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Miz en Scène
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  • Heh. it's understandable, I've been having so much work that last month I made enough to pay the bills only from overtime.

    And will take note~
    Sooooo... I'm interesting in adapting one particular element of your story "Rainbow Chasers" into my Legendaries mythology for Suocéverse. It's just a too damn good opportunity to pass up. Somewhat obviously, it'd be about Ho-Oh, and to a lesser extent the stories behind the Burned Tower. Would really love to talk a few minor details through with you, be it over e-mail or PMs or internet-over-pigeon-carrier.
    Yup! Love the whole trilogy. I don't know of any other science fiction piece that handles so many disciplines so thoroughly while still leaving room for brilliant drama.
    Thanks! I really appreciate the great review! I was worried after sending the link to the document that it was terrible and I shouldn't subject people to it but you have allayed those fears.
    Hello person I haven't talked to in like a bazlillion years! Would you like to casually critique a very short (~450 words) story? It's from a creepy dream I had about a fox!
    Your desire is my command, I changed "As They Were" typography to Merriweather, which should be somewhat easier to read.

    (Also, nice catch on the reference~)
    I feel you about general creative work. I was surprised how much I missed it when I was off it for a while. Hope things do get better for you soon!

    It's funny, I always hear about the schoolyard Pokemon vs. Digimon conflict, like the old Nintendo vs. Sega one, but in my circle of close friends we liked them both openly. *shrug* Also, fun fact that your Lain avatar reminded me of: the third season of Digimon was written by the same guy who wrote Serial Experiments Lain. Crazy, huh?
    Heh. Yesh, a very good thing to see you again.

    I am admittedly thankful that the forum software can keep our conversations of that long ago, since I am too lazy to back them up to disk myself. So even while I tend to be away for too long a time, I do remember some people - and some of the healthy silliness of th Writer's Lounge. Then again, I should explore some other parts of the forum.

    As you might recall I used to be 'solovino', but I am reserving now that pen name for something else, and instead I am here using Venia Silente, which is my "official" pen name in the Pokémon fandom; the only site where it's not up to date yet is Serebii.
    Tricks are good! I just made a return of sorts a few weeks ago myself. Hoping to stick around longer this time as I post my buffered digimon fic. Other than that I'm enjoying the post-college, actual-adult life. How about you?
    Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary!
    Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary!
    Yeah. I'd been reading Malcolm Pryce's Louie Knight series at the time, which are excellent parodies of fifties hard-boiled detective noir fiction, set in Aberystwyth in an alternate universe with druids - actually, looking back, I now realise that I probably owe Pryce more than I thought I did - and that essentially kick-started The Rocket Case, and through that, every piece of fanfiction I've ever written.

    Ah. I hate reading off a screen, too; it's the main reason I don't review as much as my sense of obligation towards society compels me to.

    You're welcome for the critique. Believe me, it was nothing more than a fortunate accident resulting from my rambling on without someone to interrupt me.

    Ah, I see. Hm. I'm not really sure where exactly my strength lies. I used to think my main area of expertise was black comedy, but when I write that it ends up being too black for most people to even see the comedy - my first story on this site, The Rocket Case, being a case in point. I'm not sure that anyone noticed that that was more or less one long, extended joke.

    Now, I'm not so sure. Practice has given me a certain degree of competence in the field of comedy, but the darkness keeps creeping back in - whether it's having thousands of people molecularly dissassembled while still alive and rebuilt into the new incarnation of Groudon, or accidentally turning what was meant to be the reliable narrator of my story about Genesect into a Pale Fire-style lunatic who probably committed multiple murders during the course of the story.

    Hm. This had some relevance to your point when I first thought of it... Ah yes. Things generally come out all right in the end, in my experience - and from what I've read of your work beyond Havisham and The Promise I Made to You (which is admittedly not much), it seems like that holds true for you. The Mizan flavour is there, but it's still a credible departure from your usual style.

    Yeah. I think that's what I meant to say... Man, I'm really bad at following my own thoughts.

    I think it's more that not so many people are posting in the thread to say they're entering; that's all I'm going to say.

    And no, it's not against the rules for you to ask, but it's probably against the rules for me to answer that one. In any case, if you ask me as long as there are two or three good entries entering the contest isn't a waste at all.

    Looking forward to it! And I'd wish you good luck but in the context of judging I can't wish you more luck than anyone else without compromising my integrity. Oh well! :D
    Go for it! It's not too late!

    And yeah, I felt like giving one of the old standby judges a break this year. :)
    Indeed, it has been a while, but you can always count on me to pop in around this time of year.

    Planning on doing any small writing, possibly while competing, in the near future?
    Don't worry, as long as you reply in the end. XD
    And I'm still around, I haven't lost interest in this place yet~

    All that appealing to gender stereotypes is already covered with the fact that MLP is about ponies. XD; But I think that once you get over that fact, it's pretty interesting. :O

    I'm afraid that's what's going to happen to me as well, though. What will probably happen these summer holidays is that I'll end up trying to finish the first task on my to-do list, give up and succumb to the internet. :/

    Yeah, Code Geass was really great in that regard. I loved how it got me emotionally involved, especially with
    I could see how it would appeal to older audiences, though. MLP had more mature dialogue than I expected. XD

    I shall, but the end of school feels like such a long way off, even though it's only about 3 months away. I think I should write out a to-do list for my summer break. XD

    Yeah, anime feels like that after watching it a lot. I went on an anime for nearly a year because I just lost interest with what people tried to offer me. I kinda broke that hiatus when my friend made me watch Code Geass. I loved it, I watched both seasons in two weeks. XD

    Yeah, it's a awesome book. I would have read it out of my own interest eventually, but it was a part of our course material, so I went ahead and read it before my teacher ruined it for me.
    I read somewhere that he died several months after the novel was published. conspiracy :O :O But it's a shame he died so soon after publishing it. I would've liked to see what more he would have come out with. I liked Animal Farm too, though definitely not as much as 1984.
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