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    Originally Posted by Tigrerra View Post
    Well, I've now ready Chapter 1 as promised, and I still don't get it. What is that red thing?
    As in, it's not clear to you what the prologue has to do with the first chapter, or you just want to know the nature of it?

    To explain, the prologue takes place some time before the first chapter. In the first paragraph of chapter one, it states that Hoenn succumbed to a mysterious epidemic, the waves of red. (It should be noted that there's a mention of pokémon carcasses at the end of the prologue. You find out in chapter two that the parasite lays eggs in dead pokémon, so all this time, they've been reproducing. Hence why it's an epidemic.) In response, the government took over scientific institutions in other regions in order to study what's going on, and to do that, they've captured samples from Hoenn to send to the places they've designated. Right now, they've found that the waves are made of eight-legged parasitic pokémon they've temporarily designated as XP-494. (You find out in chapter three that they know it's a pokémon because of its ability to attack with Leech Life, and in chapter four, you find out that the people in Hoenn refer to them as ixodida.)

    In other words, the waves of red are a parasite/hunter the government has decided needed to be studied in order to figure out how to handle them. The specimen that's isolated, studied, and nearly captured by Team Rocket in chapter one is just one individual of these waves.

    Generally speaking, XP-494 is an alien pokémon that survives by eating the internal organs and blood of pokémon and laying eggs in their carcasses. They also possess the ability to mutate human beings for reasons and through procedures that aren't yet fully understood.

    Whatever it is, it's making for a very interesting storyline.
    Thanks. I'm glad you liked it.

    There were one or two errors, but they were alreay pointed out by other members.
    Erm, if you don't mind me asking, anything specifically? o_o I've corrected all but one mistake that was brought up to me in the prologue prior to your review (and the one thing I didn't correct was more of a stylistic issue), and nothing was brought up as an error for chapter one.

    If you have a PM List, Xanthine, can you please place me on it?
    I don't usually do PM lists, but sure, I'll let you know. You'll probably want to catch up with the other chapters first, though. I'm already in the process of writing chapter eight, and there's a ton that happens between the first chapter and then that you'll probably need to know.

    Thanks again for the review.
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