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So, have any of you watched The Simpsons' parody of The Da Vinci Code recently? If not, then GO WATCH IT ONLINE! Seriously, it's great! Man, now I feel a bit silly doing this story after watching that episode. All those treasure stories are really just Sherlock Holmes twisted around. XD;

In any case, we're getting close to the ending. Now, one thing real quick. Yes, I used some info about the 12th movie and put it in here, but with a twist. Here's the thing. I was worried this story would break anime canon since there could be a chance the plates will have a huge role in the movie. Problem is the movie won't come till July and I plan to have this story be done in May. However, I talked to The Great Butler about this and he gave me an idea of how I can bypass that. Also, shouldn't worry too much since this story is mostly AU anyways with game and anime elements mixed together in the first place. ; If any one of you have criticisms over this though, I might edit this chapter in the future or something.

Oh, there's also one thing I've been wondering. I'm thinking of posting both Chapter 24 and the Epilogue at the same time, but not sure about it. Thinking that so that you guys don't have to wait for the epilogue and also the Epilogue isn't very long, only about six-seven pages. However, Chapter 24 is quite long and not sure if you guys would like reading the Epilogue right after. So, one question: Would you guys rather have both the last chapter and the Epilogue posted at the same day, or a week apart from each other?

Guess nothing else but to get this show on the road. Thanks to The Great Butler and DarkPersian479 for betaing! Enjoy!

Chapter Twenty Two
Sixteen Pieces

Showers of fire were coming down and destroying the city.
When called for help, the alpha appeared and gave out a roar
That shook the stars and created a tsunami.
Thus the city of Michiina was saved
But with a heavy cost,
Scars all over its body and breath deep and short.

-excerpt from “Stories from the Michiinan Ruins”

There are some records from Michiina of how the plates were made. Thousands of years ago, Arceus saved the city from a meteor, but was greatly injured. A man named Damos took care of the legendary Pokémon though, and in return Arceus gave him the Jeweled Orb of Life, which contained sixteen life forces of its own. Damos was supposed to return the orb to the legendary, but did not. Why, not much is known, but one possibility was due to Damos’ minion, Gishin, a man with Pokémon carrying devilish accessories. Arceus carried on its rage in its sleep and vowed to bring judgment on the humans when it awakens again.

During Arceus’ slumber, though, there were people that managed to find the Jeweled Orb of Life and were able to create sixteen plates with them. Not only that, they were able to write the history of Sinnoh on some of the tablets. As for the whereabouts of the Jeweled Orb of Life, it was gone when the people got the powers from it. There are some assumptions Arceus was killed in the process, but others that claim Arceus might had gone to the Halls of Origin after Damos’ betrayal. Either way, the Pokémon has not been seen since.

What power the plates created was unknown due to many records from Michiina City having been destroyed, but one thing for sure was the artifacts corrupted the people. At first the people used them for good, but then they got greedy and were fighting for them. There was lots of bloodshed, taking lives of both Pokémon and humans. Eventually the plates were scattered all over Sinnoh and beyond.

Once a beautiful place full of very green grass and Pokémon drinking from the streams, Michiina is now only filled with ruins of the past of how the plates come to be. This is only one interpretation as how the plates were made, though. However, this was the one most embraced.

-- Carved in Silence, “Michiina City’s History.”

Everyone gasped and their bodies shook. Bunny was the one that was most frightened about this. She felt sweat splashed all over her face and her hands were shaking. She thought she saw a man wearing a wolf mask, not Jacob. What got Jenny worried was of how long he had that gun. How long had he had that weapon? Also, why was he carrying it?

“Why a gun?” Jenny asked, her mind active again.

“Let’s just say I’m going to use this on the other officers if need be,” he said with a chuckle. “In fact, I almost shot the chief, but he made the first move.”

The female officer’s jaws dropped. Her mind flashed back to when she saw Jacob looking scared, thinking that Lucas had almost attacked him. She now realized it was the other way around.

“You almost shot Lucas?” Jenny screamed. “I admit Timmy and Lucas tend to make risky decisions, but I wouldn’t say to kill them! Also, what’s that going to accomplish? You’ll only go to jail for an even longer period of time!”

Jacob took heavier breaths, his chest moving quickly and mind clouding with rage.

“Quiet! I can still get away with it like I did with Ernest and Matt!”

Jenny’s furious eyes grew wider. “Matt? What, you killed another man too?”

Jacob chuckled. “I could see in that man’s eyes he wanted the plates too.”

