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    Originally Posted by FastTonyDeNiro View Post
    Hey guys I had a quick question for you. It's more of an opinion-based question, but I was hoping to get some input from some of you.

    I'm playing Crystal, and I'm just about to the lake of rage. I have a Dragonaire on my team, but I'm thinking of dropping it. Dragonite is great, but by the time I get to lvl 55 I'll have beaten all 16 gyms and the Dragonite won't be much use. Dragonaire isn't very good so I'm not sure I want to use it.

    I'm looking at adding a flying type to my team. I don't like using a "fly slave" since I fly around so much, I prefer teaching fly to a permanent member of my team.

    So, besides legendaries, what is a good flying pokemon to use? I was looking at either Crobat or Skarmory....good idea?
    I would stick with Dragonite. By the time it DOES evolve as you say you'll have a good Pokemon to face "Red" and even so if you take some time and train Dragonair (depending on your patience) you can train it in Victory Road at least to level 50 and from there try to use it throughout most of the pokemon league and it should evolve before you reach the 9th badge.