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This is Explorers of Sky, so feel free to recommend Shaymin or Sky-exclusive items.

I'm not tough enough to go to Zero Isle North, and I need to get some practice in Lv. 1 dungeons before going to Zero Isle South. Zero Isle Central and Destiny Tower, which I have yet to unlock, are out of the question.

So first I want to go to Zero Isle East. But there's one problem: I don't know what to bring. I know I should bring 3 Max Elixirs, my Tight Belt which I obtained by Wonder Mail codes in Darkness and traded to Sky, and at least 7 Reviver Seeds. But, I don't know what else I could stuff in my Bag.

And I don't know who to bring. My guide recommends Smoochum, Drifblim, Spiritomb, or Rotom for Zero Isle South/Destiny Tower, so maybe I could use one of those four for team leader. I saw a picture of Dusknoir being used, as well. It also recommends Snover and Masquerain for partners for Zero Isle West. (although maybe Snover is not so good because of its Snow Warning? But Hail doesn't really negate auto-healing, so maybe it's OK.) The Pokémon for Zero Isle East can also be used for Zero Isle West, since the only difference is the fact you can bring items.

This doesn't deserve its own thread so that's why I'm asking it in Quick Questions.
So, who and what should I bring?

Does Spiritomb/Marowak/Magnezone/Snover sound good?

And for Items, I'll bring:

Miracle Chest
Icy Globe
Volt Globe
Gravelerock (40)
Max Elixir
Max Elixir
Reviver Seed
Reviver Seed
Reviver Seed
Reviver Seed
Reviver Seed
Reviver Seed
Reviver Seed
Rare Fossil (10)

Does that sound like a good idea? I obtained some of the hard-to-find ones using Wonder Mail Codes in Darkness, borrowing my brother's DS to trade them to Sky.

Also, what's the chance of recruiting Dusknoir in Spacial Rift? I need to know. I'm Lv. 54 and I'm wearing a Golden Mask. I noticed there are two entries for Dusknoir on the Recruit Chances list, and I want to know which one applies to the one in Spacial Rift. Both of them I can handle, but I really want to know.
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