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    There are several acronyms used throughout this FAQ. They are explained below:
    AR or PAR = Action Replay or Pro Action Replay (repsectively; they are just different names for the same device)
    GSA = GameShark Advance
    v = version (For example, "v3" means "version three.")


    There are several reasons for upgrading a GSA/PAR v1/2 to PAR v3. GSAs are unable to process many Pokon codes whose length exceeds twenty lines. In fact, using such codes may damage your device! The new PAR v3 software compensates for this -- these codes will not damage a PAR v3 device.

    The GSA/PAR v1/2 software is outdated. New codes will likely not be developed for this device. The only reason that Pokon codes were made for the GSA/PAR v1/2 platform is due to the release date of Pokon Ruby & Sapphire: they were released during the phase-out of GSA/PAR v1/2 codes to PAR v3 codes. This means that if you do not upgrade your device, you will more than likely miss out on codes for Pokon FireRed & LeafGreen, as well as other, newer GameBoy Advance games in your collection.

    As previously mentioned, GSA/PAR v1/2 devices can become corrupted. By upgrading to PAR v3 software, you will reload the flash drive on your device, thereby removing any abnormalities of the previous device.

    GSA versus GS SP

    The GameShark Advance and the Action Replay were created by the same company, Datel. Datel created the device for the US market under the GameShark name until it was purchased by Madcatz. Madcatz makes a vastly inferior device that is capable of using the same codes as the CodeBreaker (a cheating device developed by Pelican software). This device was given the title of "GameShark SP" (GS SP).

    The AR looks like this:

    The GameShark developed by Datel looks the same, apart from the logo on the top; the GameShark has a blue shark on it instead. As long as you have a GSA v1/2 or a PAR v1/2, you can upgrade your device to PAR v3. You cannot upgrade a GameShark SP to PAR v3.

    You can check what version of GSA/PAR you currently have by selecting the Options menu on your device. In the top-right corner, the device version is listed. If it says "V 1.X" or "V 2.X", then you can upgrade your device. "X" can represent any number -- it's the number before the decimal place that is relavant to the upgrade.

    Before Upgrading

    You have to download the latest version of the PC software, listed below (choose the appropriate country). Then, you can click the upgrade button on the newer software to update the flash memory on the AR. It won't work if you use the GSA software to upgrade it, since the old program points to, which Datel can't put their software on anymore. Please read all of the instructions in the "Upgrade Instructions" section before actually carrying them out. Otherwise, you may damage your device.

    Upgrade Instructions

    1. Install the latest AR software (v3.3 to date) for your pak.

    If you bought the GSA in the US/Canada, use the US upgrade. If you bought it in Germany, then use the German upgrade, et cetera. Make sure to install the necessary INF file to connect your GSA to the PC (if its isn't automatically installed -- if the AR PC program cannot connect to your powered-on GBA with the PAR/GSA and game pak attached, the driver isn't installed), as well (gbalink.inf). The INF file should be located in "C : \ Program Files \ Datel \ ActionReplayGBX \ Drivers \ gbalink.inf" if you installed the program in the default directory. The file will be located in the same subfolders; only the main directory should be different if you changed it during setup. The installation files are listed under "Upgrade Files."

    2. Restart your PC.

    3. Put fresh batteries in your GameBoy Advance.

    4. Put your GSA/PAR v1/2 into your GameBoy Advance (with a game pak in it, as well). Use the USB cable to connect your device to your PC.

    5. Start the AR PC program. Press the upgrade button if the program doesn't automatically ask you to upgrade your device.

    6. Do not touch your GSA, do not disconnect the USB cable. Do not do anything until the program has said that your device is upgraded and your device says that it is no longer communicating with the PC. Do not run any other programs while doing the upgrade.

    Make sure you have new batteries in your GSA/PAR v1/2 when upgrading. If the batteries die during the upgrade your pak will turn to rubbish. After the upgrade, you will lose any/all codes on the GSA, and they will be replaced with the default ones from the AR program. Note that the old codes will not work on your new AR device. Only Action Replay v3 codes wil work.

    Upgrade Files

    United States:

    United Kingdom: