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    I will be taking Red/Blue/Yellow save requests.

    Game (Required)
    : Pokémon Blue
    Player's name: Jap (IDno. 53099)
    Playing time : 44:03
    Number of Badges: 8
    Location (
    this means location in game ): In front of your house.
    Team (Required):
    Mew, LV. 100
    , Moves - Fissure, Psychic, Transform, Mega Kick (No Item)
    Mewtwo, LV.71
    , Moves - Swift, Psychic, Barrier, Recover (No Item)
    Moltres, LV. 50
    , Moves - Peck, Fire Spin (No Item)
    Zapdos, LV. 50
    , Moves - Thundershock, Drill Peck (No Item)
    Articuno, LV. 51, Moves - Peck, Ice Beam, Blizzard (
    No Item)
    Spearow, LV. 20, Moves - Peck, Fly, Leer, Fury Attack (
    No Item)
    Pokémon in box:
    There's a few so I'll just write names and Levels.
    Ditto - LV. 63
    Chansey - LV. 56
    Aerodactyl - LV. 30
    Snorlax - LV. 32
    Hitmonlee - LV. 30
    Lapras - LV. 20
    Weepinbell - LV. 28
    Raichu - LV. 64
    Additional information: I used the MissingNo. glitch to get lots of rare candies and masterballs. The Hall Of Fame will be mucked up aswell.

    Ditto, Chansey and Raichu were caught in Unknown cave so don't expect good stats.

    No Rare Candies used on Mew, purely trained plus a few stat boosters.

    I left the gambler and the kid with the Slowpoke to get Mew because the LV. 100 one that's on this save, was hacked so I recieved it as my starter.

    I have the Dome Fossil (Kabuto/Kabutops) but have not revived the fossil.

    Pokedex - Seen: 135, Owned: 15.

    No hacks/cheats.
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