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    Originally Posted by Argent Crusader View Post
    I've never said that I wanted to do it. I don't hack anymore. I just don't understand the lack of progress.
    The topic is about people's thougths on why this is not happening and THE FUTURE OF HACKING as the title says.
    I was saying you as to the hacking community in general, I'm sorry if it came across as sounding somewhat harsh and pointed.

    I think there's no question as to why it's not happening. There's a lack of interest, and even when there is interest there is a lack of motivation.

    I'd like to step back a few months to when I was hacking Diamond and Pearl. I was a completely stuck up idiot. The way I behaved during the time of PokeSpam was totally unacceptable. I was some stupid "noob" who learned how to press CTRL+F in a hex editor and tell when he found something. I don't want the hacking community to become anything close to what I was.

    The best thing for the future of hacking would be to have some open collection of research (A Wiki maybe) where people who want to contribute can look over the data collected by other hackers and jump right into the middle of the scene.

    The only thing that can save the hacking community at this point is to be much more open and active. If people are unwilling to do that then the hacking community is most likely doomed to go without fourth generation hacking.
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