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    Originally Posted by Juan View Post
    It is even 50, or 0x32(I used with 0x32 and worked)

    I liked their routines had not seen before making mine.
    You used three variables, but I think not need the number of Pokémon on the team, because a loop from 0 to 5 did not consume much space and not much memory.
    I like to check the error occurred, and the "debugger" used with the variable 0x8002.
    Never would have thought of something. :D
    One more thing, I think you can simplify these routines, especially the label "fix" that though complex, can (I think) to be optimized.
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us, are with examples such as I learn new things.
    No. It's 25 for what I used. I checked that. That comment was there for me so I could check it later. You used swi 0xB, which the r2 amount is half of the full length because it uses two byte writes or half-word writes. 0xC uses double that and the r2 holds a quarter of the full amount because it uses word long writes.

    You're right, the code still needs to be fixed up a bit.
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