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ok as i promised its update time for solar/lunar versions. Jalen's gym.and now some screens from it:

there are two mazes ya have to get threw in the gym to pass on the leader's room because there is a special rock that needs to jems (one found in each maze) to disappear (its blocking the entrance to gym leader's room.

the first screenie is the first maze. WOAH pushing a boulder without strength. (well its not that hard actually but at the end it keeps freezing up. and ive been tryin to fix that.)
and then the picture to the side of it is a rock maze. (both of which is not that hard to figure out.)

the third screenshot shows what you need to get past that rock blocking the gym leaders room and the fourth shows Jalen's sprite in his own gym. the fifth i was just testing something and decided to post it. and as a special (that im only goin to do once) show you the last pokemon for Jalen's team, RIDGEASUAR (thankz to omega, actually had a better name but i could only have ten characters). (in total he has three). and in case ya havent figured it out yet i havent got his battle sprite just yet.

Thats the update for now yall stay tuned for more.
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