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I guess i will give it a try..

Program Used: Userbar Creator/ Userbar Generator, Paint.NET, PhotoImpact X3
Required: Magic Wand
Skill Level: Beginner

Sandro's Userbar Tutorial

Hello There!
I made this tutorial to show how do i make userbars like thi one:

Well its quite simple..
This is what im about to use:
Userbar_Creator/ Userbar Generator
PhotoImpact X3

For animations:
Beneton Movie GIF or
Jasc Animation Shop

But don't worry you can use these programs:
Userbar_Generator or Userbar_Creator

Well you can start up by opening Userbar_Creator or Userbar Generator.

If you are gonna use Userbar_Creator open it and open op the text window..

Fill in your desired text and press ok.

Place the text where you want..

I usualy change the color of the background to make it easier to remove.. That is if you want to do so.

Ok now save it and close Userbar_Creator..

If your using Userbar_Generator its almost exactly the same..

Open it up.. Write the text and move it and put it where you want..

Save it..

And now we are gonna use Paint.NET

Open it and load your userbar..
Look in the toolbar and choose the Magic Wand..
When you click on the magic wand on the top toolbar you will see some options..

Make sure you change the tolarance to 0% and the floodmode to global then it should look like this:

Now that you have adjusted the settings, select the background of the userbar with the magic wand.. it should look like this:

Now just press delete and now it should look like this:

Now. go to the layer window..

At the bottom left corner you can see the add new layer button..
The new layer is created.. Now rename the first layer Text and the layer you just created background.. just to remember which is which..
It should look like this:

Then make sure u press the layer down button so the "Background" layer can go down..

Then you can choose any picture you want to put as the background but make sure that you have the background layer choosen.

I used a fire wallpaper and right now my userbar is looking like this:

For now we are done with paint.NET

For putting the sprites i use PhotoImpact X3.. I think its easy to use and i have it instead of Photoshop..

Okay now we open PhotoImpact X3 and we open the userbar and the desired Sprite..

I decided to go with 3 Sprites

Erika the Gym Leader..

A Bulbasaur..

And a Vileplume..

Sometimes when u open a sprite it could have a White background instead of a transparent background.. like on this Vileplume sprite..

What i do is open it in Paint.NET and use the magic wand to remove the white background just like i do with the userbars..

Now click on the userbar and then press Shift + N..
It should open a window like this one..

Expand the canvas of the userbar at the desired size that you want.. but take in mind the bigger you make it the much more spce it will take in your signature or wherever your using it..

I will make the max size as big as Erika.. I expanded it 24 pixels for the top and 24 for the bottom.. the userbar should be looking like this now..

Now just put the other sprites where desired and then save it and your done..

My userbar now looks like this..

Well this is the end of the tutorial.
Thanks for reading!