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^^; um um, maybe if we extended the rp discussion to include more than one section?

I'd be more than willing to help with like a character creation hotline. ^^ submit your character profiles etc to a team of experts and have it reviewed and de-stu-i-fied? I also think a guide on how to enlarge posts without being a redundant monkey would be a good idea as well. Prehaps you could split it up further, request certain types of guides at one point and compile them into something eloquent? For instance, request all guide ideas for character creation help one week and the next, guides on plotlines and how to develop them etc.

Also, a pet peeve...

it'd be really lovely if we could have an etiquette guide. For rps. That includes what is proper and what is not proper in regards to dealing with conflicts and drama within the ranks of an rp. v-v I'm really getting sick and tired of seeing people treat rp masters like dirt if they don't let them into a roleplay or argue with them after the point when they have no business arguing with them.