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Jeff sat down on the red cushioned couch of the pokemon center. He leaned forward and settled his forehead into his palms, rain-soaked hair resting between his fingers. The teen had just given Treecko’s pokeball to the Nurse Joy, his face still burning from humiliation. Kevin sat down on the cushion left of him and Rachel sat to the left of Kevin. The blonde haired guy shook Jeff’s shoulder.

“Come on, Jeff, he only wiped the floor with you a little!” he said, trying his best not to burst out laughing. His self control only held for about three seconds. Kevin then started guffawing. “Maybe you should change your name to ‘Swiffer’!” Strix, who was perched on Kevin’s left shoulder, also started snickering

“Kevin! Strix!” Rachel scolded.

Jeff’s hands clenched and he glowered, burning holes into Kevin out of the corner of his eye. “If I was Treecko, Nurse Joy would be removing a tail from your skull right now…”

“Looking back at your gym match earlier, that’s doubtful,” he replied, still grinning.

“Hey!” Jeff angrily snapped, grabbing Kevin’s navy blue shirt collar with his left hand. Kevin grabbed Jeff’s collar in response, tensions rising. Rachel and Strix immediately got between the two and broke them apart before anything could escalate.

Jeff grunted and let go reluctantly, shifting back on the couch. “…Where’d Blane go, anyways? Didn’t he say that he was going to be at the center?”

“He didn’t say,” Rachel answered, looking around the center.

Nurse Joy happened to overhear the conversation as she walked over to them with Treecko and Blitz’s pokeballs. “Excuse me, do you mean ‘Blane Grohl’?” she asked, handing the pokeballs to Kevin and Jeff.

“Uhh, we didn’t catch his last name, but that’s probably him,” Kevin replied.

“Alright. When I was getting his trainer information in regards to one of his pokemon, he said to tell a group of three people his age that he was over in the hotel across the street and to meet him there. I assume you must be that group.”

“Oh, okay. Thanks!” Rachel said to her.

Kevin and Jeff also thanked her for healing their pokemon before getting up and off of the couch. “What time is it, Rache?”

Checking her watch, she answered, “Twenty-three forty two.”

“What are you, in the military or something?”

“Luckily for you, I’m not,” she warned, opening the pokemon center doors which led out into the pouring night rain.

They looked up at the hotel which stood twenty-five stories high, which loomed over the pokemon center. Then, Kevin and Rachel started running towards the brightly lit lobby of the building, Jeff unenthusiastically walking after them. They entered the large lobby and saw Blane walking away from the reception desk. At this late hour, there were only a few people walking around the fancily tiled area.

“Hey, guys!” he greeted, coming over to them.

“Hey, what are ya doin’?” Kevin asked, looking around the place.

“I figured that if we didn’t want to sleep in the thunderstorm, I should get us a few rooms,” he explained.

“Really? You paid for our rooms?” Rachel asked gratefully.

He nodded. “I could only get three. Two rooms with one bed and one room with two beds.”

“Oh boy,” Jeff mumbled. Strix flew beside his head, spraying him with rain water as he rapidly flapped his wings.

Kevin stepped forwards. “Okay then, why don’t you two take the two single rooms and me and Jeff take the room with two beds.”

Jeff sighed. “Lucky me.”

“Don’t be such a stick in the mud, Jeff; it’ll be like a sleepover.”

“With both Kevin and a homicidal bug pokemon? Yeah, I can always look forward to that!” he replied.

“I think Corphish’s sarcasm has been rubbing off on you… Let’s go to these rooms.”

Blane nodded and led them across the lobby and into a relatively spacious elevator. He pressed down on the button ‘15’ and the large metal doors slid shut.

“So how did you guys do at the gym?” Blane asked as the elevator started to ascend, giving them a sinking feeling.

Before Kevin could even breathe, Jeff replied, “Just fine!”

“Cool… So who won the bet?”

“Definitely not Jeff,” Kevin said with a chuckle. “I beat him in eight minutes… you did it in eleven, right?”

Blane nodded. “Damn, Kevin, you must be some battler! We should have one sometime!”

“Yeah, Blitz didn’t take a single hit other than some static from his attacks! I wouldn’t mind winning another battle either… You’re on.” He grinned competitively.

The elevator came to a halt and the doors slid open. The four walked out into the carpeted hallway. “What are the room numbers?” Rachel asked him, overjoyed to be sleeping in a hotel as opposed to outside.

