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    Originally Posted by Trikeboy View Post
    Sounds interesting, a little familiar, but interesting. I hope you are planning to use a different tile set so it feels like it is in the past.
    well, yech I am using diffrent tile's

    the link isn't working the site saids 'unable to load image'
    so I can't see the sprites

    Originally Posted by Ochitsuite View Post
    Stops reading....
    How may I ask will you heal?
    Or will that reveal to much??
    Food! how do you get Food Fish,Cook etc....(ask Brock)

    Originally Posted by Blazers View Post
    Your region should not be called "unnamed".
    The people of the era may be stupid, but you don't have to be.
    Don't include all 4 regions if your really dedicated to this game.
    You won't get it finished, that's a promise.
    Make one region and maybe add extra islands to explore.
    Magic? What kind of magic do you mean?
    I like the Poke Ball making feature, they'll probably all be made out of rocks or somethin.
    Take a look at some of the better games on this site, (Amythest, Morning Dawn, Acanthite, etc.) see how the page is set up?
    When you get more into the game with screens and everything, make it more like that. That is definitely one of the first things i judge a game on.

    And this is 4000 years ago, no pokemon today should be there now except for ancient ones like Magikarp, or Relicanth.
    You should incorporate new ones.

    The name Pokemon 2000 B.C. isn't very appealing, make it something with some flair.
    ok there will be a new region name
    and all 4 region's will be in it (well parts of them)
    there will be fakepokemon and all pokemon will be in it and they will fit!
    and the name will get updated
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