The female officer grunted, noticing how Jacob had changed since he left them. Bunny felt a tear on her eye; the change was evident and she did not like it one bit. She felt that it was high time that Jacob knew this.

“You know, this is unusual. Before, you helped us run away from the police. In fact, you saved us from drowning. Now what happened? You suddenly change? Probably it is because you are now worried the information will come out. That, or maybe the plates have some sort of power to change people’s personalities.”

Jacob laughed and shook his head. “Really? Bunny, you read Carved in Silence. You remember the chapter about Michiina City, right?”

Bunny was silent for quite some time, unsure as to why Jacob asked that question. She felt her heart beating at a much slower pace.

“Yes,” she stuttered. Fear gripped her heart, trying to stop it from living anymore. “Why did you ask that?”

“In that chapter, the plates were from Arceus.” Jacob smirked. “Don’t you get it? The plates were from the legendary Pokémon itself. Here we are, staring at Arceus, broken into sixteen pieces.”

Bunny had nothing to say about that. She just froze, dumbstruck at what Jacob had said. Jenny, however, glared at the former professor and took deep breaths.

“Is that so, huh? No wonder you killed my uncle.”

Jacob hit his boiling point. His eyes got twitchy and he took very deep breaths. Inside him the beast within him just wanted to kill the girls, slash them to pieces. He thought maybe the girls were here to have a talk with him, which he would have liked very much. Things went downhill for him when Jenny said that. They just wanted the plates for themselves.

The girls are not to have the plates!

The old man had his fingers curled on the trigger and a sound was made. When the two women heard that, they stood still; each felt as if their legs were frozen. Somehow his angry look caged them. Not wanting that to happen, Bunny took a few steps and kneeled down with both hands together.

“Look at yourself!” Bunny said with a sob. “It is like you have changed this instant! Please…do not do this!”

One look at Bunny’s eyes almost made Jacob put his gun away, but he decided not to listen to her, believing Bunny had lied also. Thoughts of not wanting to go to jail poisoned his mind.

“I’m sorry, Bunny. As much as I love you, I can’t risk you going to the police. Speaking of the police…”

He pointed the gun at Jenny. The officer’s eyes went wide and she screamed. Jacob pulled the trigger.


Without thinking, Bunny pushed Jenny aside and the bullet hit her, which made the archeologist fall down. Jenny fell down too, but she quickly got back up and saw Jacob smirking at her. He was still holding his gun.

“I can still shoot you.”

Jenny gritted her teeth and her hands began to tremble. There was only one other way to do this. The officer took out a gun from her coat.

“You forgot that I’m a police officer and I too have a gun. I don’t want to do this to you, but I’m not afraid to use force either.”

Without hesitation, Jacob smirked and snapped his fingers. The Xatu screeched, his wings glowed white, and he flew in rapidly. Jenny gasped and dodged before the bird managed to slash her. The Xatu was able to turn around and ram into Jenny, causing her to fall down. Jacob chuckled.

“You just won’t give up, won’t you?” Jacob whispered in an eerie tone.

Jenny quickly got up and began shooting at Jacob, who just kept running, the bullets always missing their target.

“Xatu! Teleport!” Jacob screamed through the howling winds.

Jenny gasped and felt her heart beating in anxiety when she saw Jacob jump off the roof. That was not all, though. The officer covered her eyes when pink light suddenly appeared. It was a while until Jenny rubbed her eyes and looked down below. No Jacob anywhere. Jenny grunted and clenched her fist, but gasped when she turned around and saw Bunny on the floor, back facing up.


Jenny ran quickly and nudged Bunny’s shoulders gently. The little woman moved slowly from her back. There was blood coming out from the upper part of her right leg, which made the officer’s eyes widen.

“My leg…it hurts,” Bunny moaned. “So…cold.”

Jenny slowly lifted Bunny and let the woman’s head rest on her chest. Bunny put her hands on her wounded leg and she clenched her teeth, the blood was too cold. Knowing medical attention was necessary, Jenny first grabbed Bunny’s bag, took out a cloth, and wrapped it around the woman’s wounded leg. Jenny then released her Tropius, took out a spray bottle and sprayed some liquid on the Pokémon. After his wounds were taken care of, the grass-flying type smiled and stomped on the ground.

“Okay, listen to me. Tropius will take you to the nearest Pokémon Center. When you get there, try to tell the doctors and nurses what just happened.”

Bunny’s eyes went wide. “But would they believe me, a wanted criminal?”

“They’re going to have to report that you were shot to our station and I assume that report will finally make Lucas and Timmy open their eyes. Not only that, you need medical attention!”

