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Next chapter up. This chapter has a character from my One-Shot. You don't NEED to read the one-shot to understand what's going on, but it's a nice look into his backstory.

Link: One Shot


A bell attached to a door rung as it swung closed. Jeff, Kevin and Rachel walked out of the bike shop each holding a dirtied up bicycle. They walked the bikes onto the dirt road by the side of the shop before mounting them.

“SEE, Rache? If you hadn’t bought Jeff that stupid hat we could have rented new bicycles instead of these used ones! I think there’s gum on my seat!” complained Kevin.

“We would not! That hat barely cost anything!” retorted Rachel.

“Well my wallet begs to differ!” snapped back Kevin.

Jeff sighed as he kicked the pedals of his bike backwards. “Oh, stop complaining. Just be glad we’re biking and not going through that windy, jungle-y path,” Jeff explained, adjusting his new green and purple hat.

“Whatever.” Kevin looked at Jeff with an eyebrow raised. “Why don’t you let out that starter of yours?” he asked.

The teen stalled. “Uhh, Treecko?”

“No, Mudkip! What do you think?” sardonically said his friend.

Jeff idly fingered Treecko’s pokeball on his belt. “Uhm… I don’t think so. He’s still kinda hurt.”

“He’s been doing fine last time I saw; maybe he’d enjoy the ride. Besides, he hasn’t been out of that ball for who knows how long. Hell, he probably evolved while he was in there!” Kevin joked.

“Well why don’t you have Ace ride along with you?!” snapped Jeff.

“Puh-lease. He’d be terrified of a bike… let alone RIDING on one,” Kevin answered with a smug smirk.

Rachel interjected, “Guys, let’s just go before nightfall. Who knows what kind of biker gang freaks will come out when the sun sets… And Kevin, stop being such a jerk.”

“Well EXCUUUSE ME, princess! I just have to get something,” said Kevin, getting off of his bike. The blond haired boy stood between his bike and Jeff, seemingly about to take off his bag. With surprising speed, he lunged at Jeff and snatched two pokeballs from his belt. Following a laugh, he released one occupant on the ground and from a bright gleam emerged Corphish.

“Corphish cor!!!” stated the merry crustacean.

“Sorry, wrong one.” Corphish drooped with disappointment before being returned to a pokeball by Kevin.

“Kev! What the hell are you doing?!” Jeff protested.

He tossed Corphish’s pokeball to him and threw the other one on the ground. From the second flash of light appeared a green wood gecko, who placed his customary twig in his mouth.

“Cko treecko,” muttered the Treecko coolly after a few deep breaths.

“KEVIN!” Jeff carped, but soon shut up.

The blonde grinned and hopped back on his bike. “Hey, Treecko, Jeff wanted you to come out for the ride.” The grass type merely blinked in response. “That is… unless you think you’re too injured to handle it,” smirked Kevin in a goading fashion.

Treecko immediately shot him a look, hopped onto Jeff’s shoulder and perched there calmly.

“That reminds me, Jeff… What happened to your dumb twig? Before we met up in Dewford you were like a dog with your favourite chew toy,” inquired Kevin.

Jeff shifted uncomfortably. “I… uhhh… still have it… let’s just go already!”

Rachel nodded in agreement and the three took off down the dirt path. They rode down the path and the buildings to their left turned into dense forest. To their right was also forest, but the difference was that they could hear the sloshing of water through the trees.

Kevin, who was leading the way and kicking up dirt in the other’s faces, slowed down to ride next to Jeff.

“Yo, Jeff… You realize we have two Onixes…” Kevin pointed out.

“Yeah… What’s your point?” Jeff answered, awaiting a bad joke.

“It’s ‘How are we going to feed them?’ They’re huge and I’m guessing that they eat a LOT…”

Jeff remained silent, only shifting uncomfortably as Treecko sat on his shoulder.

“… We’re not going to be able to keep them with us.”

The brown haired teen nearly lost control of his bike as he swung to face his friend.

“If you suggest that we leave them then you’ve got a hell of another thing coming!!!” shot Jeff, angrily.

