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    Pokemon Fallen

    Intro:Hi, I'm ~Element, I'm a gamedeveloper/hacker and here is my game made with rpgmakerXP

    You were found as a baby abandoned in the Brook Forest, a man, Professor Shane, found you and took you in, he gave you a place to live, food, he was like a father to you. But he kept two secrets, one: he was not your real father, two: He was a member of the watchers.
    One day, he never came back to the house, you guess he was just running late, until you see an email on his computer.
    (I'm not saying what it says xD)
    You become devistated, all you want is to avenge Shane, so you grab your eevee and run, you run until you finally find the watchers, you beg them to let you join, and they except, this is where the story begins.

    The watchers
    A group that helps to keep the peace, each is assigned to a town, but the most skilled roam around the region defeating people that put a threat to all you reside in the regions.

    1. Purely story based, gyms are there, but they are not a part of the story.
    2. Training spot, in the HQ
    3. Traveling, across not just one but 3 regions.
    4. Customizable clothing
    5. Something that will actually be finished.


    Brooke Town


    None yet, don't ask or I'll make flood bite you O.o

    poccil-starter kit
    Fangking Omega- House tiles
    Saurav- tiles
    Keyldove- tiles
    I'm sick of all the prepubecent n00bs running around.
    It's like no one has anymore morals anymore.
    Bye to all my friends, I'll still be talking to you on msn.
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