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    Hey can you please teach me how to do animation in title screen... I am almost finished with my graphics...
    Please help!
    Hey can you help me with the animated title screen? Im trying to use the routine KarateKid posted but it doesnt seem to work, just gives me a black screen.
    Hey ! How are you? I hope well..
    So, I saw your tutorial (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=291023) and I totally think that the repel effect in BW2 is awesome!
    But I really don't know so much about scripting in HxD. I just use XSE sometimes and make new dinamics events... Just that.
    So, if you don't mind, can you help me to put that incredible effect in my hack please?
    My skype is [email protected]

    Hope you can help me!
    Thanks so much!
    Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary!
    Hey could I put some of your asm stuff into a program? Im gonna start a new program kinda like the misc editor but updated and with support for emerald?
    Hello, Iv tried to use Attacke editor pro, but even after i put the missing files into the system32 file, I keepvgetting an error component comdlg32.ocx or one of its dependinces is not correctly registerd or missing. What should i do? I know im probbably asking too much, but could you help me solve this issue? I am using a 32bit windows 7 system. I tried on two computers that were both 32bit windows 7, both PCs. If you know how to solve this issue, could you please give me a detaild step-by-step? I read the thread, but nobody had the same problem. Please let me know as soon as possable. Thanks in advance.
    PS: Im a compleat noob at rom hacking, but i have played lots of pokemon hacks. Im working on a Fire Red hack. Its gonna be called Magicarp version. Sorry for being such a noob, but im new to this.
    Hey man, I need help. I tried to use your Attack Editor Pro, and put the missing files into System32, but it still didn't work. Seeing as the tool was made back in 2008 and it's now 2013, it's kind of a long shot that you'll be able to help me, but I do need help.
    You're the one who puts the animated Suicune in the title screen! Can you do Mega Mewtwo X or Y next?

    You can send me the images and the tilemap right after I give it to you.
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