“Woah, woah. I didn’t say we had to release them… ever hear of a thing called Birch’s ranch? You know that MASSIVE landscape northeast of Littleroot Town? It’s got mountains ‘n’ crap? I say we put them there for awhile…” Kevin explained, while occasionally looking ahead on his bike.

“Hmph,” grunted Jeff as Kevin rode back to the lead. He muttered to himself, “I’m not agreeing to anything yet.”

They braked to a slow halt when they reached a small building which, as evident on the other side of it, connected the dirt path to the bike path. Kevin dismounted and opened the glass door to the building and entered, leading the others to follow. They passed by a check out desk and were given the go ahead to proceed to the bike path. The three walked out onto a ceramic, fenced pathway. They spotted several people travelling on bicycles on the path several feet above the ground.

Kevin hopped onto his bike, as did Rachel and Jeff with Treecko. “Okay… here’s the deal… First one to the other side gets to battle the gym first, and last one there has to pay for hotel rooms… Go!”

With that, Kevin and Rachel sped ahead, peddling up a short incline.

Jeff peddled more slowly. “… What did he say?” he asked obliviously, climbing the hill.

“Cko…” muttered Treecko, slapping his head. “”

Jeff’s eyes widened and he peddled furiously to catch up. The two rode up the hill which levelled off a good fifteen feet above the grassy route below. Jeff aptly sped around fellow bicyclists, not bothering to enjoy the relaxing breeze. Much to his dismay, the bike path was very long and there was no end in sight, or at least not past the various bikers’ helmets.

“Treecko?... Can I ask you a question?” Jeff asked through a pant of exertion.

Treecko awaited the question, starting to stand up on Jeff’s shoulder.

“Treeck, be careful!” Jeff warned.

“” he answered, somewhat irritated.

“You could fall!” exclaimed the teen, swerving past a cyclist.

“Treecko cko tree,” muttered Treecko under his breath.

“What was that?” Jeff asked.

“” Treecko mumbled.

Jeff still hadn’t heard him. “Anyways, my question… You’ve been acting different lately… Ever since you saw me in jail, you’ve been… obeying me and going inside your… pokeball. Why? I mean I’m not complaining, but…”

Treecko suppressed a scoff. “”

“Yeah, why have you been acting differently?” Jeff inquired, looking back at Treecko.

The grass starter looked forwards. “”

The teenager swung his head forward and saw the elevated bike path split into two separate roads about fifty metres ahead. “Great. I think Kevin and Rachel went right.”

Treecko folded his arms across his bandaged chest. “”

Jeff looked at Treecko. “No. I’m pretty sure that they went right,” he said, his voice getting stronger.

” Treecko coolly insisted, shaking his head.

“I’m POSITIVE they went right!”

“” exclaimed the pokemon.

“RIGHT!” Jeff shouted, turning in the direction of the right path.

“” Treecko growled. He hopped down onto the handlebars and grabbed them. The grass starter pulled the bar while Jeff vehemently resisted.

“Let go! I told you, RIGHT is the right way!!” Jeff snarled.

Treecko pulled the handlebars to the left with great force. The bike turned sharply to the left and sped towards the guardrail, which separated cyclists from a fifteen foot drop to the route below.

“MOVE! WE’RE HEADED FOR THE SIDE!” yelled Jeff, trying to help turn and right the bike.

“Tree…” the lizard growled, strenuously trying to help course the bike.

“GET OUTTA THE WAY!” yelled a biker that almost hit them in their spin.

The bike was turned at such an angle where it could not be put back upright, and was instead spinning into a helix motion. The two shifted their entire weight to the right and the bike began to stand. Unfortunately, they still sped towards the three foot rail at an unrecoverable pace.

“I think I… can turn it…” managed Jeff, beginning to turn the cycle.

Just then they saw another bike come out of nowhere and cut them off.

“Eyy, I’m bikin’ ‘ere!” the man exclaimed.

