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    Pokemon Emerald FAQ
    -all basics of the guides are done by w00t, and majorly edited/expanded by Frosty
    -give thanks to, and for some of the valuable information

    Mew and World's Edge Island

    It is now located in World's Edge Island. It is only catchable through a nintendo event to get another ticket to travel to this island (ticket name is currently unknown.) Once you're on World's Edge Island, you got a bit of travelling to do with what seems to be a maze, but it's rather straightforward (no HMs are required.) Once you reach Mew, it'll run away from you on the map so try to corner it and catch it by pressing the A button, then you'll initiate a battle with Mew. You can use the codebreaker code 82031F84 381A to get it. It is at lvl 30, so prepare yourself accordingly.

    To catch Mew, the classical Shedinja will not work anymore due to transform. It is best to use a high level Ninjask/Sceptile instead with false swipe.

    The Regis

    Pokemon you need to initiate the Regi Sidequest are:
    -a Pokemon with dig

    Go left and Surf, stay down near the bottom but not all the way. Keep going until you see a dark spot in the water. Go to that dark spot and use Dive, now you are under the water inside a room. Exit out of the room though the door. Now youre in a tunnel. Keep going until you see a big rock. Go to the end of the tunnel and on the rock you will see writing on the rock. Use Dive here. Now youre in a room with 10 stones it's just ABC... and so on. The wall at the end of the room it tells you to use Dig there. Now a door is there go in and you will see 7 stones the last one is the important one. It tells you to put Wailord first and Relicanth last (reversed from Ruby/Sapphire.) Read the inscription again. Then you hear three doors open and those are the three doors at the ruins were you can find Regice, Regirock and Registeel. Now that you have initiatied the Regis' sidequest, the 3 legendaries are free to be captured in their respective hiding place.


    Fly to Dewford town and then go north and stay to the left. Keep going until you see a big island. Land on the island to the left, go past the island and go up until you see another island (Its the island in the middle of 6 rocks). Regice is inside, Enter and press A on the wall. Read the braille then walk around the edge fo the room clockwise. Be sure to keep intact with the walls of the cave. The cave will be opened, and Regice will be inside at lvl 40, with ancientpower, curse, superpower and icy wind.

    It's best to use a high level Sceptile/Nincada/Ninjask (NOT Shedinja due to ancientpower) with false swipe (if you're high level enough, evne Icy Wind that's super effective will be harmless). Otherwise, put it to sleep or paralyze it, and then attack it slowly to lower its hp.


    You will need a Pokmon with Rock Smash.
    Item you need: Go-Goggles (you get them after you beat the 4th gym)

    First you fly to Mauville city then, go north to Route 111 and Desert Ruins. Keep going until you see the desert. Then go right and down until you see the Ruins. Go in and heard towards the wall. The wall says: Read the braille then go left 2 steps and then down 2 steps. Use rock smash and the door will open, with Regirock inside at lvl 40, with rock throw, curse, ancientpower and superpower.

    It's best to use a high level Sceptile/Nincada (NOT Ninjask or Shedinja) with false swipe. Otherwise, put it to sleep or paralyze it, and then attack it slowly to lower its hp.


    You will need a Pokmon with Flash.

    First Fly to Lilycove city then go west (left) until you go past route 121 and keep going until you get to route 120. Continue until you see stairs. Go up the stairs and keep proceeding up them until you see a cave. This is the Ancient tomb. Go in and press a next to the wall with the text. Read the braille and go down 4 steps or the middle of the room. Use flash and the door will open. Registeel will be inside at lvl 40, with metal claw, curse, superpower and ancientpower.

    It's best to use a high level Sceptile/Nincada/Ninjask (NOT Shedinja due to ancientpower) with false swipe (if you're high level enough, evne Icy Wind that's super effective will be harmless). Otherwise, put it to sleep or paralyze it, and then attack it slowly to lower its hp.

    Navel Rock- Lugia and Ho-oh

    Navel Rock is back. By getting the MysticTicket (or codebreaker code 82031F84 421A) you will gain access to this island with absolutely nothing but the 2 legendary Ho-oh and Lugia. They are both at a high lvl 70 so prepare accordingly. There is absolutely no tricks like Mew or Deoxys where there are small puzzles. They're just there.

    Lugia has swift, rain dance, hydro pump and recover. Use the classical Shedinja and just keep using Shadowballs (it's super effective so watch out if it hits too hard) and False Swipes against it. You may also want to put it to sleep. Don't worry about not getting Aeroblast, as the move is reworked to be learnt at lvl 77 instead.

    Ho-oh has swift, sunny day, fire blast and recover. Shedinja won't work this time, so use a Pokemon with resistance to fire, or even better a Pokemon with Flash Fire ability. No False Swipers within Emerald can survive the sunny day fire blast, so you're left with stunning it or putting it to sleep, then slowly hack away at its hp, hoping that it won't recover. Using taunt will stop it from using recover, but that effect will end as soon as Ho-oh attempts a Swift or Fire Blast. Another method is to burn off fire blast's low PP, then you can use Shedinja again.

    Rayquaza, Hero of Emerald

    Items you need: Mach BikeAfter some certain important plot regarding the legendaries, Rayquaza will be catchable after kyogre and groudon have gone back to sleep. Go to the sky pillar in route 131 just like Ruby/Sapphire but now you can do this sidequest as long as you've seen Rayquaza in the cutscene. It is still lvl 70 with the same moveset, so use the same strategy as in Ruby/Sapphire to catch possibly your first legendary Pokemon of Emerald.

