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    Ah, sorry, but with no responses, I must continue. Here is chapter 3:

    Chapter 3- Dangerous Times

    The scene was horrific. Plastered on the TV were disturbing images of the remnants of a land mass, a large, exposed triangular rock jutting from the Sea. Around the new land mass, the sea was churning and violent, taking place of the remainder of the decimated island. In the middle of the landmass were branches, splintered trees, remnants of buildings, and bodies. The fire raged uncontrollably, its flames roaring into the air, consuming all in its path.

    In the middle of the fire, was a dark shadow. It did not move, save for what looked like a deep breathing motion. The shadow had four tentacles, two on each side. Its head was three right triangles jutting from a circular center, with a skinny, hard-lined, almost triangular body.
    Most of it was impossible to make out, as it was just a shadow, consumed by the flame. In the top right hand corner, were the white letters: Earlier Today.

    The newswomen interrupted John’s thoughts: “Let’s review what we already know for the viewers just joining us,” she said in a somber monotone.

    “Today at 5:00 P.M., an unknown Pokemon, probably of Hoenn origin, was awakened. We don’t who awoke it, or how it was awakened from it’s slumber, but unfortunately, it was. The beast, was angered as it emerged from its slumber and unleashed a devastating attack on Nine Island,” she paused, grabbing a handkerchief from her pant pocket, and using it to dab her brown eyes. Her dark brown hair looked as if it were hastily combed, then thrown into a bun. Her face was badly made up, an array of different colors and shades plastered it.

    It was clear that the news cast had not been planned and was broadcasted only after the ‘attack’ had occurred. The newscaster was scantily clad in a small, tight, pink tank top. Around her shoulders was a light black jacket with a golden embroidered SNN on the side. She hastily tried to get it on as she continued to elaborate: “The Pokemon then released what was thought to be a Hyperbeam or Superpower attack, killing all 5,000 inhabitants, and literally destroying the island and the city. All that remains now is the former town square, and the triangular ruby rock that stood in the middle of it as a monument: the Navel Rock. Before our cameras were shot down, we were able to see that the Pokemon remains on the island, freed and on the loose. It is incredibly danger---.” She was cut off. The screen cut to a full room, hundreds of press and civilians clamoring to get a good view of a slender podium that was on stage. The podium was made of mahogany wood, the presidential seal;
    a golden emblem of nine red stars, with one golden in the middle, was plastered upon it.

    A short, stoic man walking slowly onto the screen. He was older, frail looking even, his light, wispy grey hair held in place by an abundance of hair spray. He leaned in on the microphone, and practically whispered: “Please welcome, the President of the Sevii Islands.”

    There was no applause, not a noise at all. The audience, as well as the President, was in a very somber mood. The President then stepped to the podium. For someone so important, he was quite awkward looking, a short pudgy older gentleman, with graying brown hair, and a thick gray moustache. He stumbled to the podium, angled the microphone up towards his wrinkled mouth, and began to talk.

    “Today, the Sevii Islands have suffered a great loss,” he started, pausing a couple of seconds for dramatic effect.

    “Eight Island was completely wiped out by a raging, destructive Pokemon, awakened by an unknown person organization. We have many federal agencies working on bringing these evil people to justice. The Pokemon is indeed of Hoenn origin, but was encased in our islands thousands of years ago, after a similar event. It is my dubious and horrific task to report that 5,107 people were killed in the attack and the entire island was destroyed. Only Navel Rock remains...” He trailed off, pausing again. This time it was not for dramatic effect, but to regain his composure. He ran his fingers through his perfect hair, tussling it a little, and sighed deeply.

    He continued: “As a precaution, I am issuing Executive Order 1180, which states that you all must be in your homes by 8:30 tonight. This is strictly precautionary, as we do not believe Deoxys will be able to leave 8 island. We also have the Dragonite Police who will be patrolling all of the other islands. I have sent Lorelei, champion of the Sevii’s, amongst others on governmental missions to help eliminate this threat. To keep you informed, we have a Hoenn scientist to tell you a little more,” he finished and stepped off the podium. Waiting by the side, was a young, lanky, nervous scientist with glowing red hair. As he stepped up to the podium, he trembled a bit, his white lab coat shaking a bit. He introduced himself as Professor Paulson and paused.

    Everyone in John’s room had been relatively quiet, until Joey broke the silence.

    “I thought he had a good speech,” he said somberly, to no replies. Everyone’s eyes were fixated on the TV.

    “O-Ok well…” Paulson was very nervous, his thin lips trembling. He breathed deeply, gaining his composure, and then continuing. “For starters, this Pokemon: Deoxys, well, not much is known about it or it’s species. We don’t even have an un-obscured picture of it. We do know that it emerged hundreds, or thousands, of years ago, to combat the elders of the Sevii Islands. It was encased in Navel Rock, and unfortunately awakened. The only way that’s possible is if the right piece of the rock is manipulated so that it is turned, and we will not know if that has occurred until we can secure the island. What we do know is that Deoxys is a psychic Pokemon which can switch into four different types at will: Speed, Attack, Defense, and Normal. It is extremely powerful and highly aggressive. It’s attacks, as we have all seen, can decimate entire cities.” He continued to talk, but the new station cut to a picture of the Pokemon, which was still just a shadow, enraged in slowly dying flames.