In an attempt to avoid him, Jeff reflexively turned the handlebars. The action was much too sharp and their wheel acted as a barrier as it turned sideways. The rear of their bike upended before even hitting the rail, and both were sent from the seat of the bike into a fifteen foot fall to the jungle-like land below.


“Errrrrgh,” growled Jeff. He opened his eyes after being unconscious from the nasty fall. Looking straight up, he saw tall grass curving upwards around where he laid his head. Jeff also noticed that he was right below the high bike overpass. He attempted to sit up but couldn’t; there was a blinding pain in his ankle. Jeff slightly lifted his head and looked down at his chest to see Treecko sitting on it while chewing his twig.

The wood gecko noticed Jeff was awake and looked down at him with the smallest hint of concern. “”

“Er… Yeah, I’m-ERRRGH… I’m fine! Really!” he insisted, propping himself up on his elbows.

“” The grass type got off of Jeff’s stomach and walked down to his feet. He lifted up Jeff’s pant leg and pulled down his sock to see a dire purple coloured and badly swelling bruise. “” Treecko flicked just above the swelling, causing Jeff to cry out in pain. “<…and a bad one at that.>”

“Treeck, I told you. I’m fine,” said the stubborn teen.

” Treecko stated, folding his arms.

“The only help I need is help standing up so that we can walk to Mauville!”

Treecko hopped on Jeff’s chest, forcing him to the ground. “” he threatened, pointing to the tree behind him.

The human growled before reluctantly agreeing. “I’ll stay here…”

Treecko nodded and walked off of Jeff’s chest. He grinned to himself. “” he muttered to himself.

“What was that?” Jeff asked, trying to sit up more.

With much struggle, Treecko ripped off the bandages tied horizontally on his chest and began to walk.

“Treecko, what are you doing?! Why did you take your bandages off?! Your ribs could still be hurt!” complained Jeff.

” With that, Treecko began running on all fours into the dense forest.

“Treecko, hold up! Wait! Damn it!!” he called. With a grunt of extreme pain, he managed to pull himself to his feet. He hopped on his left foot out of the shade of the underpass, touching his injured right foot to the ground as little as possible.

“I don’t like the looks of this,” he grunted as he limped through the rugged forest terrain. The farther he went, the darker the forest became. The sun seemed to barely leak through the canopies now. Through the dark trees, Jeff could see a giant brown egg-shaped structure. He marvelled at the sheer size of it as it stood around a tree at about three stories high.

“What the hell is that?” he grunted to himself, moving closer to the giant beige oval construction. He pushed himself from tree trunk to tree trunk in an attempt to take pressure off of his sprained ankle. Jeff looked through a few trees and identified the structure as a giant hive, with buzzing emanating from the inside. He stopped dead in his tracks, balancing on his good foot.

Jeff then heard a buzzing to his left. He turned and saw a large, yellow hornet with black stripes standing on its two, skinny black forelegs. Its menacing main stinger looked just as deadly as its two ivory fore stingers that took the place of hands. The bug squinted its large, red, buggy eyes, which stood under two antennae. Jeff had never seen a Beedrill walk instead of fly before, but it seemed to be injured seeing as the lower pair of its two wings appeared missing. In addition to the wings, something else caught his eye. There was a vine necklace around the bug’s neck with two small, ivory cones on it, which looked like the very tips of a Beedrill’s fore stingers.

The teen remembered Professor Birch say that Beedrill were very territorial and highly dangerous. He slowly turned his head back forwards and broke into a run, using even his sprained right foot to get himself away.

“” buzzed a voice.

The Beedrill shot an adhesive string from its mouth which hit Jeff’s mobile left foot, pinning it to the ground. Beginning to fall over, he instinctively put out his injured foot to catch himself.

“ARRRRRRGH!!” he cried out as all of his weight went on the injury, and he collapsed under the pain.

The Beedrill ran towards him as he tried to take the string off of his foot.

“” ordered the Beedrill. Jeff promptly stopped as the bug pointed his fore stinger at him. “”

Jeff’s muscles tensed. “I… I was looking for my friend… a Treecko…”

The Beedrill slackened a bit. “<… A friend?>” he asked more softly, looking down at the necklace he wore.

