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    hi, i am experiencing some problems too, ok what i know by now, if you arent using no$gba 2.6a, they will spot the piracy and you will only have a blue screen with japanese letters, then, if you start, and have the black screen, then or use the download on first post or use the cheat ( wich i use ), next when it freezes, you will normally start back from where you saved last, when it says " the rom image has crashed " you start back from when you saved and closed the emu, then when you catch a scyther in the bug catching contest, it will allways say " the rom image has crashed " right before you go to look who won ( when it is black screen ) or right after you won, then, the closer you come to ecruteack city, the more "the rom image has crashed " right after saving happens, and from the moment you are in ecruteack and you have talked to bill and got the key item from the man in the house left from the pokecenter, it allways crashed right after saving, wich means you can't save in ecruteack city, that's what happenend with me till now ... i hope there will be some fixes for this soon