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O...K..., not sure why mine didn't work. It helped a good bit of folks.

There are some things wrong with your tutorial...
1. Use "msgbox" instead of "message". Reason why: Message will not read half of the time.
2. My tutorial has many more commands, (that work...)
3. (I'm not trying to be rude, buut... you got on my bad side with that comment about correcting our tutorials...) Mine does use that code! Do you think I (or HockeyPanda32) would post a tutorial that didn't use the right code??? [/annoyance]
4. Your boxset command doesn't work. O.O (And you say ours don't work...)

Seriously, you probably just made a typo, then got mad, and then posted saying ours' didn't work, when they do, while you were just mad because you never knew you made a simple typo that caused the script not to work.