    Kyogre and Groudon

    Pokemon you are recommanded to have: Pokemon with Fly

    They are catchable after you defeat the Elite 4. Go to the weather institute and they will give you a route number. Go to that route quickly to search for a new cave entrance. It'll randomly be an entrance to the "sea cave" or the "land cave." You have to be quick or else the cave entrance will change place and you'll have to go back to the weather institute all over again. Use HM Fly to speed you up. After you caught one of the legendaries, repeat the process again for

    Possible routes for the Sea Cave: 105,125,127,129. Kyogre will be at a raised level of lvl 70, with hydro pump, sheer cold, rest and double edge. Sheer Cold can OHKO your Pokemon, so be very careful. It can also knock itself out with double edge along with rest to make things all the more annoying. Use Shedinja to block off hydro pump and stop Kyogre from suiciding with double edge (as the attack will miss, so the recoil damage will also miss). Sheer Cold *shouldn't* work but I've never tried Sheer Cold against a Shedinja so keep that in mind... but if you're higher level than Kyogre, then the accuracy will drop (lowest is 23.4%). You may want to use a Pokemon with sturdy/protect to burn off Sheer Cold's PP first. You can also try to put it to sleep first.

    Possible routes for the Land Cave:114,115,116,118. Groudon will also be at a raised level of 70, with Solarbeam, Fire Blast, Fissure and Rest. Rest will make the work hideous, as it will restore its hp. Fissure works just like Sheer Cold but a flying type or a Pokemon with levitate ability will be immune to Fissure. Fire Blast and Soalrbeam are both deadly attacks with Drought's boost. Flygon works the best as it's immune to Fissure and Fire Blast. You can also try to put it to sleep first. If you wasted all of Fire Blast's PP, you can use Shedinja again (keep in mind about the thing with OHKO moves and Shedinja though.)

    Latias or Latios?

    When you beat the E4, watch the TV at home again like what you do in Ruby and Sapphire. At the end of the show, your mom will ask you what color. Choose red for latias, or blue for latios. The chosen answer will be the Pokemon found in the wild. Latios and Latias are exactly the same as it would be in Ruby/Sapphire, so you probably has some previous experience in terms of how to handle these 2 Pokemon already.

    The 4th Form of Deoxys

    The rumored "speed Deoxys"'s info is finally revealed by It is on Birth Island once again, just like how Naval Rock is brought back from FRLG. You need another ticket (current name unknown, but maybe same as FRLG) to reach the island. The puzzle again is the same as FLRG's.

    Its moves and stats are...

    lvl 1 leer
    lvl 1 wrap
    lvl 5 night shade
    lvl 10 double team
    lvl 15 knock off
    lvl 20 pursuit
    lvl 25 psychic
    lvl 30 swift
    lvl 35 agility
    lvl 40 recover
    lvl 45 psychoboost
    lvl 50 extremespeed

    (Base stats)
    hit points 50
    attack 95
    defense 90
    speed 180
    special attack 95
    special defense 90

    This officially makes Deoxys-E the fastest of all Pokemon. Ninjask's reign was short lived... This form of Deoxys has very rounded stats with speed being unexceptionally high.

    For competitive battlers, this is another useless Pokemon down the bin, with its only contribution to the metagame being giving Deoxys-FR Extremespeed. Whatever this thing can do, its FR and LG counterpart can do it a lot better. The extra speed isn't worth the relatively low stats in comparison to Deoxys-FR and Deoxys-LG.

    Move tutors
    The moves can be only taught once, just like FRLG.

    is in Slateport pokemon club, the guy besides the Azumarill.
    Rollout is in Mauville by the fat guy near the gym.
    Fury cutter is in Verdanturf Pokemon Center, a little boy to the right hand side.
    Metronome is also in Verdanturf, in the top right hand corner of the Pokemart.
    Mimic is in Lavaridge, a house besides the herb shop.
    Sleep talk is in a house within Fortree, near the top left of the gym. Talk to the old man.
    Substitute is in Lilycove shop tower at the roof.
    Dynamic punch is in Mossdeep, before you go up the stairs to enter the city.
    Explosion is in Pacificdlog Pokecenter, guy in the bottom right corner .
    Double edge is in Sootopolis Poke center, person near bookcase.

    The battle Frontier Tutors
    You could buy moves for battle points. There is no limit to how many times you can teach that move as long as you have enough battle points. You can get the moves inside house to the bottom left of the Battle Dome. Talk to the two old ladies. This adds to the rejoiced list of "infinite Pokemon TMs," which is something to rejoice about for all competitive players.

    Lady on Right:
    Defence curl- 16 Battle Points
    Snore- 24 Battle Points
    Mud Slap- 24 Battle Points
    Swift- 24 Battle Points
    Icy wind- 24 Battle Points
    Endure- 48 Battle Points
    Psych Up- 48 Battle Points
    Ice Punch- 48 Battle Points
    Thunder Punch- 48 Battle Points
    Fire Punch- 48 Battle Points

    Lady on Left:
    Softboiled- 16 Battle Points
    Seismic Toss- 24 Battle Points
    Dream Eater- 24 Battle Points
    Mega Punch- 24 Battle Points
    Mega Kick- 24 Battle Points
    Body Slam- 48 Battle Points
    Rock Slide- 48 Battle Points
    Counter- 48 Battle Points
    Thunder Wave- 48 Battle Points
    Swords Dance- 48 Battle Points

    Note: Curse is NOT a move tutor move, regardless of how the pattern seems to be a revival of all old TMs. No, Gamefreak isn't stupid enough to make curse for everyone again, so clear those plans of having a Cursecunes already.