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Name: Kairi Hill

Age: 12

Gender: Female


She is very nice and trusting. Kind to her Pokemon. But she does conplain a lot. Kairi really hates walking a lot. Her feet get sore when she does a lot of walking.

She likes to ride her bike instead. When Kairi loses her temper though, she's like a hurricane, so watch out. She loses her temper whenever she sees someone being mean to Pokemon, or just being stuck up. She can't stand stuck up people. But she is very faithful to her friends and Pokemon. Kairi loves anything that's cute or beautiful.

She goes on beauty. Beautiful and cute Pokemon are her life. She loves them so very much. Her favorite types of Pokemon are water types. She doesn't know why, there is just something beautiful and magical about water types that she just loves.

But her favorite Pokemon are Pachirisu and Pikachu. She thinks there the cutest out of all other Pokemon out there. But she may like Pikachu a lot more then Pachirisu. But she can't stand ghost Pokemon. She is very afaird of ghost Pokemon. When she was very tiny, she got frighten by a Genger, and ever since then she's been very afaird of ghost types. She can't stand to be anywhere near them at all. They frighten her so much.

Kairi believes there can be peace between humans and Pokemon. She believes that one day there will be such a strong connection between humans and Pokemon that humans will be able to understand Pokemon speech. She also believes in not keeping her first Pokemon inside a PokeBall. She likes to keep it outside with her all of the time.


Kairi is of avange height at 5'' 2''. Not too tall or too short for her age. Even though she always thinks she's too short. She weights 100 pounds. She's always conplainning about her height and weight. She thinks she's too short and that she weights too much.

She has very long brown hair, going straight down her back. Her hair is very thight as well. It is always a pain brushing it. Kairi conplains a lot about taking care of her hair. It is so hard for her to take care of it. She has to use a special shampoo for it all the time. She hates that as well.

She wears a sleeveless blue shirt, a red short skirt, red and white shoes, and very long blue socks that go up to her ankles. Kairi always wears the same thing every day. Expect during the Winter time, when she wears a tight blue coat. Under it is a blue sweater, and she wears blue sweat pants and brown fuzzy boots.

She is very pale white skinned. She hates her skin color a lot. She is pale skinned because she gets sick a lot. Sometimes if she's really, REALLY sick her skin color turns a light green color. She always got made fun of in school cause of her pale skin color. All the kids at school gave her the nickname,'Ghost' cause her skin is so pale it's almost the color of a ghost.

But Kairi's eyes are very beautiful. She has very pretty light blue eyes. Her eyes are the same color as the sky. Her family's always telling her how pretty her eyes are. Kairi blushes and looks away. Kairi has never thought that her eyes were that pretty but everyone else seems to think so. So she just lets it slide.

She carries a side sag with her that she carried across her shoulder. Her bag can carry a lot of things inside it. She has had this bag since she went to Pokemon School. It's her most prized item, since it was given to her by her missing father. She treasures it always.


Kairi was born, and raised in Johto, at New Bark Town. Her parents always used to fight all the time when she was a baby. It was always about her all the time. About what they would do with her. Even when Kairi was a little baby they faught a lot. But then it was about what to feed her. And who was going to change her diaper.

When Kairi was a baby she had always heard voices in her head. She didn't think anything of it at the time because, hey, she was just a baby. Later on when she turned 3 she forgotten all about the voices in her head. It was then that her father got fed up with her mother and decided to leave,"I'm going!" He screamed at Kairi's mother. "Find!" She screamed back. She was glad to have him gone.

Kairi's mother had always thought he was no good for Kairi anyway. Glameow, Kairi's mother's Pokemon yawned and fell asleep as he left the house. It didn't even notice him leaving. Kairi's mother used to be a Coordinator. She had entered dozens of Contests with that Glameow and won them all.

Kairi's mother had been everywhere. From Kanto all the way to Sinnoh. She had even won the Grand Festival with Glameow. Kairi's mother was a Pokemon Coordinator legend. Kairi hoped someday to master Contests as well. But one day her mother retired from Contests and released all her Pokemon back into the wild expect for Glameow. She kept Glameow with her as a house pet.

Later on when she was 8 years old, Kairi and her mother later on moved to Pallet Town, as New Bark Town was way too noisy for her and her mother. She loved going outside and picking flowers. She has a very beautiful flower garden that her mother sometimes helps her with. She plants all kinds of flowers there, but her favorite kinds of flowers are sun flowers.

Kairi has been living with her mother since then. She doesn't know what happened to her father. He disappeared about a year later after the divorce, and Kairi hasn't seen him since then. It's like her father just disappeared off the face of the earth. No one has seen her father since then.

Her and her mother sometimes sell the flowers. One day Kairi was watching TV, and heard about all children starting out as Pokemon Trainers or Coordinators, and getting there first Pokemon from Professor Oak. "Wow! That's what I always wanted to do, become a master Coordinator just like my mom," Kairi said getting excited.

The next day she went and got her starter. With her starter she feels as if she can handle anything. So she starts her journey. Kairi hopes that this journey will lead to her missing father. She misses him so much. She hopes to find him while on this journey. She will look for clues to his disappearance.

She will find him no matter what. She will not quit until she has found her father and finds out what happened to him. She hopes that he's still alive at least. Oh well, she figures that one day she'll find out if she just keeps on searching and never quitting.

