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    Originally Posted by Juhnke View Post
    Hey victorspvl.

    This game looks very nice.

    If you need a spriter, I can do some sprites! I'm not great but I can still do some stuff.

    Also, if you need a translator, I could probably translate it for you. I have a few things on my computer that can translate nicely and a few books with translating (dictionary with stuff like portuguese -> english and stuff).

    It wouldn't be great but at least the game would be in english. Then you would have a nice start on the translated version.

    Anyway, if you're interested, just send me a PM.
    Well victorspvl told me that he didn't intend to make an English version for Pokemon Silver Chronciles until the entire game is completed, but you can definitely PM him if you're so interested in helping him out.
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