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    Originally Posted by pokemongarnet View Post
    this is really cool, and i started a project with this name a while back but i wasn't entirely prepared so when i start my new one it won't be called this.
    As I said some time ago, there isn't any copyright on the name! You're absolutely free to call your project "Pokémon Garnet"!

    Anyway, a little update!
    We decided for a drastic (?) style change.
    There's an example of the new tilesets, new palettes and new water style.
    Now you can see the bottom. It will be quite important for Sub Areas!

    Those are two views of the first city, Floeurville (Villa Fiorita), which has been remade completely.

    Thanks to Newtiteuf, Kymotonian and Alucus for the tileset.
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