Bunny hastily nodded, realizing that was for the best. After Jenny whistled, her Tropius kneeled down. Jenny lifted Bunny up slowly and she was on the Pokémon, lying on her back. The little woman’s eyes went wide however; there was something she wondered.

“Wait, why are you not going to the Center with me?”

“I’m going to try to find Jacob and take him to the Center. Don’t worry, you’ll be fine. I’ve seen worse wounds than yours,” Jenny said with a small smile.

Bunny frowned. She wished Jenny would comfort her during the ride. When her breaths became deeper, she nodded slowly. Seeing that Bunny approved of Jenny’s plan, the Tropius flapped his wings and the two took flight. Jenny stared at the both of them for some time before she jumped off from the top of the temple, landed safely, and ran to try to find Lucas.


Not far from the temple, pink light instantly appeared and when it faded, Lucas, his Kirlia, and his crew were revealed. Diana, Arnold, Vincent, and Timmy kept turning their heads until they heard their chief whistle.

“All right guys, here is what’s going to happen. Diana, Arnold, you go to the Center and check on the status of Matt Chiaki. Timmy, Vincent, you guys are coming with me to the Snowpoint Temple and…”

“Lucas, look!” Vincent screamed, pointing to the left.

Everyone turned around and gave out shocked looks when they saw Jacob running along with his Xatu.

At first Jacob halted and his eyes went wide. There was the chief whom he almost shot, this time he was with a small crew. What got to Jacob was how they knew he was here.

Matt, he realized and he grunted quietly to himself. Guess I’m an old gentleman with poor aim. There was only one way to get out of this.


Lucas’s eyes went wide when he saw the Xatu’s body glowing pink. He knew what that meant, so he turned to his Pokémon and pointed at the bird.

“Sandi, Thunderbolt!”

The Kirlia nodded and her body became clouded with electricity. The lightning sparks right after blasted off and hit Xatu, causing the bird to scream and pant heavily. He chuckled though and flapped his wings.

The Kirlia smirked when she saw the Xatu glowing pink again. No worries if that Teleport would be successful—she could hit that bird hard and faint him. Sandi let out another burst of electric bolts going towards that psychic bird. However, the Xatu shrieked and his eyes glowed blue. Not only that, the plate lit up too, causing everyone to gasp.

“What is that thing shining on his neck?” Arnold asked.

Usually a rainbow aura would come out, but not this time. Instead, the Thunderbolt halted for a second and instead struck Sandi. The Kirlia screamed and felt the electricity slicing all over her body. After the ordeal was over, she panted and growled in anguish, already feeling tired.

Wanting to help out the battle, Timmy grabbed his pokeball and yelled, “Eisen, use Brave Bird before…”

Timmy’s voice trailed off when Jacob took out his gun. Lucas’ crew did the same, with everyone taking out their guns. The chief returned Sandi, just in case the shootout got nasty. Instead of being shaky because he was surrounded, Jacob grinned. His fingers curled on the trigger, ready to fire.

“So we meet again, Jacob,” Lucas said softly.

Jacob was quiet. His fingers squeezed the trigger harder, but not all the way yet. Lucas gulped silently to himself. He too had his fingers squeezing the trigger tighter. Vincent and Arnold covered their eyes, the Xatu glowing brighter.

“Last time both of us were scared. We weren’t sure what to expect. This time though, now I know who you are and I’m prepared for what’s coming to me.”

All Jacob said was “Hmph,” and his fingers squeezed the trigger tighter. This time, he was about to fire.

“Take cover!” Diana warned.

Jacob fired the gun a few times and everyone fell on the ground on their own will. They instantly got back up and started firing at Jacob, but it was no use. The bullets just passed through him, his Xatu’s Teleport taking effect, and the two disappeared.

Silence and bewilderment trapped the officers for some time.

“Damn!” Lucas finally yelled and kicked some snow.

Close, oh so close. If only he fired the trigger. Jacob was faster to act, though. He had not underestimated his opponents.

“Now what?” Vincent asked.

Lucas touched his forehead and shook his head. He forgot why they were here in the first place. Perhaps a clearer mind would do good. The chief was interrupted when he heard a familiar voice.

“Jacob! Jacob!”

Everyone turned around with stunned faces when they saw Jenny running. The female officer halted and gasped when she saw the crew, her chest heaving up and down.

“Timmy, Lucas? What are you guys doing here?”

“We’re here because Matt called to tell us Jacob’s here,” Lucas answered calmly.

Jenny gasped and felt she could not breathe. Her legs began shaking.