Her mother has a Glameow. She'd like to catch one of those while on her journey. Maybe she can use it to find her father. Or maybe not. Kairi decides that anything she can think of is worth a try. As long as she finds her father she doesn't care how she finds him. As long as she finds him. And she will find him someday, somehow. No matter what she will find him.

Post Sample:

(From Kyoto Region)

Kairi was walking though the forest with Ralts and Kyukon. It was a big maze, and they were having trouble finding there way out,'Humans,' Kyukon sighed,'There always getting themselves lost.'

Kairi was getting pretty hungry so she decided to stop for a little while,"Are you guys hungry?" Kairi asked. Ralts nodded. Kyukon could care less. All she wanted was to get out of this forest and fast. Something about it didn't seem right to her.

"Kyukon aren't you hungry?" Kairi asked her, interuding Kyukon from her thoughts. She walked over to Kairi, and Kairi gave her some Orange PokeBlock. Kyukon had always loved this. It was a special type of PokeBlock, made just for fire types like herself.

"Ni," Kyukon grinned as she ate the PokeBlock. Ralts was eating a green one. She grinned as well. Afterwards Kairi decided to get a little bit of trainning done for Contests. She let Bunny, her Buneary out of her PokeBall. She gave her a ice colored PokeBlock.

Bunny grinned as she ate it. Kairi decided to train with Kyukon first,"Ok, Kyukon ready for some Contest trainning?" Kairi asked her. Kyukon nodded her head. She really wasn't in the mood right now. But oh well. There was nothing to do right now anyway since they were lost in the forest.

"Ok jump up into the air, spin and use Flamethrower with Giga Impact," Kairi ordered.

"Nine!" Kyukon screamed as she jumped up into the air and spinned with Flamethrower and Giga Impact surrounding her body. The attack looked very bright and beautiful,"Great!" Kairi called from the ground,"Now use Protect as you land onto the ground."

Kyukon used Protect as she landed making her turn a bright blue color. Once the attack ended there was a lot of brightly colored sparkles around her body,"Nine." She said as she finished up.

Kairi started dancing. Bunny and Ralts cheered,"That was great work Kyukon. Here's another PokeBlock for all your hard work," Kairi said as she handed Kyukon another orange colored PokeBlock. She ate it up. Kairi then continued trainning with her other two Pokemon.

"Ok, Bunny use Pound to bound up and down on your ears and fuse that with Splash attack," Kairi told her. Bunny did as was ordered,"Now jump up into the air with Defense Curl." Bunny did that. It looked great.

Kairi was finished for right now. Ralts tugged at her leg,"Sorry, Ralts all you know right now is Confusion and Growl, and those attacks wouldn't really look well together. After you learn somemore attacks then I'll train you for Contests ok."

Ralts sighed but agreed. Kairi recalled Bunny into her Ultra Ball. The three then continued on trying to find a way out.

+I smell something up ahead,+ Kyukon said sniffing. "What is it Kyukon?" Kairi asked her. Kyukon ran ahead. Kairi picked up Ralts,"Kyukon! Wait for me!" Kairi called as she ran after her.

Once Kairi caught up to Kyukon, her Pokemon was standing next to an unconious form laying in the grass. Kairi got a closer look at the Pokemon. It looked like a very small ice blue colored cat type. And it had a long tail. "Oh my god! It's a Mew. But this one's different in color, it's ice blue."

Kairi picked up the Shiny Mew in her arms,"Oh my god! It's burning up with fever!" Kairi panicked. She got out Ralts' small Pokemon bed and put the Shiny Mew inside it. Mew was moaning in pain,"Don't worry Mew I'll have you all better soon," Kairi informed it.

"Mew," Mew repiled weakly. Kairi got out some ice and some water and a bag and made a ice pack. Since she wasn't a breeder she didn't know what berries would cure a fever. She put the ice pack on Mew's forehead. The Pokemon went back to sleep.

Kairi sit up camp, as it was starting to get late. It was already dark out. She took the Mew inside the tent with her. Kyukon and Ralts went to sleep. Ralts was able to tell how worried it's master was, as a Ralts can read the thoughts and feelings of others.

Kairi laid beside of Mew in her sleeping bag. She laid with Mew all night. A lot of times during the night Kairi had to get up and change the ice pack. A few hours later, everything went black.


When Kairi woke up there was a lot of cherries laiding in front of her. Also the Mew was floating just above her. Kairi got up and grinned at it,"Are you feeling better Mew?" She asked it. Mew grinned happily,"Mew!"

Mew flew down to Kairi and she hugged it,"I'm so happy your ok," Kairi grinned,"Did you pick these cherries for us? That was sweet of you."

Kairi and her Pokemon ate the cherries. Mew ate as well. Afterwards, Kairi packed up to leave. Mew helped her find the way out of the forest,"Thanks very much Mew. Well I'll be seeing you. Bye," Kairi said getting ready to walk away when Mew tugged at her shirt,"What is it?"

Mew pointed to her PokeBall belt and then licked her on the cheeck,"Are you saying you want to come with me?" Kairi asked. The Mew nodded,"Mew," it grinned.

"Ok then," Kairi said holding out a PokeBall to the Shiny Mew. Mew touched it and went inside. The PokeBall dinged. Kairi was so happy to have made a new friend. She put Mew's ball away and her and her Pokemon continued on there journey.

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