Mewtwo Strikes Back

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Posted October 15th, 2010
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Okay, as I promised... today I'm proud to present a brand new ASM lesson and brand new tool! I'd like to thank Gamer2020, Link_971 and >Dante< for helping testing the Shinyzer.

The ASM lesson is for those that want to understand how things actually work. Otherwhise, if you just want a quick shiny, the Shinyzer will do it for you. Download it, load your ROM, find some free space (the Shinyzer will tell you how much exactly) and shinyze your game. Then:

setvar 0x8003 0x2
In the example above, the shiny counter would be set to 0x2. This means we could give two consequent Pokémon and both would be shiny. After the second Pokémon is given, the shiny counter would reach 0x0, so the Shiny Hack would be disabled. For wild Pokémon, it's better not to set the counter anything higher than 0x1 anyway. What about trainers? The main concept is similar. The difference is that we need two setvar commands. The first one will be used as the counter, and the second will be used to tell which Pokémon needs to be shiny. Let's say we're about to battle a trainer who has 5 Pokémon. We want the second and the third Pokémon to be shiny, for example. So we would first set variable 0x8003 like this:

setvar 0x8003 0xYY0X
where X stands for the Pokémon amount the trainer has. In our example, X is 5 therefore:

setvar 0x8003 0xYY05
Then we need to choose the shiny Pokémon. Starting from the very first Pokémon till the last one, we write 1 if the Pokémon needs to be shiny or 0 otherwise:

In case you didn't realize, that's just a custom binary bit field. After converting it to hex we get 0xC. So:

setvar 0x8003 0xC05
That's it.