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Twenty years.

Twenty passive, peaceful and prosperous years -- moments in time in where it slipped away without an instant’s notice. Hoenn’s active and pleased inhabitants have not been aware of its smooth flow over its short course; time seemed to pass by hurriedly nowadays. To say the least, they were particularly fortunate from one’s point of view: they had a leader, a liberator.

A Champion.

His period of influence had changed Hoenn’s economy considerably over the course of his few two decades, thus commerce and trade had begun to develop: wealthy shareholders and stockbrokers bought and sold securities, shares and sub-prime mortgages owned by major corporations and credit markets the prime foundation of the rise of its own capital delineate. Due to this, trade routes were flooded with various shipments of all varieties of an extremely wide assortment of products from all over the globe. Manufacturing firms and industrial depots had been erected throughout the region to supply the growing general populace as well as the rising number of tourists and Pokémon. Commercial infrastructures and business chains had begun to sprout as well due to the increasing regard and rivalry between analogous enterprises.

In addition, there were further favorable traits.

Regardless of Hoenn’s bustling activity and partially democratic nature, crimes rates these days were extraordinarily low due to the fact of its unique method of law enforcement the use of its own exceptional military structure to frame the region’s higher-than-average lifestyle and enforcement of its policies.

Of course, not only humans were given the chance to flourish and subsist in peace: but also local and migrating Pokémon have been under protection of the affirmed consensus and decree. Construction was immediately ceased once a disturbance in their natural territory and habitat was established.

His Excellency not only felt that security was of utmost concern but Pokémon were to be treated as equals and deserved a decent standard of living as well. His principles retracted this situation.

Hence, reputation and status were built, giving a favorable notion in Hoenn’s national figure: experienced trainers and coordinators from other regions began to train and contend in various competitions throughout its state such as enhanced gyms and neighboring contests. Reputation draws expertise and significance alike.

Composed, competitive and active, it is –and will always be– an idyllic status for years to come.

However, Hoenn’s serene and flourishing nation at the present wasn’t as triumphant before his regime. In fact, the past administration was thrown into anarchy, for they were mindful of a crisis of epic proportions that was about to befall any and all within its liberated borders, perhaps even the entire world in the course of time: The Great Diverge. It all started when two large, secretive and separate crime organizations stole precious artifacts and threatened to use these relics to awaken the armaments of the past.

The Ancient Guardians.

All in all, these were two large, lethal behemoths with the wrath of nature at their command: the ideal weapons to carry out their ruthless requests. Either side with their own egotistical desire to execute their perverse objective at the cost of any: expand their own element and bring the whole world –fearful– to its knees

That was the predicament though: both desired –and sought– to accomplish their goal without one getting in the way of the other’s conquest. Hence, constant skirmishes were established between them every time they made contact, like two desperate rivals with one great ambition, each as determined as the other. The only other difference was that their ambition was sheer and utter anarchy.

Despite the regular sabotage of one to the other before, during and after significant operations, they both astoundingly managed to gather momentous intelligence and a small number of remnants –with a few blunders and abuse in the middle– to carry out the ultimate resurgence.

The only thing standing in the way was each other.

And, contemptibly, an eleven-year old who would constantly interfere and foil there underhanded operations. A nuisance, both state. And the future Champion who would afterward bring Hoenn to the peak of its achievements. Providing, of course, that he could thwart and bring to a crashing halt the two syndicates who wielded destruction at their fingertips.

True to form, he knew the penalty should he fail: a whole region (perhaps even the whole world) would end up paying for it. And now, he stood between annihilation and the ultimate conquest of greed. However, he had a distinct advantage that meant everything in the end: he knew both organizations would feud, trying to regain supremacy over the other.

The perfect opportunity to exploit.

Both consortiums were equally matched: skillful, silent and strong. Either side as fierce and vicious as the other. No one wavering. No one displaying signs of defeat. Their Pokémon speaking their raw rage and resolve. It was a magnificent sight to behold: Flamethrowers, Shadow balls, and Hydro pumps crossing the middle length of Monsu Island. For now, the leaders of opposing sides had dismissed to obliterate their adversary once and for all -- using the wrath of The Ancients.

Too soon. Too early.

And without regret and remorse.

Without any hesitation, they managed to awaken the Guardians: each grasping equally destructive authority over the brute ferocity of nature. Needless to say, Hoenn’s destruction was now close at hand.

It was on the brink of its own Armageddon.

It was time.

He knew when exactly to take advantage of the rage and thoughtlessness on behalf of the two leaders and how much a risk they were taking by not having the patience to remain vigilant a fatal judgment.

And that advantage was now: when they were most exposed.

He was right.

Unsurprisingly, their wicked endeavors were brought to a standstill, stopped even before damage beyond repair. The destruction of the artifacts brought considerable effect: the slumber of the Guardians once more. As a result of this failure, both organizations broke up. Financial support was completely withdrawn from their various sponsors and their criminal activities that plagued Hoenn ceased.

Within a few weeks, Hoenn had a new Champion: the unsung eleven-year old redeemer. A few years after his rise to power, he began to reform his region without change in custom. He established leverages and considerable transactions first, with the companies such as Devon within Hoenn’s borders, then, other powerful corporations all over the world. Stockholders and industrialists admired his way of thinking and trainers and coordinators envied his skill and talent. A Champion is not a Champion for nothing.

Tranquility throughout Hoenn was now certain and definite, all because of his valor and the display of highest standards. Nothing now stood in the way of advance and progress.

Until now.

Reticent conspiracies, illegal trade and conscription, involving one massive organization were rumored to work beneath the awareness of the national and metropolitan authorities. This, of course, provoked nationwide alarm. For the first time in two decades, Hoenn had a new threat with one perverse aim as its ultimatum: to cause the downfall of the Republic and force the entire region into submission. Order was desperately needed.

At first, the National Security Bureau elevated security and defense in various areas of the country and dispatched numerous officers to ensure protection. However, over the course of three months, no likely criminal activity was reported, even within the most illegally active locations in the region. It was evidently clear that they were lowering their guard.

A mortal mistake, for it was then that they struck.

At the conclusion of the post-defense, a private flight was reported to have crashed, claiming the lives of five individuals. Furthermore, the most prominent person in Hoenn’s regime was one of seven passengers aboard the flight the Champion. Terrible accident or multiple counts of murder? Either way, it was the ideal chance to utilize. This would mean turmoil and mayhem for the next few years: a sadistic struggle of supremacy.

Without their president, the Senate essentially a body of legislatives or the second most powerful ranks in the administration was thrown into chaos. Assassinations would follow, and many would lose their lives in the process. In addition, a civil war would shred the great nation apart.

And such was the issue thirty years ago: Hoenn at the threshold of catastrophe, both politically and meteorologically at the course of its events and as well as its predictable unseen liberation – the past and the present, both concepts certain to ensue alike.

History was repeating itself.



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