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    Are we still able to join? If so...

    Name- Mary
    Age- 14
    Gender- Female
    Birthday- 3/11
    Relatives- Mother (Tori)
    Item- Bag (with mortar, knife and pestle in it)
    Like- Quiet
    Dislike- Loud noises
    Hair color- Brown
    Eye color- Dark Blue
    Good point- Willing to help
    Bad point- Susceptible to helping the wrong people or doing too much
    Hobby-Whittling or making salves

    Appearance- Mary has straight brown hair that goes a fair bit past her shoulders. Her dark blue eyes are framed by a heart-shaped face. She is rather small being just over five feet tall. She normally wears a thin red shirt against a gray jacket and black pants. Her gray shoes are rather torn from usage.

    Personality- Mary is friendly but knows when to leave somebody alone. She won't say much of anything unless you're expecting it. However, she may sometimes come up and try to distract you with chatter. If you need her to do something, she'll come as quickly as possible, making her very reliable. Mary can keep herself calm and react well to difficult situations. She has a dislike for being noticed.

    Powers and Abilities- Mary isn't exactly a great fighter, but she can hold her own if necessary. She has a high sensitivity to nature and people, which helps with finding an enemy as well as safe areas.

    History- Mary grew up as a normal kid. She helped her mother around the house as best she could. She never knew her father as he died a month before she was born. Mary would constantly help injured Pokemon when they came by her house. One of those was her Vulpix named Seri, who remained with her long after he had healed.
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