The teen nodded and adjusted his hat in a worried anticipation,

The Beedrill looked up at his hive. He whispered, “”

“Uhhh…” a surprised Jeff stalled, gesturing to his immobile left foot.

“” the bug said trying to tear away at the silk. Jeff also attempted to rip it off. “<… Damn it! How much did I use?! I just can’t take it off!>”

The teenager’s heart dropped as the Beedrill looked at him guiltily. “” he said, unable to think of anything else to say.

“… I’m Jeff,” replied the downcast human. “There’s nothing you can do?”

The Beedrill attempted to try to tear apart the adhesive again, but failed. “” he frantically said.

A Beedrill flew out of the entrance of the hive and landed on a Beedrill-made plateau just outside of the entrance on the hive. It looked down at Jeff and Drezdk.

“” he asked,

Drezdk panicked. “” He turned to Jeff and raised his right fore stinger. “” he whispered very softly. The bug thrust his stinger forward, into between Jeff’s right arm and chest. When Drezdk realized that Jeff wasn’t screaming, he stepped on the human’s sprained ankle, causing him to cry out.

“” said the Beedrill, flying back in the hive. Drezdk shuddered at the last remark.

Jeff cringed and looked up at the Beedrill standing over him. “Why don’t you kill me?” he asked, in the form of a question rather than a goad.

The bug looked down at the ground. “” he said contemptibly, his voice getting gradually softer as he spoke. “

“Kill you? But didn’t that guy call you a hero?”

” Drezdk shouted as the forest mist grew thicker around them. “

Jeff froze. “W… what?”


The teen tugged at his trapped leg. “Why would they kill you if you’re a hero?!” he grilled.

“” Drezdk insisted even more frantically. “”

“You said we’re on an island! My friend went out to find help for me and he could get himself hurt or killed looking for it! If anything happens to him… that would be on my conscience forever. I… can’t leave him to possibly die. If you’re not a hero… then you have the chance to be one. Please…” plead a desperate Jeff.

” Drezdk looked down at the necklace on his chest in deep thought. “<…Two days ago I had my first real battle. I was part of the ‘reconaissault’ team along with my best friend. During the battle, the entire team was wiped out. My best friend, Talvoc, died saving me… and I couldn’t save him…>”

Jeff looked down, uncomfortably. “I’m… I’m sorry… is that how you injured your wings?”

“” said the bug before continuing. “” He took a deep breath and held up the double-pointed part of his necklace. “”

Admittedly, Jeff thought that it was kind of weird, but he didn’t dare judge someone else’s culture. “Why did you tell me all that?” he asked.

“” he answered remorsefully, causing Jeff’s heart to sink even lower.

“You know… If you get me out of here, you can come along with me… That way they wouldn’t try to kill you because it would seem like I caught you. The chance of me getting away with my bad foot his like hitting a bulls eye with a dart in the dark, but it’s better than-” Jeff was cut off by the Beedrill.

“” Drezdk aimed his main stinger down at the sticky thread pinning Jeff’s foot to the ground and shot out three, large purple pins.

Jeff shut his eyes, fearing that they would hit his foot. None did and they began to eat away at the string shot. With most of it gone, Jeff freed his foot and got on one knee to stand up.

“So, Drezdek,” he said.

“” the Beedrill corrected.

“Whatever… Are you going to take me up on my offer?” Jeff asked with a grin.

The bug nodded. “

Jeff nodded and hopped a little ways away from the hive. Meanwhile, Drezdk walked a little ways through the forest to a very, very small clearing. Before even looking at his surroundings, he hastily wrote on a tree trunk in Beedrillian script and then he would say his parting words to his deceased friend.

It read: ‘Friend, try to get caught by a human if you can - anything's better than the hive. But if not, come and check on Talvoc's body every day-’

The writing cut off as the Beedrill looked at where his late friend should have been lying. Instead, there was just pressed grass and footprints leading off.