“Uhh…” Blane looked at the three key cards. “1515 for Rachel, 1516 for me, and 1523 for Kevin and Jeff,” he answered, eying the numbers on the doors as they walked past them.

They walked to the end of the hall and found their rooms. “’Night, guys. Don’t wake us up,” Rachel said before opening the wooden door to her room and disappearing inside with Strix.

“<Bye bye. Talk to you later!>” Strix quickly sputtered before Rachel’s door fully closed behind them.

Blane also unlocked the door to his room. “Later, guys.”

Kevin slid the card through the lock on the door to their room and turned the knob. Kevin and Jeff walked in and looked around. Immediately to their right was a bathroom complete with a toilet, shower, bathtub and sink. To the left was a cramped closet. They walked forwards in the room and there were two large beds on the right wall facing a TV and separated by a large end table. On the far wall were windows and a door that led out to a small balcony with glass walls, overlooking much of Mauville.

“Not bad…” Kevin exclaimed. He ran to the far bed and did cannonball onto the soft mattress. “I call this one!” Jeff sighed and sat down on the closest bed. Kevin frowned. “Don’t be so sulky, Jeff. Pretty soon Corphish is gonna be calling you ‘Eeyore’. Sure you lost a gym battle, but it’s not like you can’t challenge him again!”

Jeff lay back on the bed, enjoying the soft mattress under his back. “It’s not just that, Kev…”

“Then what? Spill it, already!” he goaded.

The brown-haired teen sighed reluctantly. “…You can’t tell anyone.”

“If I do, you can sic Atlas on me,” Kevin reassured.

“Fine… I have a history of bad luck with relations with my pokemon…”

“Go on…” he curiously said, grinning slightly as he sat cross-legged on his bed.

“Brawly also said that I wasn’t working together with my pokemon. Corphish is fine, if not a little annoying. Atlas was great to start with but then I found out that his scar was making him go all Mr. Hyde. Drezdek is new, but apparently his best friend died and he feels guilty about it. Daedalus is angry at me for fighting in battles and thinks I’m a hypocrite. And Treecko… I have no idea what’s going on with him. We were good friends when we first met, but things slowly got worse. It eventually got to the point where I did something to cause him to leave. When we met each other again, we got into a fight and I had to rush him to Dewford. I went to battle the gym without him and then he came in at the last minute, still injured, and won, but his lung collapsed in the process. So he almost died and then he started to act differently… You saw it. Now he seems to be acting like normal… Well, not exactly ‘normal’.”

There was a silence, where only rain drops battering the window could be heard. “Well… that’s quite the story. Luckily for you, you’re not the only one with pokemon troubles,” Kevin replied.

“Remember, don’t tell anyone! …And ‘pokemon troubles’… do you mean you and Ace?” Jeff asked.

Kevin paused. “Not exactly… I think I’ll let them out now… Why don’t you do the same? I’m sure they’d rather sleep in a bed than a cramped pokeball,” he said, throwing two pokeballs on the ground. Both Blitz and Ace appeared, the Scyther looking around the room and Ace quickly scrambling up the bed sheets to on top of the bed. “I kinda feel bad for Atlas and Pro, though.”

Jeff nodded, sat up on the bed and released four pokemon on the carpet in front of him. Treecko, Corphish, Daedalus, and Drezdk all appeared simultaneously. Timidly looking around at the other pokemon, Drezdk noticed Blitz who was particularly daunting to him; he edged closer to Jeff and was the first to speak up. “<Where is this?>”

Jeff turned to the Beedrill, who was pretty much pressed up against the wall. “This is a hotel, erm, a place where many humans stay to sleep temporarily.”

The bug nodded. “<Vaguely similar to a hive…>” He looked around and noticed that most of the pokemon were looking at him. “<Um…>”

Jeff got up. “Right, everyone, this is Drezdek… Drezdek, this is Treecko, Corphish, Daedalus, Kevin, Ace, and… Blitz.”

“<Nice to meet you all… but it’s pronounced ‘Drezdk’.>”

The human sat back down on the bed. “That’s what I said, I thought… ‘Drezdok’.”

The Beedrill sighed. “<That’s kind of a mouthful,>” Daedalus spoke up, “<Can’t we just call you ‘Drez’?>”

Drezdk stepped forwards and angrily shouted. “<NO!>” The outburst caused Daedalus to squawk reflexively and jump, along with Corphish and Jeff. Also, it caused Ace to speedily dive behind Kevin. The bug type then blushed and stepped backwards, rubbing the back of his head with his stinger. “<I… Um… Sorry… I mean ‘Please, do not call me that’… ‘Drezdok’ is fine…>”

“…Good news for you all, you get to bunk with us in these sweet beds!” Kevin said, averting an uncomfortable silence.

