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    Originally Posted by ross61 View Post
    1.Did you not see the colors on their shirts on that movie Guess not...
    5.If you look up Anubis images than you would see an object that he is always holding sort of object, i call this a key because i do not know what it is. Ahhhh, an ankh?
    7. The Pokemon was powerful that even the Sir Aaron who boasted that he was very strong could not hold a candle to this Almighty beast ...yeah? What is it, then? The pkmn of darkness? Death? Destruction?
    10. This is a prequel, So i would not He/She say new but is new and old at the same time, they look for that pokemon.
    11.They are TG what else do you think they do.(do you watch pokemon)And also i use Cyrus as in Relation to Cyrus the great. Yeah...TG has only one goal: to create a world without strife. Saturn's getting of the cube from Solaceon Ruins and using it to excite the meteors at Veilstone (and later use that or the Red Chain from the trio to accomplish their goals at the Spear Pillar) has little to do with...another region.
    12. He is also visiting this region, but we learn why he has not dominated the world yet. Do you have a reason, or is this a way to push it off 'til later? I ask since this is're using a current-gen team, so you gotta be crafty with it. What connection does this region have to Sinnoh? Something about finding where the trio are hiding?
    14.An Island of the coast of Sinnoh. West, right?
    15.This is not cannon, I want to make it like the Pokemon for a medium percentage, with a taste of Orginality(some) All fangames aren't canon...but you can at least align it with the actual story. It looks possible.
    17.This Region/Island is full of new and strong Pokemon But yet it's part of Sinnoh? I...don't get it...
    Really, I like that you've taken a different spin on the characters, but I'm primarily concerned about what you're doing with TG...
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