“” Drezdk shouted, looking around frantically. “” he asked again, as if expecting an answer from him. The distraught Beedrill began running frantically around the clearing.

Meanwhile, Jeff leaned against a tree warily. The teen was very concerned about both the nearby nest and Treecko, who could be anywhere. He shut his eyes as he waited; the dark forest made him uneasy. His eyes shot open when he heard a rustling in the bushes beside him. Jeff’s head jerked towards the leafy unknown where the sounds were coming from.

“…Drezduk?” he asked anxiously.

He got no verbal reply, the rustling only got louder

More fearfully, he questioned, “…Treecko?”

Jeff braced himself as a figure his size burst through the bushes.

“Pip! PIP-lup!” a high, squeaky voice said triumphantly.

Jeff opened his eyes and looked up from under the visor of his hat to see a human in familiar attire. He recognized the dark blue shorts and Piplup sitting on a shoulder of the white and blue t-shirt. The figure was Jeff’s age and height, but with shorter and darker brown hair.

“Hey!” he said. “Are you the guy who fell over the edge?”

Jeff took off his baseball cap and stared at him. “You… Blane…”

The teen that Jeff had met twice before, and had disliked for only caring about winning battles, stared back at him before recognizing Jeff. He walked towards him, grabbed Jeff’s shirt collar, and forced him up against the tree he was leaning against.

“What was the big idea stealing my bike back in Oldale Town?!” he said with a scowl, pressing Jeff against the tree.

“Piplup! Lup piplup!” said the annoyed penguin pokemon, urging his trainer to stop.

“First of all, I didn’t steal it, I borrowed it. I left it in Petalburg!” said Jeff, grabbing Blane’s collar in response.

“I had to fish it out of the harbour!!” he yelled, only to have Jeff ignore him.

“At least you got it back… Second of all, it was an emergency, my Treecko was really hurt. Thirdly, settle down… or do you want an entire hive of Beedrill on our asses?” Jeff said calmly, craning his head towards the giant hive.

Blane looked over, loosened his grip on Jeff and stepped back. “Well… you coulda just asked…”

Jeff looked at the Beedrill hive and then around the forest for Drezdk. “…What are you doing down here anyways?”

“We heard that someone fell off the side, so we wanted to make sure they were okay,” Blane explained, lightening up.

“Pip pip lup!” his Piplup proudly nodded.

Jeff faked a grin at Blane. “Well aren’t you the hero?!” Jeff sarcastically said.

Blane frowned angrily. “Why are you such a jerk?!”

The teen in question opened his mouth but was interrupted by Drezdk, who ran to him. “”

Jeff was shocked. “What? I… How can a… Hmm.” He looked at the distraught bug type with some pity. “I… I’m sorry, Drezdok… I really don’t know what to say…” awkwardly said Jeff, guessing a hungry wild pokemon probably took the body. He then glanced up at Blane. “Wait, you came down here from the Mauville side of the path?!”

The hasty teen nodded. “Does that mean we’re NOT on an island?!” Jeff asked before looking down at Drezdk.

“” Drezdk yelled, angry, shocked and shaken.

Meanwhile, Blane and his Piplup looked on perplexed, but rather impatiently. “We really have to go, RIGHT NOW,” he urged, bothered.

Jeff shot a glare at him and looked down at the Beedrill. “He’s right… Are you sure you want to come?”

The very upset Beedrill sighed and nodded. Jeff took out a fresh pokeball from and tapped Drezdk on the head with it. He was surrounded by a red gleam and sucked into the orb. The pokeball didn’t even shake, it merely locked immediately. The teen placed the pokeball on his belt and limped towards Blane.

“You look hurt,” he pointed out.

“I’m fine… I can walk just fine,” Jeff insisted.

“Piplup pip!” said the water type, crossing his flippers.

“Yeah, not fast enough!” Blane said, taking Jeff’s arm and putting it around his shoulder.

“You don’t have to help me walk. I’ll be okay.”

“Too bad,” he said, as they started to walk away from the hive.

Jeff sighed and then remembered Treecko. “… Then let’s hurry up.”
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