Corphish and Daedalus immediately climbed and flew, respectively, onto the bed, hoping to find some new spots. Drezdk also sat down on the bed, trying to get a feel for it. Treecko, however, remained leaning against the table that held the television.

Jeff, once again, stood to his feet with a groan. “Errgh… My ankle still burns… I should probably run a hot bath for it.”

“Fine, but don’t be in there for too long,” Kevin called as Jeff shut the door behind him.

He quickly limped into the bathroom, which had a shower tub parallel to the door and the sink and toilet on the right side. “With any luck, by the time I get out, everyone will be asleep; I don’t think there’s a single person out there I want to deal with right now…” Jeff thought, placing his hand on the bath dial and turning on the hot water. The steaming liquid poured into the white tub, which began to quickly fill up. He took off his clothes and placed the garments on the sink counter. When the water reached the desired level, he stepped into it and laid back. The water flowed over him and he closed his eyes.

“I can’t believe I lost in front of Kevin, Rachel and the others! ...Not even a real loss… but being told that I couldn’t work with my pokemon well enough to deserve the badge!” Jeff thought, sinking deeper in the tub. “Treecko… errgh.”

He then put a hand to his injured leg and felt how bad the bruising was. “Some potion… I guess I can’t pass all the blame to Treecko… If I hadn’t acted like I did, then… damn… I guess I can’t avoid talking to him forever, no matter how hard he’s taking the loss.”

Jeff remained submerged in water, thinking, for several minutes until he heard loud footsteps walking about the otherwise quiet room. “…Hey, Kev?”

The person he expected responded, “…Yeah?”

“…Who’s still awake out there?” Jeff asked, now very relaxed from the bath.

“Me and Blitz… Treecko’s out on the balcony…” Kevin responded dryly.

“…Okay…” he said nonchalantly.

There was a brief silence.

“…Hey, Jeff…”


“…I found a lemon…”


Jeff then opened his eyes, sat up and drained out the bathtub. He stood, reached over to the black marble counter, and wrapped the white towel around his waist. Jeff then walked over, opened the bathroom door and stepped into the other room. He looked around the room and saw Corphish, Daedalus, and Drezdk sleeping soundly on his bed and Ace fast asleep on the other. Treecko was standing out in the rain on the balcony, staring off through the glass barrier into the distance and Blitz was sitting quietly at the table near the door leading out to the balcony. Jeff looked down and saw Kevin kneeling around various unopened snacks and drinks, going through the mini-fridge in the drawer under the TV.

“What are you doing?” he asked.

Kevin looked up from having taken several Coca Colas out of the fridge. “I’m cleaning it out.”

“We have to pay for those, you know.”

The boy grinned. “We don’t have to… Blane does.”

“Isn’t that a little greedy?” Jeff asked, bath water dripping off of him and onto the carpet under him.

“What do you care? I thought you didn’t like him. Besides, he said he’d pay for us, why not take advantage of that?” Immediately after he said the last few words, he trailed off. “…Uhh… Why don’t you go talk to Treecko?”

“Why?” he asked, suspiciously.

“None of your business; just go talk to him about the battle or something, man! …Out on the balcony,” he testily replied, emphasizing the last part.

“Fine, fine… It’s not like I’m in a towel or anything…” he muttered, walking across the room towards the glass door.

“<Hello,>” Blitz greeted, softly as to not wake the others.

Jeff pretended not to hear and then opened the door to walk out into the showery night. The door closed behind him and Kevin sighed. Blitz uncomfortably scratched the back of his head with the blade of his scythe before turning to Kevin. “<Kevin… I am starting to get the feeling that Jeff does not like me…>”

Kevin smiled reassuringly while standing up. “Don’t mind him. He’s just angry about losing that gym match.” He then walked over to the table and sat opposite from Blitz. “…Do you want to talk now?”

“<I’d be honoured to, Kevin.>”

The teen’s face became slightly glummer. “That’s kind of it… Your honour…”

“<What about it?>” Blitz asked in confusion.

He stalled. “…You remember when we first met, right?”

