looked at the Scyther being supported by Kevin. “Who’s that?”

“This here is Blitz. I saved him from an angry redneck,” explained the teen with a grin.

Blitz insecurely butted in, “”

“If you say so, pal,” Kevin said, rolling his eyes.

Professor Birch grinned and looked at the two. “So what can I do for you?” he asked, already knowing the answer.

“We’re going to be travelling, so can I have a pokedex please?” the teen asked.

“This is a joke, right?” asked the professor, still smirking.

Kevin and Blitz looked at each other, confused. “Uhh… no. Why would it be?”

The smile disappeared from his face.

“Uhh… have you talked to your par-” The professor stalled and mentally slapped himself. “…Your mom about going on a journey?” he asked, sceptically.

“No, I’m going to tell her as soon as I get my pokedex,” assured Kevin.

“… Right…What about your starter pokemon?”

“That’s going to be Blitz!” Kevin answered.

“Uhhh… I see… Can you and I have a word in private for a moment?” the professor asked.

Kevin looked at Blitz, who nodded in reassurance that he was fine to stand alone. He walked over to Professor Birch.

“What’s up, Prof?”

“Kevin… Do you remember the lesson we had on larger bug pokemon?”

Kevin stalled, knowing he fell asleep that class. “Uhh… I had a really rough sleep that night, so I-”

Birch cut him off. “Were you awake for the part about Scythers?”

Kevin had a sheepish smile on his face as he scratched the back of his head.

“Okay, I’ll sum it up for you. Scythers tend to be very aggressive and very proud… especially ones straight out of the wild. When they see red they naturally go into a frenzy. If you recall, your friend Jeff was almost killed by a Scyther,” explained Professor Birch.

“Well all due respect, but Jeff’s an idiot. He probably went and kicked one in the face while it was sleeping.”

“Perhaps… Jeff has made some less than bright decisions in the past… regardless, he said that it was because he wore a red shirt that day. What I’m trying to say is that travelling with that Scyther is… well it could be very dangerous. For all you know he could attack you. Now wouldn’t you rather have something a little tamer like a Mudkip… or Torchic? I have both!” urged Birch in a way similar to a used car salesman.

“Scyyyyyy,” sighed a voice coming from behind them. Blitz was looking somewhat uncomfortable and it was fairly obvious he heard the whole thing.

Professor Birch grew red in the face. “Why does that always happen?” he muttered to himself. He then urged Kevin to farther away to where Blitz wouldn’t hear them.

“He’s not gonna do anything to me. I saved him,” reassured Kevin. “He feels like he owes me.”

“So what do you think he is going to do once he feels like he has paid you back? Do you really think that a Scyther will stay around and travel with some human who he might consider inferior?” asked Professor Birch.

Kevin stayed silent and dwelled on that.

“Look, I’m not going to stop you from going, I just don’t want you to end up in over your head.”

Kevin looked back at Blitz and then answered, “I’ll be fine.”

Birch sighed. “At least don’t wear red… I CAN’T emphasize that enough!”

The teen smiled and nodded. “Can I have my pokedex and pokeballs now?”

Professor Birch walked over to his desk and pulled out the items before handing them to Kevin.

“Thanks, Professor Birch.”

Kevin began to turn around. “Don’t say I didn’t warn you,” he said.

The teen nodded and walked back to Blitz, who he helped walk outside.

Once they were outside, Blitz spoke up, somewhat embarrassed. “”

“I know, pal. Professor Birch doesn’t know what he’s talking about…” he said, not entirely convinced of his own statement. “I’ll take you back to my place and we’ll wait a few days before leaving, okay? Hopefully your leg will be better by then. You can sleep in the guest bed.”


With that, Kevin and a limping Blitz walked down the road back to his house. The teen looked at the Scyther and sighed uneasily. He hoped that what he feared would not happen again.
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