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Currently, all tools are being recoded in win32 C. The ones you see with the screenshots are the ones that are done ^^

Tileset Manager

A tool that inserts a new tileset just like LU-HO's tutorial. So, I've made this tool to get things done easier and the new version being coded in a language like C is way faster.

Latest Version


- Compress/Decompress Tileset
- Tileset Preview
- Palette Inserter
- Logging
- Supports all ROMs


Advance IntroEd
This edits all the stuff you begin with and all. I've also incorporated a new patch for the truck removal. It now let's you choose which background music you want. Check the readme for more details.

Door Manager
Simply put, it edit doors. Now, you can make door animations the way you want and I've also added a tutorial on how to create new door animations in the readme file.

Item Manager
This is my custom Item Editor derived from thethethethe's source.

Trader Advanced
A in-game trade editor. Supports adding and removing of trades (repointing)

Well, I guess that's all. Enjoy! Please contact me if there are bugs or queries.
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