“<Of course; you saved me.>”

“…Yeah… Well you said that you owed me for that. I have to be honest… I think I took advantage of that. I didn’t plan on journeying until you offered to come along. I’m sorry, pal…”

After a brief silence, Blitz nodded and answered. “<I forgive you… Was that all this was about?>”

Kevin shook his head. “No… When you said ‘I owe you my life’ I’m guessing you took that literally… Well when you saved me from that falling Onix, you said that we were even…”

“<Yes…>” the mantis replied, still unsure of what he was getting at.

“So you’re going to be leaving pretty soon, aren’t you?” Kevin asked rhetorically.

“<What are you talking about?>”

“Oh, don’t give me that, Blitz!” he snapped. “I saved your life and then you stayed around with me to repay the debt, now you saved me so why would a Scyther have any reason to stick around?!” he sharply asked, remembering what Professor Birch had told him. “That’s how your code of honour work, isn’t it?!”

Blitz glowered and narrowed his eyes. “<I did not save you to repay my honour… I saved you because you… are… my… FRIEND!>” he angrily yelled, digging his scythe into the edge of the table. “<I did it because I thought that you would do the same for me! …This is why you said that the gym battle would be our last one?! Because you expect me to leave?!>”

“Well now you know the truth!” Kevin barked.

“<That you are a selfish and opportunistic deserter?>” he coldly asked.

“Are you going or not?!” he retorted.

The mantis took his scythe out of the table and stood up. He then slowly walked towards the balcony door, where Jeff and Treecko were standing outside of. “<I will go if you desire it…>” he reluctantly answered.

“If that’s what you want…”

“<It isn’t… but I will do so if it makes you happy. …Do you want me to leave… friend?>”

“…No.” Kevin’s voice was much less aggressive now, as was Blitz’s. The Scyther turned around and stared at Kevin. The teen looked back at him guiltily. “I’m really sorry, pal… I was just worried you’d leave…”

“<I would never. Do not worry yourself about it… ‘pal’,>” he answered, outstretching his scythe with the blade pointing upwards.

Kevin grinned and grabbed the green arm portion at the bottom and shook it. “Hey! You finally got the handshake right, loser!” he said, giving Blitz a playful punch on the shoulder in the process.

Blitz smirked. “<It was not my fault you were so dense as to constantly grab the blade,>” he playfully remarked, hitting him back.

“It is so! Your lack of a brain is rubbing off on me!” Kevin goaded, hitting away his arm.

Blitz chuckled slightly. “<Is that so?>” he asked, using his arm to put Kevin in a headlock

The human laughed and pushed against the green limb while leaning sideways, causing them both to tumble on the carpet where they began to play-wrestle. It was a feat that none of the other pokemon stirred at all during their talk.

Meanwhile, towel-garbed Jeff walked over and stood in the rain beside Treecko, who glanced up at him. Both he and the grass pokemon stared out, over the balcony, at other large buildings. Over to the left they could hear the sloshing of the nearby river. Raindrops trickled down Jeff’s already wet face and chest as he turned and looked down at his starter pokemon.

“What are ya doin’, Treecko?” he asked, carefully placing his words.

He kept staring off into the distance, but replied, “<Thinking…>”

“The gym battle?”

“<Not exactly.>”

Jeff took a wet chair that was on the balcony and pulled it forwards before sitting in it. “I guess we should talk about what happened, huh?”

Treecko glanced out of the corner of his eye at him. “<What’s to talk about?>”

“What do you mean? What about the fact that we lost? I thought you’d be more upset!” Jeff responded, confused.

“<We didn’t lose.>”

“Yes we did!”

“<No we didn’t, Jeff… Wattson called the match unfairly,>” Treecko stated simply.

“You were paralyzed,” Jeff reminded, uncomfortably sitting on a wet deck chair.

“<I could still fight.>”

“Yeah, your bullet seed…” Jeff stopped himself. “Never mind. Regardless, we still don’t have the badge and we’re not going to get the badge if we don’t fix what’s wrong.”

“<And what’s wrong?>” Treecko asked, leaning against the glass wall on the small, car-sized balcony.

“Us. Our friendship. We don’t work together! You changed from when we first met, Treecko.”

The grass type turned to face at him. “<Yeah… So did you.>”

“…Well, why did you?” Jeff asked, hoping to grind some information from the aloof wood gecko.

Treecko turned back around and looked off over the city, unapproachably.


“<Don’t bother.>”

Jeff sighed and shook water from his hair. “Tell me.”

