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    (sorry the history’s kinda weak… but there are some things I want to have happen during the RP )

    Name- Crystal Elizabeth Anderson

    Age- 14

    Gender- female

    Pokémon Half- Dialga

    Appearance- Crystal stands about five feet, eight inches tall and has a lithe build, though her arms and legs are rather strong. Her eyes are ordinarily a light blue color, though one time a child at her school claimed that her eyes had turned red. Crystal attempted to shrug this off but often looks at her reflection to check the color of her eyes. She got her name from the blue stone that rests at the base of her neck where her collar bone begins (it may have been more fitting for her to be named Sapphire, but seriously, how many kids do you know named Sapphire?) and typically wears a thin white scarf over it. Her hair is a deep shade of blue with streaks of paler blue running through it. As this is not exactly the definition of “normal”, Crystal tends to keep it up under a red baseball cap with the Pokémon logo on it. Oh, and Crystal’s nails are metal. Thankfully, they always remain at a decent length (imagine trying to clip those babies) and thankfully she can usually pass it off as nail polish, though it is rather difficult for her to make sure that she doesn’t scratch anyone or anything and tends to wear through the fronts of her shoes rather quickly, resulting in her usually wearing black steel-toed boots. Small segments of metal protrude from her back over the bones of her spine, so she always wears closed-back shirts, though she usually wears a bright blue camisole under a black hoodie. Crystal typically has on a pair of dark jeans, which are usually worn away at the knees because of the metal plates coming out over the kneecaps. She finally gave up on trying to hide them and just ignores the comments and stares. When Crystal is angry, dark blue veins become extremely visible on her arms and legs and the back of her neck. While Crystal isn’t unusually pale, she doesn’t typically get tanned or sun burnt, resulting in her looking like a ghost when compared to others in the summer. Throughout the year, Crystal always carries a pair of sunglasses with her with large lenses, just in case she wants to look nonchalant or simply needs a small sanctuary from the people around her.

    History (subject to change (adding things) depending on where we start in the RP)- Crystal’s “parents” found her egg outside their home. Delighted at the prospect of finding a mysterious egg, and taking no notice of the strange coloring and patterns on it, they took care of it. They were extremely surprised when what hatched out of it wasn’t a Pokémon at all. At least… not completely a Pokémon. But they were delighted with the little girl and named her Crystal on account of the gem set into her chest. As she grew, it became ever more apparent that she wasn’t a normal child, especially to Crystal herself. When she asked her parents why she was so different, they told her that that was just how she was and they would tell her when she was older. When Crystal became older, her parents told her that they didn’t know why she was the way she was but they thought that it had something to do with a surgery (they had obviously already told her that she wasn’t their biological child), though they left out the little fact that they had seen her hatch out of an egg. Crystal went to a normal school until she reached Middle School when she begged her parents to home school her because of the way the other kids treated her differences. Her parents agreed to do so and Crystal quickly got through the curriculum required, since she obviously didn’t have much of a social life. Crystal became fascinated with Pokémon and began reading all the information she could about them, spending a considerable amount of time reading articles about Legendaries. Her mother had a Gardevoir and her father a Lucario from their own Pokemon that were their closest partners when they were young and they gave Crystal a Starly, though Crystal never really trained her. Even though Crystal isn’t really one to want to go very far from home, she is becoming bored with her small home town and is ready to go out and have an adventure, though she had no idea just how much of an adventure was coming her way.

    Pokémon Move- Roar of Time
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