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    Chapter five: on the run.

    Saul did not know what to say. Everything went by so fast, one second they where staring at an angry mob, the next they where running away from it.

    Darren ran to his mother instead of the back door, only to get a look from Saul that told him to hurry. "Mom!" He shouted, trying to no avail to wake his mother. The pokemon where advancing on him, but he stood firm over his mother.

    Saul saw this great act of bravery, but knew Darren would not stand a chance. His tracer instincts took over as his dark claws screeched doom as he jumped through the air, attacking the invaders. He managed to scare them, but that was all. After all, it was a highly trained strike force against one simple tracer. How could he hope to do more than slam his head onto the side of the blue couch.

    "Silly Absol, you would never be able to defeat us!" The Espeon taunted, as the group closed in

    It was silenced however, by a large purple blast that had emanated from Saul's body. "I still have a few tricks left, silly Espeon." Saul said. The intruders where sprawled across the room, all groaning in pain. They all then fell limp and became unconscious. "Wow," He thought, "I don't know my own strength."

    "Darren dear, can you get the Ibuprofen? " Flora groaned, getting up off the couch. She looked around, only to add confusion to her headache. "What happened here Darren?" She added as she headed towards the kitchen.

    "Well, that is something I would like to know as well." Darren replied, giving a questioning look to Saul

    "What?" Saul said, "How am I supposed to know?"

    "You are the expert on pokemon here." Darren told him. He was waiting for Saul to say something when he heard a groan. He looked for the source and saw it. The Espeon that had led the attack was waking up. He started walking towards his baseball bat when he heard a sudden metallic thud.

    Both Darren and Saul where looking at Flora in amazement as she walked back to the kitchen. "Well, did you expect me to let it wake up?" She said as she replaced the metal frying pan in the polished wooden cupboard.

    Saul walked over to the Espeon and checked it out. Its purple fur was covered with dirt, indicating a long journey. It had a long crack down the red gem on its forehead, obviously from the hard hit from the frying pan (when Saul mentioned this Flora was blushing a little).

    "Darren," Saul called, "we need to go!"

    "I know, but what do we do about my mother?" Darren replied with a worried tone.

    "I'll be fine dear, I have all of our pokemon to protect me." Flora said.

    "Mom, whoever is trying to kill me isn't going to stop, so please listen to me and come with us." Darren worriedly argued.

    "Darren, I can look out for myself. How do you think I survived all these years?" His mothered replied.

    "Fine." Darren said, while moving towards the stairs "If you must stay, I want to give you something." He walked up the stair and into his room. He then proceeded to move a poster with a Jolteon on it aside to reveal a safe. He turned the spinner to the correct combo and opened the metal box. Inside where twelve red topped white bottomed capsules, otherwise known as pokeballs. He was saving these in case he ever decided to take the gym leader challenge. He gathered the pokeballs and headed downstairs.

    When he got there he saw his mother, once again with the frying pan, standing over the Espeon. It was standing up, with a paw on its forehead, Groaning (even though only Saul could understand it) "Wow, my head hurts."

    Just before it could receive another hit to the head, it dashed through the open door, and to freedom. "Darn," Saul said, "he could have given us valuable information."

    Flora was putting the pan back when Darren gave her the pokeballs. "Here mom, put the fainted pokemon in these." Saul saw the infernal capsules pass from Darren's to his mothers hands, and then onto the knocked out pokemon.

    "Can we go now?" Saul impatiently said, "I need to contact my friends."

    "Alright already!" Darren said, being a little louder than he meant to be. He turned to his mother and heart fully added "Well mom, I guess this is goodbye."

    "No, not goodbye, more like see you later." Flora replied, with a tear in her eye.

    He was wearing a gray shirt under a gray vest when he left. His mother had personally packed his bag, making sure to include some of her homegrown Oran berries (much to Saul's delight). Both him and his mother where crying as she handed him a package. "Here," she said "I bought this for you and picked it up while you where in the hospital. Its a poketch, I had to order it online, all of the way from Sinnoh!" She started crying harder at this.

    "Wow mom, thank you!" Darren replied, with tears in his eyes. As he walked away he shouted to her "I love mom!"

    "I love you too honey!" Flora replied.

    A few hours afterward, while he was walking through the forest (he had stopped crying), he heard a rustling in the trees. He knew all of the types of pokemon in those woods, but he did not know the ones that only came out at night.

    "Don't worry, its one of my friends." Saul said, adding "You can come out Sable."

    "Well, one out of one hundred and fifty times you've seen me." A Sableye replied, coming out of the bushes. Her diamond eyes shined in the moonlight, and her deep, crimson red ruby embedded in her chest gave her a sense of glory.

    "Darren, meet Sable, one of my friends in the forest." Saul said, with his head pointed towards Darren and his front right paw pointed towards Sable.

    Yes, I know it is short. I ran out of ideas for this chapter, so I ended it shorter instead of forcing ideas.
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