“<No,>” he firmly replied..

“Tell me,” the teen persisted.


“Tell me.”


“Tell me.”


“Tell me.”


“Tell me. Tell me. Tell me.”

“<No. No. No!>” Treecko answered, struggling to keep his cool.

“Tell me.”

Treecko turned around to stare daggers into him, actually causing Jeff to shrink back a little. “…Please?”

His eyes narrowed. “<…No…>”

“Just tell me, Treeck,” he stubbornly said.

Treecko closed his eyes and growled. “<… Will you finally shut up?>”

“You bet I will.”

The reptile sighed reluctantly. “<…Fine. What do you want to know?>”

“Why you went from the Treecko who saved me and through that rollercoaster of changes and then came out like this,” he replied.

“<Do you have a problem with ‘this’?>” Treecko asked, glaring at him.

“No, I’m just saying…”

“<Fine… I guess I acted so… upbeat because I respected you and I never had a friend until I met you and I didn’t really know how to act. Then you found out what’s-her-name was in love with that rival of yours and then you went into that sad, moody state. Then I started to lose respect for you.>”

Jeff nodded, wishing he could forget those days. There was a bit of a silence, where only the sound of rain, a couple cars, and a helicopter flying overhead could be heard. “Go on…”

“Cko,” he disdainfully muttered, hoping that that was all he would have to say. “<… Well, then you hit rock bottom and I was tired of you being so mopey. Then I insulted you and you hit me… which, thinking back, I don’t really blame you for. Then I overreacted, later found out my bullet seed didn’t work, and had a bad couple of days and needed time to myself.>”

“Uh huh…”

“<Seriously? You want more?>” Treecko asked, grudgingly.

“We need to do this if we want to win, Treecko!” Jeff replied, leaning forward.

Treecko grunted, watched the large form of a Pidgeot fly over the city and continued. “<Then we met again and I fought you because I wanted to knock some sense back into you… but apparently I underestimated you…>”

“Yeah, thanks. It helped,” Jeff interjected.

“<Are you going to keep interrupting?>” The teen was silent. “<Okay… I won at Dewford Gym to make up for losing to you and apparently almost died. Sitting in the recovery room I did a lot of thinking. I thought that maybe being relatively ‘obedient’ would make up for how I acted before, but then you kept treating me like one battle would kill me. Now I’m back to the way I always was and always should have been.>”

“… I see…” Jeff replied, processing the information.

“<And now you can never ask me to ‘open up’ again… Got it?>”

“…We’ll see,” he said, half grinning.

“<Shouldn’t you say something now?>” Treecko asked, somewhat indifferently.

“Do I have to?” Jeff whined. A single glance out of the corner of Treecko’s eye solidified the response. “Okay okay… I really am sorry about the way I acted, too. I won’t treat you any differently. We should try to start over… Starting with talking about that gym battle.”

Treecko remained silent, waiting patiently while leaning against the rain-cascaded wall.

“You’ve gotta start listening to me!”

The lizard glanced at him. “<And why is that? I can fight perfectly fine without you! Humans hate when they can’t bend things to their will, don’t they? It makes them realize that they’re not all that high and mighty.>”

Jeff closed his eyes and rubbed his forehead. “It has nothing to do with that! You know this! I admit you’re a great fighter, but when you’re out there in the middle of it, you won’t be able to see everything, while I, standing farther back, might be able to. If someone is coming up behind you that you don’t see, I’d be able to tell you and then we could think of a counter attack.”

Treecko glanced back into the rainy night. “I personally know that, when fighting, you tend to get focused on only one thing. Even the most calm of people can have their minds clouded, and this makes them unable to think of all the possible strategies. I can’t expect you to be both a quick fighter and an expert tactician at the same time, Treecko. I may be kind of new at this, and I know I froze up a few times, but you’ve gotta trust that I know what I’m doing some of the time!”

“<… You could use a few pointers…>”

Jeff grinned and stood up, holding his towel. “Duly noted. So, do we have a deal on trying to work together, Treeck?”

Treecko closed his eyes and chewed on his twig for a few moments before opening them. He then jumped up onto the wet chair-side table and nodded. “<Yeah… We’ve got a deal.>”

He then turned around and shook Jeff’s hand with one of his tails. Jeff beamed. “Fantastic!” Jeff walked towards the dripping glass door and opened it. “You coming?”

Treecko glanced back before looking forward again.

