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    Character Name: Mira Hazel

    Gender: female

    Age: 14

    Birth Date: July 15

    Appearance: Mira has longer hair that is dyed in a salt-and-pepper fashion (light blonde on the top and dark on the bottom), and she usually keeps it down her back. Her eyes are a deep blue that have flecks of silver, gold and green. She is 5 foot 8 inches tall and built sturdily. She wears a white top with a thick pale blue stripe cutting through it, a black denim skort (skirt with shorts underneath), and tall silver boots. When it is cold, Mira adds a pair of black leggings, a rainbow-colored scarf, a white hat, black gloves without fingers and a white puffy jacket. For formal occasions, Mira wears a floor-length flowy blue dress and arm-length black gloves (what people don't know is that she wears the same boots as always underneath her dress, nor that she has her skort and green camisole underneath).

    Personality: Mira has a short temper and enjoys the company of Pokemon more that other people. She is brilliant at developing battling tactics on the spot, but can't start a decent conversation. She is known to pick physical fights as well as verbal ones with others... as well as challenging anyone who gets on her bad side to a slaughter of a battle. Mira would rather read or train her Pokemon than hang out with friends or pursue a boy. She always says that she doesn't need a boyfriend, but...
    (Mira also is good at creating potions out of different berries on account of her mother's occupation)

    History: Mira doesn't have a very good home life. Her father is a professor and is always away from home, while her mother is so clingy that she can barely step outside of her house for some air. Mira's mother owns a berry potion shop and has taught Mira the trade as well in hopes that her daughter would take over for her. Which she wouldn't. When Mira said that she was going on a Pokemon journey, her mother did everything she could to get her to stay. But obviously Mira left anyway.

    Preferred Started: Starly
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