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    InterCore: The secret of Light and Darkness

    Made with: SilverCreator (mac only)
    Genre: RPG/Adventure
    Language: Altough not my best language, this is going to be in English (if it was Dutch, no one would unsterstand it anyway)
    It al started with....
    Hello, this is not my first game made with SC, but it's my first mayor game I'm working on! The idea of making this game came while I was riding my bike. I made up a game engine in my head that I wanted to make. While making this engine, I taught why not make it a full game? The idea was born.
    The idea of the setting came after searching wikipedia about the elements (I'm a big avatar fan and I wanted some more information about the four elements). The Chinese culture always had fascinated me. The next idea was born, a Chinese setting with the chinese elements as plot.

    The story:
    (the game is in early production so there is no real plot yet, so this section gives some more information about the game and all of it's (planned) plots, all of them are optional)
    You are a resident of a world, not this world but a world that is far, far away from ours. The people in this world are diveded into five elements: Water, Wood, Earth, Metal and Fire. They work together, they hate each other. They help eachother, they fight eachother. Most of the time there is peace.
    There is no main plot in this game. There is going to be a vast world that you can discover. However, the plot that is referenced to in the title can be seen as the main plot.
    The secret of Light and darkness is about a secret path build by the angels and demon. At the end of the path lies the ultimate secret about good and evil, black and white, etc. In order to reveal the secret, one must have a pure heart. To test this, the secret path has several tests. If you can clear all tests you learn about the ultimate secret.
    Another main plot is going to be the plot about Core, a magical energy. Core is minded in Earth Mines, and the people in the Factory city really want to have it. The people in the mines won't allow the Factory City residents mine it. Can you solve this small problem?
    Quests are optional smaller side stories. If you help more people you might become a Ranger or Squad. These people help and defend others.
    If you like to fight, you might become a warrior or a mage. They are both very powerfull fighters that clash in the arena's.
    If you both like fighting and helping, you are a paladin.

    The media:

    Battle engine test(this was made before verything else, it already recieved an update, but I'm more focused on the maps right now)

    I have to thank these persons (or things):
    EqwanoX, for his super awesome nav system! Making the maps would be very hard without his system (his nav system is free to use for everyone)
    Pokémon D/P: I used the overworlds sprites as a base for my overworld sprites.
    The rest I did myself.

    Me and spoiling the game for you:
    I don't like spoiling the game for you. If I would make a vid about the path fo light and darkness, playing that plot wouldn't be fun anymore. So I'm not going to spoil much. If I am going to spoil smoething, I will use the spoiler tags and clearly state what the spoiler is about. If you don't want to know, you don't open the spoiler. I you want to know, you open the spoiler. Easy.
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