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    I will be taking Gold/Silver/Crystal requests but not as much as my Red/Blue/Yellow save requests.

    Game (Required)
    : Pokémon Gold
    Player's name: Jap (IDno. 57198)
    Playing time : 64:33 (Um, I'll just say I use the speed button alot although it can be lowered with GS)
    Number of Badges: 8
    Location (
    this means location in game ): Right in front of Lt. Surge, Kanto (Haven't battled him)
    Team (Required):
    Typhlosion, LV. 41 (Male), Moves - Ember, Quick Attack, Flame Wheel, Tackle (No Item)
    Togetic (Shiny), LV.41 (Male), Moves - Metronome, Fly, Double-Edge, Sweet Kiss (Amulet Coin)
    Meganium, LV. 48 (Male), Moves - Razor Leaf, Body Slam, Synthesis, Cut (Miracle Seed)
    Sudowoodo, LV. 30 (Male), Moves - Rock Throw, Rock Slide, Flail, Low Kick (No Item)
    Ho-oh, LV. 46 (Genderless), Moves - Sacred Fire, Fire Blast, Gust, Recover (Sacred Ash)
    Feraligatr, LV. 36 (Male), Moves - Surf, Bite, Whirpool, Rage (No Item)
    Pokémon in box:
    Gyarados (Shiny), LV. 30 (Male), Moves - Thrash, Bite, Dragon Rage, Waterfall (Everstone)
    Shuckle (Shiny), Lv. 32 (Male), Moves - Strength, Safeguard, Constrict, Bide (No Item)
    Additional information: I used the Starter pokemon glitch to get the three starters. The first stage will not be on the pokedex, although the first and second evolutions will be. To get them on your pokedex, breed the starter pokemon with a ditto.

    All Shiny Pokemon were obtained by 'Load State' function, no cheats.

    Pokedex - Seen: 172, Own: 13

    Obtained the Masterball.
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