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Originally Posted by Screw the rules, I have green hair! View Post
1| Gummy (9)
2| Vendak (5)
3| Ctep, Alice. (4)

1| Ctep, Irritation (3)
2| Angela, Libra (2)
3| LOTS of people (1)

Most likely to eat inedible things for money:
1| Fox (3)
2| Arcanine, cookie ☆, Ctep, Irritation, Lightning, Screw the rules, I have Green Hair! (2)
3| A worryingly large amount of people (1)

o: Why, I feel like you all know me so well~ Thank you!

I really would do anything for money. ; 3

New list of people to kill:

Arcanine, cookie, Irritation (must kill twice), Erica, Screw the rules, I have Green Hair!, Fox, Alice, Vendak, and Gummy.

Then I shall be numero uno.
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