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Originally Posted by RSC ELiTE View Post
You must like Death Note... L,Mt. Shinigami... and now L's diabetic... Poor him, no more cake! :p
Yep, I do. A lot. He can still get cake, but now he'll have to cover himself from now on.

Originally Posted by Ruka Prince View Post
OH EM GEE I can't open the IPS File you've posted, Furatman! It's annoying! I hope you update Beta 1 to Beta v.1.1 ASAP.
What, the site? Well, I might as well upload 1.1 onto the first post. But, I'm not done with 1.1.

Originally Posted by Ash493 View Post
I don't know if someone's reported it but after ya deliver the parcel to professor dude... and rival went away the game freeze
Yeah, it's been reported.

But, I'm taking another break. My computer's been laggy and I'm kinda in a Hacker's Block (Writer's Block but for hacking, I know that's a lame way to put it).
Hacks I'm currently working on (at a super slow pace):

Chinpokomon Big/Small (would leave the titles, but apparently exceeded sig limit)

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