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    Actually my laptop power charger died but I have back ups of my files on jump drives and on my desktop so that If I do lose the project due to a mishap I will be able to continue without significant losses. I plan to make this as unique as possible as opposed to many other fangames that tell a story based specifically on lets say "Team Magma" or something like that. Also as I think it is stated with the screenies they are simply the most recently uploaded not the most recent I have. The male character has been updated a lot and Ive began getting a basic female hero drawn out (On paper currently) and will use it as referance when spriting her. Also on the topic of the little old forest lady, Expect her to be an active portion of the game ;]

    As for the layout I find it is better to have what you want layed out as in the main story and then go back and fill in minor details here and there what I have put up to show is the main story and several other main features and functions. I am working on fakemon spriting and Im still recruiting team members as well I am also setting up a site for the team and the project.

    Mentioning my old ROM hack, I am bringing many characters from it into this game including the old main character "Granite" who will appear in the game at some point not to sure yet. Im between graphics at the moment. I love the D/P/Pt graphics but I think I am going to use the palletes, ground tiles, and tree tile and then use Fr/LG house/building tiles and charasets. Im debating this though. Glad to hear the wonderful feed back it motivates me a lot. I will try to get some new screenies up ASAP.

    Once again thanks


    Ive began naming some of the fakemon in our dex however their names are subject to change but the ones there more than likely wont change due to the fact that all the ones up there I like lol. Also added a walkthrough for the intro portion of the demo being as I have it kinda broke down into chapters/episodes and may even add title screens to show when you are in a new episode or what not but at the moment it will jusst be for the walkthrough (Upon final game release the folder will contain a walkthrough notepad file for help if you want it). I also added this up to give you a basic idea of what is in the demo and what will be in the demo. I will more than likely be switching my main program files to my desktop and start using it as opposed to my laptop at least until college starts and I get my new laptop. This will be benificiary for security reasons and for reliability, acuracy, and speed. Hope to hear more from the community on my project and hope you will all support, continue to support and support my teams future projects (Ideas are on the storyboard). Support bars and banners will be promptly made asap I will also post the code for the one with fiaura and jadesaur in it.
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