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    Thanks for all the support... Now, it's time for some small updates. This time, I'll be covering some of the improvements for the maps, as well as one of the most special characteristics of this game: random weather and seasons...

    Spoilers ahead (once more...)

    Map improvements:

    The map system is planned to be expanded as much as possible (one of the advantages Flash had was that: additional terrain tag support, but I guess it's just a matter of trial and mistake) with the implementation and reinstauration of terrain obstacles (Diving Spots, Cut Trees, and similar) Throughout the Sihma region, you'll find not only the already present Cut Trees, Strenght Boulders, Rock Smash Rocks, Rocky Cliffs and Waterfalls; but you'll also find special, unique or restored obstacles. These obstacles include:

    Hover Spots
    Freeze Paths
    Diving Spots
    and more...

    These obstacles can be either in the outside or in the inside, being some of them Gym Traps. The use of these moves is not limited, except for the HM moves, and can be easily obtained, by learning or by TM. These moves are useful in battle and in the field, so it's convenient to have some Pokemon learn these moves.

    Apart from this, two other factors come in play when in battle or in maps, as the geography can suddenly transform: Weather and Seasons...

    Weather and Seasons:

    Climate in this game is random, being rainy one day and sunny the next one. Although the different climate changes change with the player's actual position. The climate changes can be easily tracked by TV or by the Pokepalm, a special device similar to the Pokegear or the Poketch.

    Once every day, normally at the earliest hours, the normal TV broadcast shows the Weather Bulletin, which allows the player to easily track the weather in the nearby places.

    The climate also got improved, having extra additions:

    and others...

    Seasons work in a similar way, except they are actually real-time, changing the entire tiling, overworld appearance, weather patterns and Pokemon appearance. There are certain events which work with these season changes and are required to unlock certain places, people, and similar.

    The first beta release will only have two seasons: summer and winter. The final game will have all.

    The weather and climate transform the mapping, making some sections of the map open or close, or changing the obstacles in the map, as well as the people. Also, some evolution methods require an special weather or season to occur.
    The next update might have some screenshots, as I'll get even busier from now on...

    Best of lucks for everyone and read ya later...

    Edit: Development begins this Saturday, and, as a right-foot start, new images will be available...
    Anyone interested in joining the development group is welcome to apply at any time.

    Read ya tomorrow... A new age of adventures and dreams is about to unfold...