“Quiet! I can still get away with it like I did with Ernest and Matt!”

Matt. So he’s not dead.

Part of her was relieved Jacob did not kill another man, but still, he resorted to violence to fix his mistakes.

When Lucas noticed Bunny was not with her, he asked, “Where’s Bunny?”

Jenny huffed. “Why should I answer? These past few days you wanted to catch her.”

Timmy sighed and slid his fingers through his hair. He knew Jenny would not believe what they said, but thought it was worth a try.

“Ella, just minutes ago we found Jacob and he almost shot all of us. Not only that, we now assume Jacob’s the murderer. We need to talk to Bunny.”

“You’re lying!” Jenny shouted and slammed Timmy onto a tree. Her left hand held his chest while her right hand balled into a fist. “You’re just saying that so you can arrest her! Jacob’s the one you’re looking for!”

“I’m not!” Timmy yelled back, his eyes wide in anger. “Both you and Bunny can tell us where Jacob's at!”

Before the two could argue more, Lucas whistled. Not only Timmy and Jenny, but the rest of the crew turned around too.

“Enough! Okay, change of plans. Diana, Vincent, go to the temple. Arnold, you’re with me for now.”

Diana and Vincent nodded and quickly ran away. As soon as they were gone, Lucas stared hard at Timmy and Jenny.

“Jenny, what Timmy said is true. At the last minute we decided Jacob might’ve had something to do with your uncle’s murder.”

Jenny gasped and her eyes went wide. Just hearing those words cut her right through like a blade.

“How did you find that out?”

“I did,” Arnold answered. “I questioned one of the landlords and he told me that. Also, I was the one that figured out Jacob was the murderer after the crew had a meeting over this case.”

Jenny clenched her fist, angry that Arnold was the one that found that out. She took a deep breath, however. What good would fighting about it do?

So they found out Ernest’s my uncle.

Ever since her relationship with Ernest took a wrong turn, she tried her best to not let anyone know her uncle was a famous historian and archeologist. With Ernest dead now, at least the officers would find out eventually.

“Now,” Lucas continued, “please tell us where Bunny’s at.”

Jenny bit her lips and her breaths became slow. She was hesitant to answer, not sure if they would trust her word. Knowing they might pester her with that question until she died, Jenny let go of Timmy, who sat down and tried to catch his breath.

“She’s at the Pokémon Center now with my Tropius.”

“Pokémon Center?” Arnold asked with wide eyes. “Hey, that’s where Matt Chiaki is at too!”

Lucas did not say anything. No smile curled on his lips. After some time, he nodded. There was one other order of business to take care off.

“Okay, we’re going over there right now to check up on both of them. Also Jenny, tell us everything that happened.”


Nurses were running with Bunny on the stretcher. Her eyes just stared at the lights while her mind was deep in thought.

“Jacob,” she muttered.

His motives confused her. Was he really helping both of them or just himself? Would Jacob not even admit his mistake even if it was not on purpose?


The plates. Were they worth killing for, even if it was true they were made from Arceus itself? Could they not be just considered another group of artifacts?

“Jacob, why?”

A single cold tear flowed on her cheek. The nurses then took her into the emergency room.


Rain poured hard on Route 212. The Pokémon living on that route did not take cover but were actually either playing in the mud or in the puddles. One man under a tree stared at his bag, laughing for quite some time. He just could not believe his eyes. It was too good to be true, holding all the plates. He hugged his backpack tighter.


Now it was his chance to savor this moment, his chance to let the public know of the powers and the texts of the plates. Jacob would be known, recognized for his accomplishments. There was nothing that could stop him.

That was when Jacob stopped laughing and his mind became twisted, like the rain.

Wait…I’m not. Jenny’s probably talking to the police right now.

That was the roadblock that stopped his chance of fame. Jenny might have already finished talking to the officers about trying to catch him.

Should have killed the girls.

All of a sudden, tears swelled up in his eyes, realizing that was not like him at all. Jacob would never do that and he could not believe he almost killed his friend and most beloved student. He glanced at the plates, this time with wide eyes. He lowered his head in shame. It all started from him trying to find Ernest and then to his death. That eventually had Bunny wrongly accused. He saved her but at the same time saved his reputation. He again wondered if this journey had changed him right from the start, even before he, Bunny, and Jenny traveled together.

“Is it worth everything?” he muttered to himself while his mouth was trembling.

Whenever mistakes were made, there was always that nagging question, “What if that did not happen?” In the end though, the feelings got worse.

Jacob felt he just died a little inside. Maybe he died a long time ago, since the start.
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