    “Deoxysss!” the Pokemon roared, as a light blue, pulsating beam of energy blasted out of the fire.

    The TV monitor went blank again.

    “Eevee! Eevee!” John was jolted back to reality when his Pokemon began crying. Eevee began to squirm, its eyes pouring tears of fright.

    “Shh, it’s ok Eevee, we’re going to be fine, that Pokemon isn’t going to get us.” John attempted to comfort. It was to no avail, as Eevee’s eyes were still fixed on the TV.

    Wanting to silence his Pokemon, he slammed his fist hard on the button of the TV labeled power, causing it to shut off.

    “No more,” he whispered, looking around at his friends. They all had a look of trauma and fright upon their faces. For a while, no one said a word, not even in protest. So John continued: “The Pokemon are getting scared, and its already 8,” he said.

    “So lets put the Pokemon to bed and grab the dinner I was making?” Mike suggested. The group agreed, and prepared beds for their Pokemon. Joey made Rhyhorn guard the door, while the rest put their Pokemon on their beds. John, as well as the others, felt safer with them there.

    He tenderly tucked Eevee into his comforter, wrapping the Pokemon so that it would not be cold in the air conditioned house. John ruffled Eevee’s fur a bit, and kissed her on the head.

    “Night girl. Pretty eventful first day there, huh?” he asked rhetorically, as the Pokemon began to close its eyes, and drift off to sleep.


    Once the Pokemon were finally in bed, they had eaten their dinner, and played videogames, the group made their way back up into John’s room. They all tried to climb into their beds slowly and quietly, as not to wake his Pokemon. He lifted the cover slowly, sliding beneath his comforter and thin sheets. The guys got tucked in on their mattresses, cuddling next to their Pokemon. John reached over his nightstand, fumbling with his lamp. His finger caressed the porcelain lamp stand, finally reaching the plastic switch. He clicked it, and the lights turned off.

    “Goodnight guys, we got a long day tomorrow.” John said, shutting his eyes. He turned over in his covers and shifted Eevee so that she was in his arms. Her fur rubbed against his skin, and chills shot down his spine. He was hugging his Pokemon. He had dreamt of hugging his Pokemon every night, and something as little as that prompted a wave of nostalgia within him. He couldn’t believe that his dreams were finally coming true.

    An annoying nasally voice pierced the silence, which before that, was only interrupted by the gentle hum of the air conditioning. “Hey John, maybe you should ask Lindsey to some with us.” Mike chirped.

    "Shut up” he yelled back, hurling a pillow at him.

    “Aww, someone is a little sensitive.” Mike taunted back.

    “Shut up jackass. Go to sleep.” John moaned, upset that Mike had interrupted the serenity and nostalgia of his moment. His thoughts of anger soon faded away into a mix of emotions. Sadness about leaving his house and other friends, anxiousness for his journey, and fright for the horrific events that had begun to unfold.

    He found tranquility in the fact that he would not be involved in them.


    After an hour and a half of walking, they had finally made it, with time to spare. The four guys were tired, and as such, complained about the walk the whole way there. Upon seeing the dock in the distance, their spirits were lifted however, and their complaining ceased.

    “So what boat are we riding?” George asked.

    “Maga, Mag!” his Pokemon replied, which essentially meant

    “We are riding the Sevii Islands Schooner.” John sighed, explaining. George still seemed puzzled.

    John sighed again, face palming. “You know, the ship that goes to all ten…er, nine islands.” He corrected himself.

    George still seemed confused. At this point though, John was done explaining. He just pointed to the boat docked a few yards away.

    The boat was magnificently large, dwarfing all others around it. The steel behemoth was over three-hundred feet long and painted a pure white. On the side of the first floor was printed “Sevii Islands Schooner” in big black letters. The boat was built for thousands, as it had three large decks. It stopped by every island once a month to pick up starting trainers, and to drop them off at One Island, for that’s were the rookies went. The first gym leader and contest hall was on the island, as well as a large, ample training ground known as Kindle Road. Many flying and fire Pokemon inhabited it, some strong, some weak, and thus it was a fantastic and versatile training ground. That was their destination and after the three hour boat ride, they’d be there.

    Boarding the boat, the group began searching for a good place to sit and stay for the ride. After a few moments of perusing around the oak-boarded deck, they found an empty circular table, with six chairs and a wide, yellow and white striped umbrella. The group sat down, throwing their packs onto the table and releasing their Pokemon from their Pokeballs. John pressed the circular button of the Pokeball clipped to his belt, calling Eevee out. A flow of red energy shot from the ball, landing on the table and materializing into his starter Pokemon. She jumped into his arms, snuggling.

