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    Originally Posted by Poké-fyu View Post
    I think the newer poke sel. screen has a more calmer feel to it. The old one (green and orange) sort of yelled loudly at me with its bright colors. o.0
    Haha, well thanks!

    Originally Posted by h POKE View Post
    That's a big improvement on the old one. If you're going to continue in the R/S/E style, let me make a few more in-depth suggestions to make it go from good to great:
    -I like the shadow you've done between the yellow and the light blue. Considering that we're not constricted to the GBA's limitations here, why not expand that to other sections of the screen (don't go overboard, 'cause that'll just make it look busy). But do go for a more complex shadow around each of the pokemon boxes (and the section where the edge meets the background on the first pokemon).
    -Pokemon selection boxes: Use a color that more closely matches the blue in the background on the individual boxes. Also, instead of that drab, two-tone "gradient", why don't you use a more clean and modern style (of gradient)? When the box is unselected, I would suggest putting the darkest shade of blue in the center, and then working brighter as you go out on both sides (don't be cheasy! Go manual for this procedure!). When it is selected, I would suggest putting the lightest shade of blue in the center, then getting darker toward the edges.
    -There's a small bead of blue on the bottom of the box that says "Choose a pokemon." It may not seem like it matters to you immediately, but trust me, it does.
    Well, first of all, I'm glad you think it's an improvement. Now, let me see what you said...
    -First one: So you're saying to give all fo the blue boxes with the pokemon information inside them (ie. WOLING, has HP bar and such) a drop shadow? that's what that's called. I did it in photoshop. I've also been thinking; mabye I'm going a bit too, well, photoshop-y. Most video games have pixels, esepcially the pokemon games. You don't see graphics in the Pokemon Games. x.x; But hey, we can always change it here.
    -Second one: Hmm. What do you mean two tone gradient? I have no gradient in there. o.o;; Well, you think I should put in a gradient? Well, I'll try it out and see how it looks ;P. As for the other thing you said about cheesy and all that, I will try that out as well. But alas; it's getting late where we live. In two or three hours I'll have to leave; probably much sooner. We haven't had dinner yet x.x. So I'll try all this out tommorow.
    -Third one: Could you point out the 'bead' to me?
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