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    Name- Dave Smith
    Age- 12
    Gender- Boy
    Pokemon Half- Giratina
    Appearance- Dave is a large kid for his age. since he's 12 the wings are starting to form. he has blonde hair, wears a black and red long sleeve shirt that looks like it has claws, and he has baggy pants that are gray with some parts of gold fabric. The shoes he wears are golden. His face is actually a tinted golden color if you look close up. His eyes a pitch black but are starting to become a little bit of red. His tail of course is still growing.
    History- Max was found near a PokeMart. The shopkeeper found the egg and raised it as his own. The man was married and had a child that was 1 still. he thought that the egg was a pokemon and so brought it home so when the egg hatched, the baby will have a pokemon to play with. except when the egg hatched it turned out to be a pokemorph. His "Dad" thought then the pokemorph would be paparazzied so he kepted him a secret. Dave did become helpful by hauling the items for his dad. but, one day a Delta grunt came in and demanded for Dave, who was in the back hauling some burn heals. his dad came and told him to run to the nearest research lab, which happen to be Oreburgh city. Now he knows the truth about himself and is determined to find the other pokemorphs
    Pokemon Move- Shadow Force

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