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  • Aww man, these are really cool! The natural one could be spiced up a little though. Maybe have a river, a well or some puddles, the element of water is missing. Or how about some berries in the trees?
    Your mapping style is intriguing indeed, and I'd consider it equal to mine. Would you mind if I used some of the trees, because I fell in love? :D
    lmao, well when people will demand me to widen my paths, all they'll be getting as a response is an "ok". xD I've no intention of taking any advice nor I want to improve my mapping skills :D I don't hack for anybody, and you should be doing that too.

    Of course I inserted/made some of them/re-made but that was the easy part. The difficult, boring and most time consuming part was the block editing. But I always want my map to look original which means, in the end of each tileset, I have a crapload of random blocks made for one-use only purposes, lol. It's funny to see, because the rest of the tileset has a perfect shape (paths, houses, etc.)

    I was hoping you'd show me some of your maps. I think I've seen your name on the forums again, but I can't recall if you've posted any maps in the MRT or its previous versions.
    Yeah. Someone said it'd be tedious to walk through that map (was it you?), but I believe otherwise: at least for me, the experience of having to navigate and get through a difficult, narrow-pathed route while having to deal with trainers and wild battles would be awesome. No more boring 50k tile wide paths like Nintendo's with some grass you can easily avoid.

    My main goal is to please myself when mapping, unload my inspiration and make something, not follow some -permit me- stupid rules. That would only hinder my creations. If you're an artist and you map as well, you'd know what I mean.
    I do however like to have not even one tile mistake in the map and those you pointed out were intentional, merely because after ALL the block making (I always fill my secondary tileset up to 384 blocks) I cbf'ed to add more.
    Hey-o, thanks for your reply on the MRT, man :D

    To my defence, I'll say that I didn't make this map to be playable (although it WILL be in the hack). As for the minor mistakes (such as the sign placement and the puddle palette), I like it that way, so it's staying that way ^^
    Ja lijkt me leuk !
    Moet wel zeggen dat ik ondertussen wel gwn school heb enzo, maar ik wil graag meewerken!
    Haha ik slaap niet :bandit::rambo:

    Er zijn maar 2 connecties die ergens naartoe leiden, van ambala naar r1 en terug. De rest zijn connecties voor maps die we nog niet gemaakt hebben.

    En bedankt! Beetje afgekeken bij jou :embarrass

    Oh helemaal vergeten te zeggen, de worldmap is allang af :nervous:

    Je hebt hem vast wel gezien op mijn profiel, ik ga hem nu verwijderen daarvan zodat niemand hem steelt of ziet:P NikNaks en ik hebben gister kei veel aan story gedaan, ik heb het meeste aan jou verteld, mar ik zal je nu nog wat meer PM'en:cer_smile:
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