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Massive update!

PKSV has now exited that annoying beta stage, the easter holidays really gave me a chance to work on it.
Now, for the additions:
  • #dynamic support (can be abbreviated #dyn). #dynamic and #dyn search for the first block of free space, so for example "#dynamic 0x700000" would search for free space after 0x700000. There is also #dyn2 which will overwrite space even if it is not free, starting exactly where you say. A dialog box will also allow you to see all dynamic offsets.
  • A movement planner (may need a little graphical revamp) accessed through Ctrl+M or the Tools menu:
  • Printing with multiple zoom levels and syntax highlighting.
  • "#eorg" command - like #org, but erases a script of the same length from that location. The best use of this is to open an existing script from AdvanceMap, replace all #org with #eorg, and compile again. This will delete the script and free up the space the script was using.
  • "Debug compile" option, which "pretends" to compile the script so you can check the log for errors in a particularly volatile script.
  • Now compiled in MS Visual C++. Dropped again in favour of GCC's mean optimizer.
  • You can now drag-and-drop a ROM onto the window, or drag-and-drop a script onto the window to open it.
  • [2.0.1] Superfast compiling and decompiling with a DLL
  • [2.0.1] No need for PokeInc.txt, using a more compact "defines.dat" instead.
  • [2.0.1] PKSV engine version check to avoid compiler/IDE version mismatches.
  • Now with 200% more win!*
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