“Suit yourself.” Jeff shrugged and stepped towards the balcony door to get inside and out of the rain. He looked down and saw Kevin and Blitz still wrestling. “Having fun?” They looked up and grinned.

“How did it go?” Kevin asked.

“Good, you?”

“I’m not dead, am I?” he replied jokingly.

“…Good point.” With that, Jeff walked into the bathroom with his bag, grabbed another towel to dry himself off and then changed into his green pyjama pants. He then went back into the room and carefully placed himself on the right side of the bed, next to Corphish, while Daedalus and Drezdk took up most of the left.

He sunk into the relaxing bed and smiled. Kevin also hopped onto his bed beside Ace and looked over. “I’m guessing your and Treecko’s talk went well?”

Jeff glanced over. “Much better than I expected. How about you?”

“I couldn’t agree more. Anyways, I’m hittin’ the hay. Yo, Blitz, are you planning to sleep tonight?”

The Scyther nodded and sat down, cross-legged in an almost meditation-like pose. Jeff wasn’t sure how he could sleep like that and he was frankly pretty uneasy that he was sleeping in the same room with someone who tried to kill him. In fact, he was so uneasy that he couldn’t bring himself to fall asleep.

For a long time, Jeff remained awake, occasionally glancing down at the sleeping Scyther. “Relax, Jeff, he won’t slice and dice you while you sleep and serve you with Chinese food,” he thought, attempting to reassure himself. Treecko had eventually come in and lay down on the carpet.

Something hit his leg, causing him to spring upright. He looked down and saw Drezdk restlessly moving about in his sleep. Jeff relaxed, until after a few murmurs, the bug jolted and indistinctly yelled, “<TAL!>”

The nervous and sweating Beedrill realized he was back in reality and quickly looked around. He realized Jeff was still awake.

“You okay?” the human asked.

Drezdk stalled before nodding. “<…Yes… Thank you… Are you having trouble sleeping too?>”



Jeff glanced over at Blitz. “That Scyther tried to kill me a year before he was friends with Kevin…”

“<Ah… And you’re afraid of him still?>” Drezdk quietly asked. Jeff didn’t respond. “<Don’t worry; if he attacks, I will help you fend him off,>” he reassured.

The teen smiled. “Thanks, Drezdek… You know… if you ever want to talk about your friend, I’d be happy to listen…”

The bug pokemon nodded appreciatively. “<Thank you…>”

They both lay back down, feeling comforted, and the Beedrill quickly fell asleep. Jeff, however, accidentally put his head on Corphish, causing the crustacean to cry out.

“<NOT MY EYES!>” he cried out, jumping awake. He looked around, dazed, and sighed. “<Oh… It’s just you, Jeff. I had a dream where I was on the game show Jeopardy and I got the last question wrong and then the host, the other contestants, and the studio audience all attacked me with those novelty foam hands you get at sports games,>” he explained, wiping the sweat from his face.

“That’s what you get for watching too much TV before going to bed,” Jeff replied.

“<Oh, Jeff… You and I both know that that’s Tauros crap!>” Corphish said happily. “<Why are you up?>”

“Can’t sleep.”

Corphish noticed him glance over at Blitz. “<Ohhh, you’re afraid that as soon as you go to sleep, Master Mantis will decide to have you for a midnight snack!>”

“No!!” Jeff retorted, “I just don’t like this bed.”

“<Oh, I don’t blame you. I wouldn’t want to sleep in it either.>”

“…Why?” he asked curiously.

“<Haven’t you seen CSI?>”

“Once or twice, but-”

“<Then you should know what I’m talking about. The point is I’m sleeping on TOP of the covers,>” Corphish said, getting settled in. “<What’s up with Buzz-kill?>” he asked, looking over at the sleeping Beedrill.

“Clever name. How long have been waiting to say that one?” Jeff asked, grinning.

“<Since I met him…>” the crustacean said with a wink. “<Well?>”

“His best friend was killed recently, he says.”

Corphish frowned. “<That’s a bummer. Maybe I should cheer him up.>”

Jeff looked sceptical. “You idea of cheering someone up is telling numerous inappropriate jokes, Corp…”

“<Hey! I also do physical comedy!>”

Jeff laughed. “I bet you do, Corppy. Get some rest; I’ll see you in the morning.”

“<G’night, don’t let the bed bugs slice you up.>” Corphish grinned before taking a glance over at the sleeping Blitz and then curling up to go to sleep.

“Gee, thanks…”

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