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    Piloswine sped by through the tight ally as fast as it could. It was a race against time and the snowy city.

    "Isabel, I do understand, okay. I know you've had your times, but know that your not the only one. Just promise me one thing... that you'll never forget me, you got that" he replied to her while clutching on to the Piloswine.

    The Piloswine made a sharp turn and the pokemon center lay directly ahead of them. Charlie still had one thing left to say to Isabel.

    "Isabel after all that's happened, is still possible for us to remain friends... I would luhv... no like to still be friends, just friends. I'm really sorry. I know now that it's just not meant to be. This guy you like he must be some person" Charlie chirped like his usual self to Isabel with a smile.

    Suddenly the snowing felt lighter as they approached the center on Piloswine's back.

    Credits to Jordan. Paired to Mira and ohHeyVaporeon.