    Walking towards the side of the ship, he had wanted one last chance to reflect upon the moment he had waited so long for, and to say goodbye to Four Island. He leaned on the rail, petting his Pokemon. “Ah Eevee, I’m really excited about today.” He said, running his hand through her fur. “Although I never thought I’d say this, I am going to miss this place.”

    He paused, staring down at the islands reflection in the water. It was beautiful, thousands of tress mixed with large, grand office buildings. The whole west side of the island was visible, magnificent houses dotting the hill that seemingly rose out of the water. Across the island, towards the north, was his house, now emptied and locked, barren and devoid of life. That thought saddened him, as he had always loved his home.

    Continuing to stare at the island’s reflection, he couldn’t help but chuckle. All his life, John had yearned to get off of this island, and now, he was having second thoughts.

    His thoughts were interrupted when he heard the pitter-patter of familiar footsteps behind him. “Beautiful, isn’t it?“ the female voice asked.
    John turned around to see the relatively tall blond girl that had been the scorn of his existence in high school. She looked quite pretty, wearing a black tank top which reached down to her skin tight jeans, coupled with a pink undershirt. She clutched an Eevee in her hands as well, although judging by this one’s appearance, it looked as if it were a male.

    “Yeah, it is.” John whispered, his heart fluttering in his stomach. He decided against any snappy remarks, as it seemed as if he was getting a second chance at saying goodbye, and a second chance at making an impression.

    “Listen, can I talk to you?” she asked seriously, placing a hand on his shoulder.

    John turned around, looking into her eyes. He tried to read her, to see her angle, but he could find none. Seeing that innocent look upon her face, he gave in. “Sure, sure, lets go over here.” he said, leading her to another table. They both sat at two chairs next to each other.

    John leaned over the table, placing his hands together and resting his head upon them. “Alright Lindsey, shoot.” He said, trying to appear mysterious and interesting.

    “You know me John, and you know things haven’t been terrific recently for either of us, or for that matter, between us. I wasn’t going to bother you, but in light of this recent crisis, I really don’t wish to travel alone. I’m scared…of this, of my journey, and of the world. I don’t think I can do it alone. And the fact of the matter is, I never really got to say goodbye to you, and now that its come to it, I don’t want to,” she explained, seemingly darting around her main intentions.

    “So what are you saying?” he asked, puzzled. He did not know if she was saying goodbye, or asking to stay.

    At this question, her face turned beet red, and she began to become nervous. “I’m...I’m saying lets bury the hatchet. Do you remember that day on the island, last year? Remember what we promised? I’m willing to try it if you are…and I’d love to travel with you if you let me.” she finished, relieved.

    John pondered for a second, as to not seem desperate or quick to decide. In truth, this was the opportunity that he had been hoping for, but he still wanted to think. Should he consult his friends, or should he make the decision himself?

    He stood up, and pushed his chair in, Lindsey doing the same. “OK. I’m willing to bury the hatchet. I’d love it if you traveled with us.” He said. His friends would not mind, after all, they had suggested it last night.

    He outstretched his arms as if to hug, and she took the sign, and embraced him. Holding her in his arms, John could not deny that he did feel something there, although he did not know what it was.

    “Hey John- er…whoa, what’s going on here?” a voice called from behind him. It was of course, his bowl haired cousin and best friend, Mike. John immediately let go of Lindsey, blushing furiously.

    “Lindsey found me on the boat, and we…er…decided to bury the hatchet.” John attempted to explain, stumbling over his words. “She’s….er…going to travel with us,” he finished. A look of victory appeared on Mike’s face, who had most definitely remembered last night. John shot him a devious look, upon which Mike walked back to the table. John knew for a fact that Mike was going to tell the other guys the whole thing.

    “Lets go back to the table, the boat is about to start.” John said, taking Lindsey to the table. She sat down, and just as he was about to sit himself, a deep ominous voice called out from a few yards away. There was something distantly familiar about it.

    “You guys look very close to your Pokemon. Where are you headed?” it said. John turned around, and there was a short, skinny person in a dark purple robe. Their hood was pulled up, obscuring their face.John was unable to identify the person as either a boy or a girl, as their voice was very ambiguous. Yet, it was familiar, a distant memory, locked in the halls of his mind.

    “I’m sorry, but I believe our business is our own, especially in these times.” John stuttered, nervous. Who was she?

    The person chuckled to herself. Judging by the laugh, the robbed figure was obviously female.

    She paused for a second, and then began to speak again. “I should have known. Besides, where else would you guys be headed except for One Island? I mean, you are rookie trainers.”

    She paused, waiting for the group to react, but upon hearing nothing, she continued. “That’s were I’m headed at least. A certain Pokemon has caught my eye, and it’s my mission to catch it.” It seemed as if she was being intentionally mysterious.

    “Who are you?” John asked. She did not respond, just standing there, her arms crossed, her hands hidden in her purple robe.

    “Who are you?” he asked again, butterflies scurrying in his stomach. She didn’t seem dangerous, yet there was something that just didn’t add up. She

    She pulled off her pink hood and revealed her identity.

    To Be Continued….
    The Sevii Islands Saga
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